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Here’s How You Can Save On Your Next Vacation In Singapore With Changi Recommends

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 27th, 2018 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog, Travel Guides One Comment

Singapore is a very expensive country– that’s for sure. In fact, it has been considered as the most expensive city in the world for a number of times already. To give you an idea of just how expensive it is, let’s put it this way, one beer would cost you 10 Singapore Dollars, a meal at McDo will more or less cost you 6 SGD, and a coffee is perhaps 5 SGD. This is especially expensive for Filipinos like me.

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

Considering how pricey it is and how little money I had then, I didn’t really plan on visiting this country. That’s until I saw a very good flight deal on the internet and I didn’t even think twice. I booked it right away and it turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. I am a very stingy person and I’m sure I’ll find a way to save. True enough, I came across Changi Recommends on the internet and thanks to them, I was able to save so much on this trip!


DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

I was just a student when I booked my flight and I didn’t expect this country to be that expensive. A bunk bed in a dormitory is already more or less 20 SGD. That’s a lot of money for me then. I booked a cheap flight (hooray!) but everything else is just too much for a Filipino student like me. I had money which I saved from the daily allowance my parents are giving me so I had to spend it wisely and try to save as much as I can.

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

actually thought to save in this very expensive country is going to be difficult, if not impossible. However, thanks to the power of the internet, I found very good deals from Changi Recommends. All I did is that I visited their website, booked everything I need, paid for it online, and then picked up the physical tickets from their booth upon my arrival at Changi Airport.

They have a booth located in all arrival halls across all Changi Airport terminals where you can purchase (if you haven’t done it online) and collect your tickets. What I especially love about them is that they operate 24 hours so those who got cheap flights (with a bad schedule) like me don’t have to worry about anything in case you arrive in the wee hours of the morning. It’s very convenient as it’s just right outside the baggage claim area. Their staff are very friendly and helpful too!

This is so much better than wasting your time to line up to purchase your MRT tickets, bus tickets, attraction tickets, etc. and the best part is it’s not just the time you’re saving– it’s a lot of money too!


They surely have everything you’ll ever need for a cheaper and stress-free vacation– from your Airport Transfer, Hotel Bookings, Air Tickets, Wifi Router, the EZ Link Card which is a contactless stored value card that you can use to pay for the MRT, buses, supermarkets, etc., (This is my favorite purchase! I seriously just took the card from their booth and hopped-on and off the trains and the buses and I purchased everything I needed with it) and even the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus which allows you to have an unlimited travel on Singapore’s bus services, MRT and LRT trains with complimentary tours and vouchers, all of them given at very competitive prices. This is truly a one-stop-shop to get all that savings!

Promotion: Get SGD20 OFF for Singapore attractions, tours, and transport cards.


Validity: until 31 Jan 2019

Terms and conditions: Min. spend of SGD100 to be eligible for discount. Promo code cannot be used with products that are labelled with “Special Promo.”


Here are some of the famous tours and attractions that you can get from their website for a cheaper price compared to booking it right then and there.

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

1) Gardens by the Bay– One of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore is this huge botanical garden built right in the middle of this concrete jungle. Due to the small space, Singaporeans have redefined the meaning of vertical gardening through the iconic Supertree Grove ranging from 9 to 16 feet tall. To see something like this in the middle of the city is really awesome!

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

2) Universal Studios Singapore– This Hollywood Movie Theme Park is actually the main reason why I came to Singapore. I am not a fan of heights but the rides at the Universal Studios are an exception. I especially loved The Transformers and The Mummy ride. It was enthralling! I forgot about my fear of heights the entire time I was there. Oh, The Hollywood Dream Parade is the best way to end the night so don’t miss it!

3) S.E.A. Aquarium– For the child and the child-like, this aquarium is a must-visit! With 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species, you’ll surely go home with great memories and tons of new knowledge about these creatures living in the deep blue sea.

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

4) Singapore Walking Tour– One of the best ways to explore a city is by looking at it from the perspective of a local. With this tour, you can explore Singapore by exploring the fusion of both Historical and Modern places such as Kampong Glam, Clarke Quay, River Cruise, the Fullerton and the famous Merlion Park. You can also go on a night tour and visit the Art Science Museum, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, and of course, get a view of the beautiful Singapore skyline.

DIY Travel Guide to Singapore

To end this post, I’ll leave you with my final Tipid Tip: Browse their website well because more often than not, they have Promo Codes which you can use to get more discount! Sometimes you think a 5 SGD discount is nothing but let me tell you, it is everything especially if you add up all the discounts you’ll end up getting. Have a happy trip! 🙂

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One thought on “Here’s How You Can Save On Your Next Vacation In Singapore With Changi Recommends

  1. Do NOT recommend Changi-Recommends Singapore!

    On 21 February, 6:20am I have visited T3 to collect my rental router to Japan and I asked your staff before departure on how to redeem my Disneysea tickets I bought through your website. And your staff showed me where to retrieve the QR code to redeem the tickets and was told to show for collection. Your staff did not highlight to customer on the different collection point which is NOT at the Disneysea ticketing booth!

    Customer will not know especially for 1st time visitors.

    When we arrived at the Disneysea ticketing entrance , there is a gantry to scan for QR code but unfortunately we were advised by the staffs that it is not the right place.

    And we have to search for the collection point and by the time we reached the “designated” area there is no sign of anyone as we have missed the collection timing.

    We have to purchase another 4 tickets at the ticketing counter total cost SGD$380.00!

    We tried to reach out to Changi recommends WhatsApp to seek for help and emailed yet nil respond from your staffs.

    After much later, I received emails replying NO refund NO cancellation in a blunt way.

    This has caused customer to loss confident with Changi recommends and unfair treatment experienced.

    I urged all customers never use Changi Recommends Singapore as despite several attempts on my request , their blunt and not showing any empathy they will give you a simple NO refund!

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