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YE’4 GUESTHOUSE: Your Home in Seoul, South Korea in 2019

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 25th, 2016 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Best Backpacker Hostels, Travel Blog 64 Comments

Updated in April 2019

Inspired by their four children (Kim Ye Seo, Kim Ye Han, Kim Ye Jun and Kim Ye Beom), Mr. and Mrs. Kim have established an accommodation that will bring back you to the home that you left for a Seoul trip – the YE’4 Guesthouse.


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YE'4 Guesthouse 1
The bright and cosy living room in the second floor of YE’4Guesthouse.

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A Touch of Korean Family

Originally owned by the family of Mr. Kim, the YE’4 Guesthouse was then already a structure to keep the homey ambience. About one year of renovation, YE’4 Guesthouse has been transformed into a boutique guesthouse to offer both Koreans and foreigners a serene home in the bustling city of Seoul in South Korea.


YE'4 Guesthouse 2

The modern front details of the YE’4 Guesthouse entails sophisticated glass to reveal the bright and welcoming mood accommodation for any kind of travelers: solo, couples, friends, and families.

YE'4 Guesthouse 3

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Upon entering, the ‘lobby’ of YE’4 Guesthouse provides spacious memories of the satisfied guests.

YE'4 Guesthouse 4

YE'4 Guesthouse 5

The first floor of YE’4 Guesthouse also serves as a venue of party where visitors can enjoy the wide screen for movies or videoke.

YE'4 Guesthouse 6

At the back of the wide screen is a part of the garden where barbecue sessions can easily be done.

YE'4 Guesthouse 7

The chic circular stairs at the center of the guesthouse leads you to the second floors of YE’4 Guesthouse where rooms, kitchen, and access to garden are located.

YE'4 Guesthouse 8

YE'4 Guesthouse 9

YE'4 Guesthouse 10

YE'4 Guesthouse 11

YE'4 Guesthouse 12

YE'4 Guesthouse 13

Additional rooms, comfy living room, and reading book nook make up the last floor of YE’4 Guesthouse

YE'4 Guesthouse 14

YE'4 Guesthouse 15

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With nine rooms in total, YE’4 Guesthouse distinguishes the room for family (standard and large), twin (standard and large), triple (standard and large), female dormitory, male dormitory and mixed dormitory.

YE'4 Guesthouse 16

You can check Ye’4 Guesthouse room rates here:

YE’ Guesthouse Website / Agoda / Hotels.com

The simple classy and tranquil mood is instantly offered by my room. Commodious closet is available in the room which has lock features.

YE'4 Guesthouse 17

Complete set of shower necessities are also provided though you need to share the toilet and bathroom with the guests in the same floor as you are.

YE'4 Guesthouse 18

Don’t worry as men and women usage are separated and each offers two rooms for bathing and toilet.

The stylish asset of the owners is visible in every corner of YE’4 Guesthouse, including the accessories found in the room.

YE'4 Guesthouse 19


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Breakfast is included as you stay at YE’4 Guesthouse.

YE'4 Guesthouse 23

Even food is with a touch of care as YE’4 Guesthouse serves both local and international taste where guests can easily pick their food cravings.

For a special mention, YE’4’s Guesthouse salad was one of the best ones that I tried. Perfect blend of vegetables and right choices of dressings are served.

YE'4 Guesthouse 24

Coffee and Tea are available 24 hours.

As you eat, remember that at At YE’4 Guesthouse, garbage separation is a must.

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YE’4 Guesthouse is five minutes away from Gajwa subway station and 15-minute walk from Hongdae.

YE’4 Guesthouse also provides pick-up service for your convenience. See details here.

The guesthouse is located in the safe and calm area where coffee shops, convenience store, and a park are around the corner.

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YE'4 Guesthouse 20

Calm and Generous. The two top characteristics of the owners that I’ve noticed during for five-night stay at YE’4 Guesthouse.

No doubt as it became popular in the social media where great views are spread.

YE’4 Guesthouse Facebook Page / YE’4 Guesthouse Instagram / YE’4 Guesthouse Twitter

If online world doesn’t make you believe how great YE’4 Guesthouse  is and its people, experiences of those who stayed are highlighted in the first level of the guesthouse.

YE'4 Guesthouse 21

YE'4 Guesthouse 22

Mr. Lee’s greatest goal in building the guesthouse is to provide a well-thought designed accommodation for every kind of travellers in Seoul, which the feeling of home will never be sacrificed.

Well, he was able to fulfill that dream. I can testify it in every word and in every photo.

Monkey DividersNote: YE’4 Guesthouse provided a five-night complimentary stay, but all the views written on this article are my own.

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64 thoughts on “YE’4 GUESTHOUSE: Your Home in Seoul, South Korea in 2019

  1. i’ve never really looked at Korea as a place to visit, however this Guesthouse looks incredible! You were so lucky to be able to stay here

    1. You should try to see Seoul, South Korea, Northern. Might as well stay at YE’4 Guesthouse whenever you plan to. 🙂

  2. I visit Seoul yearly and though I stay with a friend when I go I wouldn’t mind checking this guest house out and recommend it to my japanese friends who like visiting around the same time as me.

  3. The guest house looks comfy and stylish and I bet the people there are so kind! I always wanted to visit Seoul!

    1. There are one of the kindest people I met, Lizelle. Hehe. Bet you will love the whole design at YE’4 Guesthouse.

  4. What a great standard of accommodation. The guest house looks beautiful and I would love to stay there

  5. I’m sold with this place. I was able to stay at a guesthouse before in South Korea too and the one I stayed in doesn’t have a party area, barbecue area and a book nook. What’s even good is that it’s just five minutes away from subway station.

  6. I have no doubt this place is beautiful and perfect as it was shown on the photos. Loving the wide and open spaces, too!

  7. Looks like a lovely little boutique place to stay, and it’s always great when they’re family run places because you always feel at home!

  8. What a lovely guesthouse, Seoul has definitely received up and coming status these last few years and its easy to why it is so popular with tourists.

    1. Yes, Ana! Seoul has a lot to offer for tourists. And accommodation wise. YE’4 Guesthouse can prove how your stay would be stylish.

  9. Thank you for sharing YE4 Guesthouse. I hope to visil Seoul, Korea next year so I`ll keep this place in mind when planning.

  10. That looks like an amazing guest house. We should all be so lucky to rent something like this

  11. I love a place that is interesting and has character. This is def an accommodation I’d want to stay at

  12. Looks like a great find in Seoul. I lived there for a year and never even heard of Gajwa station, but 15 minutes from Hongdae sounds like prime location!

    1. Yes, EG! YE’4 Guesthouse has a perfect location. Shops are everywhere and transport stations are stones away.

  13. Wow what a chic, airy space! I could curl up with a coffee or get a LOT of work done in a space like that.

  14. Looks like an amazing and confortable guesthouse ! Never been in Seoul but Asian countries are on my plan for next year !

  15. Wow! So modern with a homey feel to it. Love the BBQ in the back so you can cook for yourself a bit, and who doesn’t like BBQ?! Seems like a great place in Seoul and will definitely keep it in mind if we get to travel there.

  16. you just put Seoul on my bucket list ! I knew im in love with their food but that guest house looks so inviting and so happy

  17. This looks like a beautiful place to stay! I love all the simple personal touches they’ve put around. I would love to visit here one day. X

    1. Paighton Millington, YE’4 Guesthouse is definitely a well-conceptualised accommodation. The very reason why you will love to stay there. 🙂

  18. What an absolutely fantastic looking place to stay – Korea is somewhere I would love to visit one day. x

    1. Good to hear, Sarah! You and South Korea will make it someday. Better stay at YE’4 Guesthouse for your convenience. 🙂

  19. I love the spiral staircase! I actually always wanted a house with one.

    Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

  20. How cool, it’s so different from any other penthouse you would see – very in style! And I love the winding staircase, would love to have one in my home !! Your pictures have done great justice, better than the pictures you see on the estate agents pages 🙂

    1. Kerry, I am touched with your words. Hehe. Thank you so much and hope you can visit Seoul and stay at YE’4 Guesthouse soon.

  21. It seems like a very stylish guesthouse. I like the modern touches and I simply love the staircase. The movie screening is a very nice touch for the rainy evenings.

  22. This place looks spot on for any traveler, everything you need and conveniently located. Keep it in mind if I ever travel that way, Thanks!

  23. This place looks amazing, and dead clean which is a big must for me, looks a lovely relaxing place to enjoy after a day of sightseeing fab post enjoyed the read xxx

  24. This will make anyone’s stay in Korea so much better! The beds look really comfortable, perfect for resting after a whole day of touring the city or maybe shopping. Thanks for all the details! This is a great place!

  25. Hi Jessica, thanks for pointing out this great place to stay. I am planning a trip from my work and would definitely check out this place to stay.

  26. Love the simplicity of design of this place. Will most certainly stay there if I get to visit Seoul!

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