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I couldn’t stress enough how important it is to stay healthy, most especially if you are a travel junkie like us. Crossing borders, hopping islands and conquering vast waters can be a lot of fun, but can also be a nightmare when you get sick. Even a minor cold, runny nose, upset stomach or a simple headache can ruin your holidays.

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You might have experienced this already. Or if not yet, would you let minor illnesses stop you from enjoying your supposedly fun adventure?

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How I Ruined Our Trip

I joined a roadtrip a couple of months ago and the group had to wake up early in the morning. Because I was so excited, I got up from my bed, took my bag and started our road trip – without even grabbing a breakfast. I thought that everything would be perfect. I imagined myself taking killer shots of adventures for online posting.

Two Monkeys Travel - California Road Trip - USA - Joshua Tree National Park 27But after 3 hours on the road, I felt a sudden pain in my head. Do you know that urge to bump your head into something hard? That’s what I wanted to do to in an attempt to make myself feel better. I know it was stupid, but when you are hopeless, you can’t think properly.  You can also blame the heat of the sun, missing my breakfast because of excitement or the fact that I always neglect my health. I was never a firm believer of vitamins and was eating the worst junk food you could think of.  So just to cut the story short, we had to pull over at the nearest gas station while the pain subsided and delayed our adventure for 5 hours. Imagine what it did to our entire itinerary!

What are the things that I did wrong? It certainly wasn’t the early call time to hit the road but I’m thinking of 2 major reasons. One, I didn’t have my breakfast. Two, I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle and it finally took a toll on me – sadly, on the exact days of our roadtrip.

Two Monkeys Travel - California Road Trip - USA - Joshua Tree National Park 27Of course, I appreciate the wonders of the pharmaceutical ‘artificial’ medicines. That’s what I took since it was readily available at the convenience store. But I also think it is not good to rely on such every time you feel something ‘abnormal’ about your health. What would happen if you always take these kinds of medicines? I’m pretty sure it will target your internal organs, (kidney perhaps?)  after several years. Would you wait for that to happen?

You see, you can always prevent and bear simple illnesses as long as you are consistently living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s a good thing that there are companies that still value the natural healing powers of our planet. Have you heard about Mother Brown’s Remedy? This is the perfect travel remedy kit for minor travel illnesses. To give you an idea, it’s a kit (Italy – box set)  where you can find botanical remedies for minor stomach aches, jet – lag or flu to name a few.

Apart from the cute – packaging (This is actually a nice gift idea for your traveling friends), there are more reasons why I love herbal remedies in general.


  • Lesser risk of side effects  – Herbal medicines are known to have lesser side effects. It is generally safer to take, as long as there is correct preparation.
  • Availability – Sometimes, you can even find these herbs from your neighbor’s backyard.
  • More cost – efficient – And if you are always working on a budget, then you might as well resort to having herbal remedies instead.


  • Preparation – It can be hard to prepare herbal remedies,  most especially if you are used to having ‘over – the – counter’ ones. Thank heavens for Mother Brown’s Remedy, I don’t think preparation would be much of a challenge now.

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The Birth of Mother Brown’s Remedy

I have been mentioning Mother Brown’s Remedy multiple times already on our social media channel and it’s proper that I tell you more about this awesome company and their products.

Remember those days when our grandmothers would take care of us when we were sick. They would prepare home – made soups and herbal remedies. And just after a few days, or even hours – everything will feel better. 

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsThat’s where Mother Brown’s Remedy kit all started. They wanted to share the knowledge they acquired from their grandmothers when it comes to easing every day trials with natural and wholesome ingredients. As they say,this is your companion when it seems that you are feeling more challenged than most days. It doesn’t matter if you have a hangover from too much partying at the hostel, or feeling a bit drowsy after a long flight – Mother Brown’s Remedy will have something for you.

They used ingredients which come from farming co – operatives and carefully created remedies by having extensive research coupled with real – life experiences. What’s also good is that you can carry it inside your traveler’s bag with its FSC – approved cardboard box.

Their Philosophy

  • Simple  – They believe that the natural ingredients shouldn’t be overpowered by chemicals. In fact, they want their products to be as natural as possible. Their products are even suitable for vegetarians as these are free from gluten, soya, lactose, artificial colours and additives, salt, yeast, gelatine, wheat, fish, porcine, corn or beef extracts. It even comes in small packages perfect if you are always on the go.
  • Safe- The company’s committed team ensures that all products are safe and of course, effective. They even use GMO – free vegetable extracted formula to  combine with their core ingredients.
  • Green- Their products are manufactured responsibly. In fact, the trees used for their FSC – approved boxes are replanted to continue the ecosystem.
  • Responsible – When you buy products from Mother Brown’s Remedy,  5% of each sale goes to the Antislavery Charity which helps in fighting human trafficking, child labor and human rights violations all over the globe.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy Products

You can purchase Mother Brown’s Products, here.

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Mother Brown’s Products and what it can do to your body?

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy Products

1. Fashion Flu

As travel bloggers, we do a lot of things. Try to picture this. Upon reaching our destination, we usually fill our schedules with meetings with our travel partners. And of course, we would always go around and see what a country has to offer to their visitors. That doesn’t stop there. We also go online to check our emails and articles.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsWhile our job is rewarding, sometimes we get sick too. And that’s really a bummer most especially if you planned some adventurous activities like mountain climbing or sky – diving.

This Fashion Flu herbal remedy contains liquorice to ease nasal congestion, runny nose and some cases of sore throat.

Other ingredients: natural menthol aroma, sucrose, glucose, rice starch, magnesium stearate  

2. A Siesta

This has got to be my favorite as a traveler who experiences jet lag. How many times have you experienced sleep disturbances after reaching a new country? It can be really annoying. I’m just glad Mother Brown’s Remedy has something for it.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsThe siesta contains Melatonin traditionally used for sleep disturbances

Other ingredients: rice starch, magnesium stearate  

3. Backdoor Trots

Unfortunately, some food and drinks are not suitable for all travelers. If you are unlucky, you might suffer from diarrhea. I couldn’t explain how hard it is to enjoy while suffering from it, right? Can you just imagine excusing yourself while everyone is having an all – nighter adventure? I don’t think so.Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsIt has 4 billion Spores of friendly Bacillus Clausii to help the intestinal flora and occasional diarrhea.

Other ingredients:  purified water 

4. A Number 2

Now, what if you experience constipation? It’s really hard to move feeling bloated, isn’t it? Glad that Mother Brown’s Remedy has a separate solution for that.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsThis one has Senna and Aloe that can help ease constipation.

Other ingredients: rice starch, magnesium stearate  

5. Mourning Glory

When you are traveling with friends and partying, it’s as if there is no tomorrow. I’m sure there’s endless supply of alcoholic beverages and snacks. I’ve been there, so I should know. 🙂 But the worse has yet to come. The morning after can be excruciatingly painful. How can you solve that problem? Then get Mother Brown’s Mourning Glory.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy ProductsHave you heard about Milk Thistle? Just so you know it can be used to ease hangover and an ingredient of this life – saver.

Other ingredients: white thyme essential oil, rice starch, magnesium stearate  

6. Do Not Disturb

And lastly, are you expecting a steamy night? Make sure you have this in your stash. Do Not Disturb has 3 natural latex condoms if you want to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Again, you have to be safe and you always need to get protected.

Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy Products 1*Always check the package of each remedy for further information 
Travelers are really prone to getting sick because we are exposed to different kinds of triggers. We experience climate changes multiple times a year, we eat exotic foods, we get drunk, we experience jet lag – and my list can go on for days based on our personal experiences.Mother Brown's Healthy Remedy Products

 While there are easy to buy medicines in the nearest pharmacy, nothing beats the natural remedies. Mother Brown’s Remedy is your perfect solution and you can carry their travel – sized packages. Of course,  if ever in any doubt, then make sure to find a reputable local doctor.
Kach and Jonathan - Pictrip pictorial in LondonHappy Travels!
Another tip as regular travelers, it is always better to prepare before for your trip by having your travel insurance ready, eating the right food, getting enough sleep and vitamins. You’d never know what the new place has in store for you – and it could be bad.
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Note: I partnered with Mother Brown’s Remedy to write this article but all opinion are my own!

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