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10 Popular Restaurants in Mexico Where You Can Try Authentic Mexican Dishes

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor August 8th, 2020 Posted in Central America Travel Blog, Restaurant and Recipes No comments

Previously you already know a variety of typical Mexican dishes that are appetizing. This time I will show you some recommendations for suitable places to enjoy the authentic Mexican dishes.

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The places we show in the following list not only provide Mexican specialties that will be satisfying your tongue, but also offer places to relax, comfortable for gathering with your colleagues, families, and others. You can also enjoy the beauty of cities in Mexico, or even just for tasting the food.

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes7
Photo by Denise Krebs CC BY 2.0

Here are 10 places to eat in various cities in Mexico that you can make a reference to enjoy your culinary tour. These 10 restaurants will offer the best authentic Mexican dishes in own.

Mexico City

From the capital city of Mexico, Mexico City we have 4 locations that should not be missed, that is:

 1. Pujol

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes
Photo by Nan Palmero CC BY 2.0

This restaurant has seasonally adjusted menus. Even so, dishes like Mole madre, and mole nuevo will be found all the time. This restaurant uses ancient and modern cooking techniques while using local ingredients.

In addition to the food served, Pujol also offers a convenient location with a soothing nostalgic feel. This restaurant is so popular, you are expected to make a reservation for a few weeks beforehand to be able to get a table at Pujol.

In addition to the points above, another reason we’re discussing Pujol is that this restaurant has been included several times in the list of the best restaurants in Mexico, even in Latin America from various media. Such as the Wall Street Journal and also the world’s 50 best websites.

Pujol is located in Francisco Petrarca 254, Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico.

2. Quintonil

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes1
Photo by City Foodsters CC BY 2.0

One of Mexico’s herbs is Quintonil. One of the reasons Quintonil is worth trying is that the ingredients they used to make the dishes at this restaurant are obtained directly from local farmers on the same day. Thus ensuring the freshness of the product to be processed.

Charred Avocado with Escamoles is the most popular dish in this restaurant. And although there is an ala carte menu, you who have limited time can choose the tasting menu. This menu is priced at around $51 to $77.

Not wanting to be outdone by other restaurants, Quintonil also had several times entered the list of the best restaurants in Mexico. Not surprising because in addition to the menus that were offered earlier, the employees in this restaurant are also very experienced in their fields.

Quintonil is located in Newton 55, Polanco, Mexico City, Meksiko

 3. Contramar

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes2
Photo by T.Tseng CC BY 2.0

One of the best Mexico authentic dishes can be found here. Located on the seashore, Contramar has a mainstay menu in the form of Contramar-style tuna fillets which is split with red chili sauce and parsley, then roasted. This restaurant has a ceiling design that is quite unique and can make visitors more comfortable to stay here. Contramar most visited during lunch hours.

You have to make a reservation in advance to be able to enjoy the food at this one restaurant.

Contramar is located in Calle de Durango 200, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México CDMX, Mexico.

 4. Maximo Bistrot

Kanpachi with corriander, grapes, radish and avocad in dashi
Photo by Paul Keller CC BY 2.0

Do you like surprises? Then you shouldn’t forget Maximo Bistrot from your visit list. This is because Chef Eduardo Garcia will serve a variety of different menus every day, depending on what ingredients he and his staff can find in the local market that day.

The concept of the establishment of this restaurant itself is to introduce and display the natural products of local residents to visitors who come. With the cooking skills possessed by the head chef, local ingredients will be transformed into appetizing dishes that are ready to spoil your tongue.

The most preferred dish at Maximo Bistrot is the warm apple tart with self-made whipped cream.

Maximo Bistrot is located in Tonalá 133, Mexico City, Meksiko.


Other major cities in Mexico are Guadalajara which has a variety of special menus that you may not be sure to find elsewhere. Here are 3 places that we can recommend for you to enjoy culinary tourism in Guadalajara:

5. Bruna

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes4
Photo by TripAdvisor

Bruna is not a restaurant that has been around for a long time. This restaurant was only established in 2015 but has a big contribution to the culinary introduction of Guadalajara.

Bruna serves Mexico-contemporary menus that are ready to spoil your tongue. Not only that, but this restaurant also has an interesting concept. Not surprisingly, in just a short time Bruna has been able to compete with other high-class restaurants that had already established their name.

Bruna is not only a restaurant that can spoil your appetite, especially if you like the world of art. This is because Bruna has a diverse collection of art from a variety of artists. You can purchase this art as a souvenir if you want.

The arrangement of the garden is also very beautiful and interesting, so visitors will feel at home and comfortable in this restaurant.

6. La Tequila

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes5
Photo by TripAdvisor

Do you like Tequila? Then you have to visit this place. Yes, La Tequila. This place is presenting a Tequila on its menu that you must try. Tequila in this restaurant will not be found anywhere else because it has its own recipe that makes it special.

This place also provides a spacious, comfortable place that can be used for a variety of events. In addition, La Tequila also has good service.

The price range offered by La Tequila ranges from $15 to $30.

This restaurant is located in Av. México 2830 44600 Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

 7. Alcalde

10 Places All Over Mexico to Enjoying It’s Authentic Dishes6
Photo by TripAdvisor

For a unique authentic Mexico dishes, this is the place to be. Alcalde is a restaurant that serves contemporary Mexican dishes with the influence of European cuisine. Alcalde presents a menu that follows the season. Favorite menus at this restaurant include Crayfish in garlic butter sauce, green aguachile with prawn and apple, octopus with recado negro sauce and suckling pig with black mole sauce.

Alcalde presented the decoration of colorful lights that make visitors comfortable. This restaurant is also several times included in the list of the best restaurants in Mexico.

Menus in this restaurant are priced around $16 to $26.

Alcalde is located in Av. México 2903, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico


8. Pangea

One of the best restaurants in Monterrey is Pangea. It was included in the list of the best restaurant in Latin America several times. Serving contemporary Mexican menus, Pangea witnessed the birth of a variety of food concepts in Monterrey, such as Bistro Bardot which was influenced by French and Italian cuisine.

Braised meat with cauliflower purée, porcini mushrooms, and Bocanegra beer salsa is one of the menus that you should try.

Pangea is located in Bosques del Valle 110-b, San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey


9. Le Chique

Cancun is an area in Mexico that is in the Caribbean bay. To satisfy your tour, you can visit Le Chique to enjoy beef tongue and black mole. The ingredients came from local gardens which ensures the quality and freshness of every meal.

This restaurant not only offers appetizing food, but also a location that can make you want to come back here again. In addition to the facilities of the restaurant itself, Le Chique is located in Azul Beach Resort which also brings you to enjoy the beauty of dining near the beautiful white sandy beach.


10. Corazón de Tierra

Corazón de Tierra is a restaurant located in the Guadalupe region, more precisely in the Valle de Guadalupe area on the Baja California peninsula. Corazon de Tierra’s location is also beautiful. Chef Diego’s cuisine also supports the restaurant to satisfy your tastebuds.

In 2011, this restaurant opened. Although not too long ago, Corazón de Tierra was able to be on the list of the best restaurants in Latin America.

One dish that you have to try is Abalone from Ensenada with almond mole. The menus are traditional but processed in a modern way. The ingredients at this place are obtained locally, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, and others.

Corazón de Tierra is located in Rancho San Marcos Toros Pintos S/N Km 88 +299 Francisco Zarco, 22750 Guadalupe, Mexico

That’s our recommendation about restaurants all over Mexico that you can try. These are just some of the best restaurants in Mexico. There are still a lot of awesome restaurants that you can explore. But to find some of the most Mexico authentic dishes, the restaurants above are a must-visit.

So, which restaurant do you want to go to first?


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