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15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania [With Suggested Tours]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 9th, 2021 Posted in North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

Gettysburg in Pennsylvania is very well known because of its history. The battle of Gettysburg was the largest battle of the American Civil War on July 1 – July 3, 1863. This 3 days battle created a great impact on American history.  Because of this, Gettysburg has a lot of historical landmarks that war history lovers would surely enjoy. 

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania10

It is true that visiting Gettysburg would bring you to the past. Go back in time and learn more about what happened during the American civil war in this historically wonderful city in Pennsylvania.

Best Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

1. Gettysburg National Military Park

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Ron Cogswell CC BY 2.0

This is a gorgeous park that you shouldn’t miss. You’d get to learn about the history of the American civil war here. Aside from learning, you’d also enjoy going here because the park is clean and very accessible.

Suggested Tour: Historic Battlefield Guided Tour on Horseback

2. Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by PatrickRohe CC BY-ND 2.0

This museum is also about the American civil war. You’ll see a lot of original artifacts and interactive exhibits. To fully enjoy the museum, you should attend the film and cyclorama.

Suggested Tour: Gettysburg Battlefield Bus Tour via Enclosed Coach

3. Jennie Wade House

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Ryan Crierie CC BY 2.0

A tour that you’d surely enjoy. This museum is dedicated to Gettysburg civilian casualty Jennie Wade. You’ll learn some great historical facts about life in 1863. Really an educational trip for people of all ages. Not only that, but there’s also a shop available wherein you can buy some interesting stuff. 

Suggested Tour: Baltimore St. and Jennie Wade House History Tour

4. Gettysburg National Cemetery

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by lcm1863 CC BY-SA 2.0

A cemetery as an attraction might sound a little bit weird but it is possible in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! This beautiful cemetery is a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the American civil war. The tour in this cemetery is really a great opportunity to pay respect to the thousands of soldiers who died in the war. 

Suggested Tour: 1 Hour Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield

5. Devil’s Den

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by jeff covey CC BY-SA 2.0

This rock formation in Gettysburg is perfect for a family getaway! It is ideal for adults or even kids. It is located in the middle of Gettysburg National Military Park below Little Round Top. So when you’re in Pennsylvania, don’t forget to explore this place!

Suggested Tour: Gettysburg National Military Park: Day Trip from DC

6. Eisenhower National Historic Site

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Jim Bowen CC BY 2.0

Have a tour in this former and well-preserved home of the 34th President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower. When you’re there, you’d absolutely enjoy the tour, presentations, and museum. Just please remember that private vehicles are not allowed on the site. There would be a short bus trip that would explain what your tour would be about when you arrive at the house.

7. Little Round Top

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Britt Reints CC BY 2.0

There is so much to learn in Little Round Top. A lot of soldiers fought and died here. You can have a guide if you want to in able to know more information about this site. Plus, you can stay until the afternoon to watch the sunset at the top!

Suggested Tour: Confederate Trails of Gettysburg 2 Hour Guided Battlefield Horseback Tour

8. Seminary Ridge Museum

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Ron Cogswell CC BY 2.0

Seminary Ridge Museum is located on Seminary Ridge along the National Park Service’s auto tour route. It contains exhibits about the Civil War. Experience a glimpse of the past by going here!

9. Sachs Covered Bridge

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by m01229 CC BY 2.0

This 100-foot, Town truss covered bridge has a lot of stories to tell about the American Civil War. For you to fully enjoy the tour, it is recommended to read the sign for the historical significance. 

10. Shriver House Museum


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The Shiver house museum is dedicated to the experiences of the civilians during the battle of Gettysburg. When you visit here, you’ll learn about the intriguing story of the Shriver family and what happened to them during the battle of Gettysburg. A well-worth visit!

Suggested Tour: Gettysburg Day Trip from Washington DC

11. Gettysburg Diorama


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The Gettysburg Diorama will put the battle into perspective because you’ll be able to see the entire battlefield as it originally appeared in the past. The Diorama features over 20,000 hand-painted soldiers, horses, cannons and buildings. It would be a great experience to see this diorama.

12. David Wills House

15 Best Things to do in Galena, Illinois
Photo by Ron Cogswell CC BY 2.0

A tour at the David Wills House won’t take you so much time. It only requires 30 minutes to enjoy the place. It has a lot of artifacts and educational videos that you can watch. 

13. Gettysburg Museum of History


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The Gettysburg Museum Of History has over 4,000 artifacts on display. It covers all areas of American History. A lot of documents, collections, photos, weapons, and a lot more can be seen here! And this museum is free of admission! Yes, it’s free. So when you’re in Gettysburg, never miss the chance to go here.

14. Gettysburg Heritage Center


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You will learn what happened to the people of the town before, during, and after the battle here at Gettysburg Heritage Center. By using artifacts, historical documents, interactive displays, and 3-D productions, tourists would really gain a lot of information in a fun and exciting way.

Suggested Tour: Gettysburg Heritage Center and Museum Admission Ticket

15. Dobbin House Tavern


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Have a great meal at the Dobbin House Tavern. Enjoy the food in one of the oldest buildings in Gettysburg making the ambiance more gorgeous. The food is a bit pricey but all worth it! You should try!

Things to do with 3 days in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Nicolas Raymond CC BY 2.0

Day 1 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg National Military Park–  No trip to Gettysburg would be complete if you won’t visit here. Start your trip with an educational tour at Gettysburg National Military Park!

Gettysburg Museum of History Another educational tour. But this time, it’s a museum that contains a lot of artifacts about the civil war, and you could also enjoy a film. Plus, admission is free!

Day 2 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Jennie Wade House After learning about the highlight of the American civil war on your first day, spend your second day visiting the houses of the civilians that were killed during the battle. And one of those is the Jennie Wade House. 

Shriver House Museum Another House Museum of one of the civilians that was also killed during the war. Upon going there, you’d get to learn about the story of the Shriver family and what happened to them during the war.

Devils Den Visit this rock formation where the battle happened. When you go here, it feels like you’re back in the past. Never miss the chance to visit this place!

Day 3 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg National Cemetery Before you end your short visit to Gettysburg, you should head to Gettysburg National Cemetery. This unusual attraction is dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. Pay honor to the fallen soldiers in this cemetery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

15 Things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Photo by Jill Meinert CC BY-ND 2.0

1. Is it safe to travel to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

Gettysburg is absolutely safe for tourists. The only problem you might encounter is that it can get crowded during the peak season like summer.

2. When is the best time to visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

To avoid the crowd, then you shouldn’t visit Gettysburg during the summer. The best time might be autumn and spring season to fully enjoy your trip.

3. How to get to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

To go to Gettysburg, you can fly from any state going to Harrisburg International Airport or you can fly to Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport which is also the nearest airport in Gettysburg.

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