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Sticky’s Chicken – How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston’s Favorite

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor October 5th, 2021 Posted in North America Travel Blog, Restaurant and Recipes, Travel Blog No comments

How about some wings for today? Sticky’s Chicken is the best place to go! Its signature sauce makes the already delicious wings extra special!

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

Chicken wings are probably one of the most common cravings of people right now. Why not? Just thinking about this crispy easy to eat food is already enough to make us drool!

As time goes by people are getting more creative in making simple chicken wings into flavorful ones. Different flavors of chicken wings are increasing rapidly. This just shows how the world loves this simple dish! You can find soy garlic flavored ones, cheesy flavored, spicy, and a lot more! There are actually a lot of options to choose from now.

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

Furthermore, with the popularity of chicken wings, it is also not surprising to see wings restaurants constantly pop up. This is where you’ll start to think “The competition is real.” or “May the best chicken wings win.” To be fair, they’re all good, at least for a foodie like me, haha! But there will always be one that will stand out. A chicken wing restaurant that you’ll always go back to. I had this experience in Houston, Texas!

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

Sticky’s Chicken is a restaurant owned by Filipino immigrants and it has been sharing its best wing recipe with Texans since 2014. I’m so glad that I was able to visit the place and try their food myself! I just can’t help but eat more than I should! Haha! If you’re in Houston, you should head your way to Sticky’s Chicken for some delicious wings!

About Sticky’s Chicken

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

A restaurant that was born to fulfill a father’s dream – Sticky’s Chicken is a team-up of a brother and sister which started as a food truck. It became a total hit due to its flavorful chicken coated with a special sticky sauce that captured the heart of the people. But this special sticky sauce goes down to an interesting story.

As the popular method states “Trial and Error”, the special sticky sauce of Sticky’s Chicken went to a lot of trials before finally achieving the best-tasting sauce we have today! 

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

When chicken wings were slowly becoming popular in the 90s, the Vivares family went on a family night to try some. This is where the head of the family, Ceferino Vivares, thought about making his very own flavored chicken wings.

Of course, it was not an overnight success, it went through testings to finally achieve the perfect sauce. Patsy and Benson Vivares, the owners of Sticky’s Chicken, and the rest of the family enjoyed this sauce for many years as it was mainly used for parties and family gatherings. But the brother and sister have something better in their mind, to share the goodness of this sauce with the rest of the world! 

In 2014, they started Sticky’s Chicken by transforming a used FedEx truck. Their menu revolves around their signature sauce which became instantly popular among the locals. No one in the family has any past experience with food but they knew that this is something they want to try.

Ceferino Vivares was born in the Philippines who worked with the coconut plantations but left and enlisted in the army. He always wanted to start his own food stand and this passion made his family establish their very own food truck.  

As mentioned, they started as a food truck and even made history as the first food truck that’s being offered in Uber Eats. 

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

In 2020, they finally opened their first restaurant at Sawyer Yards and are now ready to serve more people! I was lucky enough to experience the goodness of these wings myself! And I think you should too!

What to Order?

A no-brainer question, it’s the wings! Their signature wings are called the OG Sticky’s wings. This is a must-try as it has the signature sauce that inspired the opening of this successful business. 

Their bestsellers are also equally worth it! We highly recommend the chicken over rice dish! You know, Filipinos love eating their chicken with rice and I think people from around the world should try this too! This dish has a sauteed chicken on top of garlic fried rice then glazed with the sticky sauce, aioli, and green onion.

Sticky's Chicken How A Sticky Sauce Wings Became Houston's Favorite

If you want to spice up your food, the SLAB (Spicy, Loud, and Bangin’) is a must-try. You can also pair it with your chicken over rice dish to create a magnificent combination.

A nice OG Sliders and fries are also a great option to have!

These are just some of our recommendations, of course, there are quite a few options to choose from.


Note: This price list is from their main website.

Wings – All are at $9.95

  • OG Sticky’s Wings – $9.95
  • Smoked Shallot – $9.95
  • Asian Tingz – $9.95
  • SLAB (Spicy, Loud, and Bangin’) – $9.95

Over Rice – All are at $9.95

  • Chicken Over Rice
  • Karaage Over Rice

Sandwiches and Sliders

  • Bacon Cheddar Ranch – $9.95
  • Sticky’s Hot Chicken – $9.95
  • OG Sliders & Fries –  $8.75
  • Karaage Sliders & Fries – $7

Facts About Sticky’s Chicken

Address: The Shops at Sawyer Yards

2313 Edwards St., Ste 190
Houston, TX 77007

Contact Details: (832) 767-5611

Email: [email protected]

Main Website: www.getstickys.com

Social Media Channels: Instagram, Facebook

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