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How to Fill Out a South Korea Visa Application Form [Step by Step Guide]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 25th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 16 Comments

One of the requirements in getting a visa is an application form; it may be done electronically, in writing through paper or online submission. Getting things rights in the is the first step in getting your visa approved, the information here should be the same as your submitted documents.

In case you are going to the land of KPop and KDramas, here’s How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form.

The South Korea Visa Application form has a new version deleting the “Details of Visa Issuance Confirmation” section on the second page. You can get a copy of the latest form at the SK Embassy’s website or through here. Ready your information, and let’s do this together!

ADVISORY: As per Embassy of South Korea, starting August 23, 2022, visa processing is 25-30 working days.  

South Korea Visa Application Form

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First, you will need to download the form. It’s better to do this electronically and not in writing as you can edit it immediately. It would help if you also wrote as neatly as possible in case you want to write. However, there’s a PDF and Document available, and I highly recommend this. Click the link to download the form. Print it at an A4 sized paper.


  • Please Fill in Block Letters or Capital Letters, make sure the CAPS LOCK is on so that’s easier
  • Prepare your Check symbol or simply copy it from the form
  • In case you have blank answers, write N/A (Not Applicable)
  • As per the examples below, I just used another color so that you will know what to fill up, but make sure you use black pen/ink
  • Information provided here is not 100% true as this is just an example; however, you must provide factual information on your application

1. Personal Details

On the first page, ready your passport (s) for the information asked.

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form

  • Full name in English or the characters of your passport, in case you have a Middle name, you can skip writing it as Koreans usually don’t have one
  • Chinese Name or Chinese Characters of your English Name
  • Your gender
  • Birthdate using the format given – Year, Month, Day in numbers
  • Nationality
  • Country of Birth
  • National Identity No. – these are mostly for citizens of countries who each have an identity number, for Filipinos as we don’t have one you can put “N/A.”
  • In case you have other names used in your previous application or visit to South Korea, enter it, if none, just plainly check “No” and write “N/A.”
  • If you are a dual citizen, answer the question “yes” and list the country you are a citizen of, if not check “No” and write “N/A.”

2. Details of Visa Application

This is the newest part of the Visa Application Form. Make sure they are in line with your purpose of visit.

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 01

  • Period of Stay – you will need to choose if it’s long-term or short-term
  • Status of Stay – there are many categories you could choose, here are common ones:

Short Term:

  • C-2 Short-term Business
  • C-3-9 Tourist
  • C-3-1 Short-term (General)
  • C-3-3 Medical Tourist
  • C-3-4 Business Visitor (General)


  • F-1 Visiting or Joining Family
  • F-2 Resident
  • F-6 Marriage to Korean Citizen

That’s it for page one, don’t write anything under “For Official Use Only.”

3. Passport Information

Let’s go now to the second page, ready your passport again.

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 02

  • Passport Type – check which category is applicable, we usually have the Regular one
  • Passport Number – found in the bio-page
  • Issuing Country
  • Where the passport is issued
  • Issuance Date – you can use the format in your passport
  • Expiry date
  • If you have another passport, write the information asked

4. Contact Information

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 03

  • Home Country address or your permanent address
  • In case you are currently living in another place that’s’ different from your home address then type it – you can place N/A if it’s the same
  • Your functioning cellphone number
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Emergency Contact Information

5. Marital Status

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 04

  • In case you are single or divorced, check the category and type N/A
  • Your Civil Status
  • Information about your partner
  • If you both have children, you answer this question – this pertains to humans, and I would like to answer 6 if cats were included (haha)

6. Education

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 05

  • The highest degree you have – if you are up to college, then its Bachelor’s Degree, should you be up to elementary – then check other and write Elementary Graduate or up to Grade 10, etc.
  • Name of the school – this one is related to the 6.1 question, so basically where you graduated or attended school last
  • Address of the school indicated in 6.2 – in city, province, country format

7. Employment

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 06


  • Choose which category suits you best – if you are a government employee, it’s under civil servant, businessmen are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or digital nomads can consider themselves self-employed.
  • Details of employment – Make sure the details here are the same as the papers you are going to submit – Certificate of Employment, Business Permit, School Certificate, etc.

8. Details of Visit

This is one of the most crucial parts of your application

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 07

  • Purpose of Visit – if you are there for tourism, check tourism, however, if you got invited by a friend it’s better to use visiting family/relatives/friends especially if you are staying in their place rather than hotels. Be careful here as this is one of the most common reasons in getting denied for a South Korea Tourist Visa.
  • How many days you will be staying in Korea – your budget must be enough for your stay
  • Planned date of entry
  • Where you are staying in Korea
  • Contact number in Korea – you can use the hotel’s number
  • Previous travels to South Korea in the last 5 years
  • Previous travels to other countries in the previous 5 years – you can refer to your passport
  • Family member – spouse, parents, siblings, or children that are currently in South Korea
  • Family member – spouse, parents, siblings, or children that are traveling with you to South Korea – this does not include friends, you must have the same details of visit in the application

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 08

9. Details of Invitation

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 09

  • In case you are invited to Korea by a friend, relative, or family or a company, then you must state their information.

10. Funding Details

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 10

  • Estimated travel costs, it’s usually days of stay x USD 100
  • The one who will pay for your expenses – if you are paying for yourself, then you can put “Myself,” in case another person will then you have to provide their information. You’ll need a guarantee letter also and the financial documents of the person, especially if you are unemployed or don’t have enough funds.

11. Assistance with the form

You can leave this blank as the travel agent who will assess your documents and pass this for you will put in their details here.

12. Declaration

Read the notice before signing the declaration. Make sure to double-check your answers.

How to Fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form New 11

There you go! Now you know how to fill up a South Korea Visa Application Form. Check out our other South Korea Visa articles to help you with your application as well as your trip to South Korea. Good luck!

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16 thoughts on “How to Fill Out a South Korea Visa Application Form [Step by Step Guide]

  1. Hello,
    I am a student and planning to pay for the visit myself. I do a part-time job. Do I need to show my part-time job certificate along with my school certificate?

      1. Hi po regrding po sa funding details, may show money po ba or may kelangan pa pong personal bank acc. At certificate na ipasa? And magkano po?

  2. Hi Lyza! I just want to ask question regarding “Details of Visit” in the application form. I intended to stay in Busan and Seoul. Do i also have to give both hotel addresses on the application form or just the first one.

    Thank you for your help!!!

  3. Hi Lyza, are widows considered single for the marital status? I’m not quite sure what to put on my mother’s application.
    Thank you for this post. It was very informative

  4. Hey ! Lyza,😃
    Thanks for giving such kind of some idea!
    I am Planning to go there South Korea easily, I learn from your about.


  6. Hi Lyza, i have read your article regarding SK visa. May i ask, how many days/weeks someone has to apply for travel visa before the travel date? We are planning to travel next year ( feb 2021) and my passort will expire on sept 2021. I am worried about the passport. Thank you in advance

    1. Application was 7 days before but there were months it took 30 days, so it’s better to do it a month before. I also suggest you renew your passport now.

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