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15 Cool Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

By Kach Umandap April 12th, 2019 Posted in North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 15 Comments

I think we’ve finally made it from monkey backpackers to luxury travelers after experiencing so many cool things to do in Las Vegas.

Recently, we flew a Helicopter during the night time over the Las Vegas strip, we had a private Cessna flight with Papillon to the Grand Canyon– North Rim then again we flew with a private Helicopter over the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade courtesy of the lovely Tinggly Experiences.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Grand Canyon.

Our private jacuzzi at Aria Hotel - Things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada

We are so happy that we experienced most of these amazing things during our short trip to Las Vegas. It was definitely a dream come true! Here are 15 of our recommendations of cool things to do in Las Vegas for young couples:

1. Tinggly Helicopter Ride over the StripThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

We’d seen it once on land and were impressed, excited and overwhelmed all at once but the real way to take in the bright lights of the strip has to be from above! To prepare us for a sense of luxury and style, a stretch limo collected us from the Golden Nugget Hotel and delivers us to the helicopter that would show us the Stratosphere Tower at hair-raising proximity, the Mirage’s exploding volcano and the romantic dancing fountains of the Belaggio.

2. Stratosphere Adventure Rides by TingglyThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

The tallest building in Las Vegas is now offering the options to be thrown off the 109th story and dangled there, or blasted up at light speed 160 feet to free-fall immediately down. If any other thrill-seekers like us think this sounds great and not at all crazy, Tinggly offers an adrenaline experience package in which you have unlimited rides for two people, access to the observation decks, and the Airbar for a well-needed drink after.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Las Vegas.

3. Helicopter Ride in Hoover Dam from TingglyHoover Dam - Cool things to do in Las Vegas

More than a million people flock each year to witness the magnitude of this engineering landmark unit in the 30’s by thousands to produce 4 billion megawatts of hydroelectric power per year! It’s no wonder that they want to appreciate the stunning views of Lake Mead while escaping the fast-paced rush of Vegas and we were lucky enough to do this by helicopter, 500 metres above the surface of the water giving a completely new and awe-inspiring perspective. Here are the details from Tinggly!

4. The Golden Eagle Tour by PapillonThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

One day during our stay at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas, we were whisked away to Boulder City, the site of Papillon’s private heliport from where they send guests up into the distance on their Golden Eagle Tour. No level of luxury has been spared in their aircraft which features wrap-around windows for you to see almost 180-degree views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and finally, the magnificent Grand Canyon. Lasting 3.5 to 4 hours we loved every minute, gazing in awe in all directions while the choreographed music perfectly mirrored our reactions and the pilot offered information as we went.

5. Watch a Show in Downtown Las Vegas

Having taken in so many astounding views, some light entertainment was much needed and where better to find some theatre, stand-up comedy, or live music than downtown Las Vegas. Our hotel and casino the Golden Nugget host many performances weekly and we stopped by one night to catch Gordie Brown, an impressionist, singer, and all-round amazing entertainer that has mastered certain celebrities from Sammy Davis Junior to Arnold Schwarzenegger. After so many thrilling experiences during the week, a good laugh was exactly what we needed with a buffet dinner included in the package it makes for an easy and relaxing night.

6. Watch a Cirque du Soleil show on the Las Vegas stripThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

A performance everyone should witness at least once in their lives, it was the second time for us and every bit as breathtaking as the first. This time, however, the performance had a unique twist as the whole display was inspired by the Beatles! The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil is showing at the Mirage and will delight every viewer with their beautifully choreographed interpretations of their many classics.

7. Eat the world-famous cocktail shrimp at Du Par’s

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Quite possibly the cheapest activity on any Las Vegas bucket list, this world-famous blend of ocean shrimp and cocktail sauce served in a sundae glass will set you back a mere $3.99. It was first introduced by Italo Ghelfi in 1959 and Tiny Naylor helped bring Du-Par’s over. Today, visitors will still find his son serving up the same classic recipes with equal enthusiasm, passion, and quality.

8. Zipline Ride over the Fremont Street with SLOTZILLA

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Zooming over the crowds that gather outside the bars, clubs, and theatres of Fremont Street, completely horizontal at 40 miles per hour, this is one zip-line ride that we will certainly not forget in a hurry! Spectating gives just a small idea of the rush you get from playing superhero 12 stories high or 77 feet, and at only $25 should be enjoyed by everyone passing through. Alternatively fly even higher on the “zoomline” 114 feet up and 1750 metres in length ending at Vegas’s most historic casino the Golden Gate and at just $45 is a steal in exchange for arriving in spectacular style. More details about Slotzilla here.

You can also watch our awesome SLOTZILLA video on our facebook page.

9. SPA TIME – Golden Nugget Spa and Aria Resort & Casino Spa

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Las Vegas can be a sensory overload so some Spa relaxation and pampering should definitely be scheduled into your itinerary. We tried out the Golden Nugget Doa and Salon during our stay there, indulging in a manicure and pedicure after a good long soak in their sauna, whirlpool and steam room. On a later stay at Aria Resort & Casino we whiled away several incredibly relaxing hours in their outdoor therapy pool, Ganbanyoku Heated Stone Beds and Shio Salt Room. Even if you’re not a guest we highly recommend a trip to this haven within the city, day-passes can be bought Monday to Thursday, while weekend access requires the purchase of a treatment.

Private Jacuzzi in Aria Resort and Hotel - Things to do in Las Vegas
Private Jacuzzi in Aria Resort and Casino

10. Limo Ride, Las Vegas StyleThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Our week in Vegas gave us the true taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, all beginning with a stretch limo turning up at our hotel to collect us and deliver us to our first Tinggly experience! Lucky we had dressed up for the occasion! Stepping inside we were not disappointed, but amazed to find luxurious and spacious seating with a full bar and televisions although we failed to use them being completely distracted by the sights and sounds of the city whizzing past, Fremont Street, the Belaggio Fountains and other sights we were about to see from above. It was the perfect way to get excitement levels up for the night’s once in a lifetime experience.

11. Plane Ride to the Grand Canyon – North Rim with Papillon and Bar 10 Ranch tour

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Another dream come true experience for us was achieved during this trip, finally making it to the Bar 10 Ranch in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It took us only 45 minutes by private Cesna plane from Las Vegas to reach this indescribable view. Thanks, Papillon for this experience! This aerial sightseeing trip then landed at an exclusive location within the Canyon, Bar 10 Ranch where an ATV was waiting for us to jump on and explore the North section rarely seen by those without the chance to make it to this remote recreational gem hidden within the rocky terrain. On return from our exploration, we enjoyed a hearty barbecue prepared with warmth and hospitality by the ranch staff, excited to experience the plane ride all over again on the way home.

12. Pink Jeep Day Tour from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon – West Rim

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

We experienced the astounding vastness of the Grand Canyon during this trip from many different angles and in varying modes of transport. The Pink Jeep tours offer a real up-close and personal experience with the landscape either in an open-air Jeep Wrangler or a custom-built Tour Trekker vehicle. Our visit in the open-air option took us from the city to the West Rim showing us he most scenic viewpoints and gave us the chance to get back in the driver’s seat to explore this fascinating feat of nature for ourselves.

13. Firing at the 702 Range

Just minutes from the strip you’ll find The Ultimate Shooting Experience at The Range 702 Shooting Range. Home to sixteen shooting lanes, four of these are dedicated especially to the VIP experience with a private hostess, bar, restaurant and plenty of other facilities to make your shooting experience unforgettable.

14. Rooftop pool Relaxation at the Golden Nugget Hotel

Things to do in Las Vegas - Golden Nugget Hotel Rooftop Pool

Hands down to one of the coolest pool we have ever seen during our trip to Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget Pool features not only multi-level, indoor and outdoor swimming and bathing spaces, it is also blended with a three-story aquarium connected by a Shark Chute, a $30 million addition that allows you to literally slide past 5 different species of shark as well as hundreds of exotic, colourful fish. Once tired of this close encounter head outside to lounge in a luxury cabana which offers flat screen tv, private mini-fridge and server, everything you could need to call this space home for the day by the pool.

15. Party at the Las Vegas StripThings To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

Quite an obvious addition to the list and we’re sure you won’t need our advice to have the time of your life partying in Las Vegas but with so many fun activities to wear you out, be sure to reserve some energy for a late night downtown at the Fremont Street Experience, where cocktails flow all night! We recommend a luxurious and stylish start to the evening with a delicious dinner at either Sage in the Aria Resort & Casino or the famous Bellagio. Also, visiting a local dispensary like the Exhale Dispensary Las Vegas can be fun if you are into it. You will definitely enjoy the experience so long as you know the laws surrounding it.

16. Find accommodation in Las Vegas

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15 thoughts on “15 Cool Things To Do in Las Vegas for Young Couples

  1. Please provide information on things to do for couples in February 2020 in Vegas. Restaurants, shows, spas. Any discounts, coupons, bundles. Staying at the Golden Nugget, celebrating my husband’s birthday 2/12 to 2/17. Thank you

  2. One more really cool experience.. I went to a cool tour to Area 51 the mysterious military facility. I’ve never seen this kind of thing before so I decided to give it a shot. I’m a person who always wants to figure out the truth and I love history… It was a really great experience in life. If you are a curious person, it is definitely worth to go on this tour and get a closest look at this unusual place! Moreover, we got to eat the strange “alien burger”… lol Was so odd! By the way I went with Nvstarr they really did have the best service ever! Another cool thing is that I went on the hot air ballon. It was so wide, quite, and comfortable… Literally loved my trip!

  3. One of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas off the strip is the guided zip line tours in Boulder City. It makes the Slotzilla look like your backyard zip line.

  4. Wooooo! I thought las vegas is just about casinos! I guess I was wrong! Plane and limo ride are awesome. Loving the luxurious life 🙂

  5. Cool place for couples to visit! I really enjoy the way you give all the information we need to know before travelling!

  6. These are very nice adventures but I think me and my boyfriend still cant afford for now. If i go to vegas, i would eat. Just eat, window shop and walk walk walk. Hahaha. I always like when i stumble to your blog. So neat and so informative. 🙂

  7. If I were to visit this place, I would go watch Cirque du Soleil first! LOL. Such a beautiful place and luxurious, of course! Glad you had a great time! The private Jacuzzi is luring me. haha. And of course, you can’t leave Las Vegas without partying! Oh, I hope I can visit too.

  8. Wow, so many good things to do indeed. I’ve always wanted to watch the Cirque du Soleil perform.

  9. When I was a kid, I dreamed of going to Grand Canyon because I watched somewhere that it is the place where aliens land when they visit Earth. I am that weird when I was a kid. It looks like you are having the time of your life there at Vegas.

  10. Oh, of course it goes without saying that you’d have to party in the Las Vegas strip when you’re there. 🙂 I’d like to try the helicopter ride too, with or without my beau! Haha. And perhaps a luxurious spa treatment as well.

  11. It’s great to see you guys having a good time and recommending all these activities and things to do. I’d say from where I am coming from, I would love to get on a chopper and enjoy the hoover dam from the air. Hahaha. I’d like to see the grand Canyon too.

  12. Really cool article! Give me the spa together with my man. Then I would like the limo ride. After that we could go to circ du soleil and then if there’s more time maybe eat something nice. I really don’t want to do all the scary stuff but I can understand that it bonds when you do those things together!

  13. Nice to read from a fellow Iska! Saw your short bio and was quite intrigued as to how you managed to jump from one place to another, and eventually chose a different path. I’m also a wanderlust. 😉 Looks like you really had a blast in Vegas. Never been to the US (yet), 😛

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