8 Types of Modern Travelers You’ll Meet on the Road

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It’s really hard to downsize all types of Travelers as there could be a number of different kinds. You know we are all unique in our own ways.

I remember when I first started traveling three years ago. I had no idea of the do’s and don’ts, the what’s and how’s.  I was too ashamed of myself because I was wearing a totally different outfit from those people who were passing by. It was a terrible feeling but I was amazed at how travelers do what they do. That first experience opened my eyes to the world of traveling, a world of freedom, of fun and excitement, of hopes and dreams, of love and faith, of getting lost and finding the way back, and of everything else.

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by eltpics CC BY-NC 2.0


Because of what I have seen, the first time was then followed by a second time, a third one and now I just can’t count through my fingers the number of travels I have been in. I am not an expert yet but as a frequent traveler, I was able to see through the heart of every Filipino traveler that’s on a mission. These are the 8 types of modern Travelers that you’ll most likely meet while traveling.

1. The Ace

Leave everything to ‘The Ace’.

This person knows it all, the leader type and the planner. Whether it’s traveling solo or traveling with friends, this person at all times decides the best route to take. He or she knows what to do, what to bring, how to get there and all the where’s, how’s and what’s. Anything you have in mind, he has the answer. One that leads the group, one that the group trusts or sometimes one that can be really bossy because he/she has the plan. When you are ‘The Ace’, just remember to hear out your team when you are traveling with a group. You have the best thrill in mind but it won’t hurt to take some pills from others too.

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by Martin LaBar CC BY-NC 2.0

2. The Apprentice

Welcome to the world of freedom!

This person is the newbie or the first timer. Any traveler would love to take a newbie out but listen out, this can be really tricky. I’d give you two types of ‘The Apprentice’. One is someone that you’ll love! She is the adventure seeker, one that has too much excitement and enthusiasm. Second is someone that you’ll hate – BOO! He is the social climber, one that is not in his absolute freaking mind. One that may be a drag or popularly known as the ‘brat’ BUT… This newbie can be a challenge to travelers, someone that you can wheedle his way to traveling. We all had gone through being the first timer right? What was your first time like?

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by Wasfi Akab CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

3. The Weekend Warrior

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by Rob Nunn CC BY 2.0

Try to figure out where he is up to next.

This person is the happy go lucky one. Someone that seeks adventure every time and she uses her free time to go out on the road. Friday is the best day for ‘The Weekend Warrior’. One that never runs out of adventure, you’ll see this person’s social media page with lots of photos every week and admit it or not, you envy her. You’ll think that she has all the money in the world, you’ll think that she has a very cool job that lets him take his leave and you’ll think she is the best!

4. The Lone Wolf

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by
Magdalena Roeseler
CC BY 2.0

How does he do that?

This person is the loner or the one solo traveler. You will be amazed by how brave, how bold and how fierce this person is. He is very independent and does not need anyone to satisfy him, one who has immeasurable passion for traveling. I can’t seem to find the right words, can’t think of the best word to describe ‘The Lone Wolf’, all I can say is that this person is a total ‘WOW!’

5. The Soul Searcher

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by
Nelson L.
CC BY 2.0

Hash tag soul searching.

This person is the seeker. One that has an unknown baggage or one that searches for self-actualization. He travels with a purpose and that is to find his true self amidst the chaotic way of life. They are in deep search of their soul. I salute this type of traveler because they are brave enough to face their fears and I am pretty sure that someday, ‘The Soul Searcher’ is going to take over the world.

6. The King and Queen of Hearts

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by RonAlmog CC BY 2.0

Hash tag relationship goals.

Or the lovebirds. Yes, these two are, simply, the couple who travels together. Cheesy but you can’t separate these two. They cannot and won’t travel without the other, it’s a Buy-1-Take-1 kind of thing. They are on a love mission and you can’t hate them. They are envied by other couples and wonder how they can travel together given that they may have separate schedules to consider. They are so cute together and it is magical how traveling keeps them together. “The couple that travels together stays together”

7. The Spartan

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by

Never needs a lot to travel.

This person is the one that travels on a shoestring budget. Some say that traveling is a luxury habit but for most of Filipino travelers, traveling is a cheap lifestyle. Just like the ‘The Weekend Warrior’, some may immediately think that a traveler has all the money in the world just because he can go anywhere he wants to. Totally wrong! Most of Filipino travelers sleep in hostels/tents/hammocks eats street foods and saves up for their travels. And I should not forget about this one, ‘The Spartan’ is a promo fare hoarder! He stays up late to wait up for promo fares and instantly books one or two trips. See? You can always travel always on a very tight budget.

8. The Pursuer

8 Types of Modern Travelers You'll Meet on the Road
Photo by gaspi *yg CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Against all odds.

I’ve written about this last type of traveler because this person is a ‘god’. I didn’t mean to overrate but hey, this person is someone that any traveler would ever dream of becoming. One that is brave enough to leave her corporate life to live a life of traveling. There are a very few people who do this and ‘The Pursuer’ proves that life is boundless. You can choose the life you want to live whether the odds are in or not in your favor. Though ‘The Pursuer’ has already traveled a long time and visited numerous places on earth, he is much grounded. This type of Filipino traveler, though having accomplished great heights, he still has big dreams to fulfill and he is never afraid to take any risks. Without a doubt, ‘The Pursuer’ is an inspiration to travelers.

Which type are you? Whoever you are from any of these types, continue your faith. Travel to different places. Chase after your dreams. Achieve greater heights and challenge your limits! Kudos to all travelers out there, this is a shout out to all brave souls who chose a life of freedom and excitement.

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9 thoughts on “8 Types of Modern Travelers You’ll Meet on the Road

  1. The king & queen of hearts ? I enjoy every travels wth him, he is actually my all! ? My guardian angel, my bestfriend ,& my photographer! ?

    1. Of course its nice to travel with my husband including our bank accounts.
      You are very lucky to have travel luxuriously with him in such a young age.

  2. I think I’m a combination of the weekend warrior and the Spartan. I don’t usually stay up late to get the best deals though – but only because I have contacts who can give me the lowdown before they’re posted! My current goal is to be the expert of Panay region. So I’m usually out and about on weekends with friends, exploring and/or eating out.

    Thanks for this witty article 🙂

  3. I don’t think there is anything on the list that quite fits me but the closest would be The Weekend Warrior. I just had my first solo travel recently, but I think I have the potential to be The Lone Wolf.

    1. YAY Marj!! The Lone Wolf are tough and I have so much respect to people like you!! Keep traveling!! <3

  4. LOL! Well, we’re definitely number 6! But we’re not “King and Queen of Hearts”, but the “Queens of Hearts” 🙂

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