Travel Realities: Life Lessons of a Traveling Couple

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People always tell you that you can’t travel with just anybody. I say you can, but it’s ultimately a choice. Travel Realities: Life Lessons of a Traveling Couple

So being that Mark & I are married, we were pretty much stuck with each other, whether we liked it or not. Choosing a traveling partner is like choosing how wonderful or how difficult the road ahead is going to be.365 Travelers

Since we had already chosen to stick with each other through thick or thin, it seemed like an easy enough choice. We didn’t know how good or bad it was gonna be traveling together, but I still said yes to a year of honeymooning in a thousand different places. I thought, “What could go wrong!?!” Looking back, I can now say that traveling as a married couple has its shares of ups and downs. It brings out a lot of things in a person, good & bad.

These are 10 big fat facts you need to know if you ever decide to travel as a couple.

Note: We don’t think traveling is the answer to all relationship woes. While it can either reveal your strengths as a couple or just make things worse, the point is you have to go into this with open eyes. Our goal is to simply share our beautiful experiences as a traveling couple.

1. You’ll share a lot of firsts and create beautiful memories.

Jumping off a bridge together. Seeing leopards, lions & elephants roam free in the wild, climbing volcanos and conquering Kilimanjaro are just a few of the many firsts Mark & I shared on this trip. It’s nice to look back and say you’ve shared fears and excitement in doing something for the first time together.

2. You’ll fight a lot.

And its perfectly normal. All couples fight, if you don’t argue, then you’re probably perfect (and nobody is). Fighting makes for a better make-up story. You’ll end up laughing it off, kissing and probably more ;). It opens up issues that need to be resolved. Traveling couples usually patch it up a lot faster since you’re inevitably together at the end of the day. In short, you have no one else to vent out to but each other, so you tend to confront your issues a lot faster.

Imagine starting a fight on the first hour of a nine-hour bus ride in a rickety African matatu (bus). That can end up being a long day full of bad vibes. Or you can choose to kill the beef, hold hands, smile, share food, look out the windows and lose yourselves entirely foreign landscapes. Forgive fast, love hard.

3. Someone will always be looking after you. You’ve got each other’s back

I know that whatever happens, wherever I am, whether I’m lost in a city or reeling from a terrible virus, I know I’m not gonna be alone. I will always have Mark in sickness and health. Mark recovered from dengue a lot easier because I was there to care for him and to get over our misfortune in Africa was a lot faster because I know Mark would risk his life for me. We’ve both handled crises with ease because we have each other. It’s so much easier knowing that someone’s got my back, always.

4. You will fall in love with each other.

This is by far my favorite. During this trip, we both became a lot more loving, more patient and forgiving with each other. We looked up into star-filled skies and realized just how big the universe is. And how fortunate and blessed we are to have each other, in light of the knowledge that there are billions of other combinations of things at work. Being in a different environment and having constant changes in our surroundings highlights who we truly are to each other.

365 Travelers

“Every single day, I fall in love with Camille in a different country, city, culture, people and time because I see how she embraces life with so much passion.” -M

Every single day I grow more in love with Mark because I’m assured that wherever we are, whoever we’re with or whatever were doing, he’s there to share his wonderfully big heart with me and to the world. We both embrace love; we’re never afraid to love and be loved coz we know that love is unlimited and free.

5. You’ll annoy each other.

It’s inevitable. You’ll annoy each other because you’re two highly different people. You’ll want different things; you’ll need different things, and that’s totally normal. Which highlights the fact that being together doesn’t mean you always have to do the same things together. Mark likes to do adventurous things all the time, but it doesn’t mean I have to do every single one of those things with him. In fact, most times I video him or just enjoy watching it. It brings me joy to see him enjoy what he is doing at that moment.

365 Travelers

6. You become more of a team.

You learn to be like a team, supporting each other and complimenting each other in different instances and situations. Mark and I worked at a hostel for the first time a month ago and figured how we work well together with all the tasks that we needed to do.

365 Travelers

7. You discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Discovering the things you’re good at (and even the things that you’re not) makes you all the more supportive of each other. You find that each of your weaknesses is complimented by each other’s strength. And continually feeding each other strength with passion through encouragement and affirmations brings out the best out of you every time. Opposites (which we are) can bring balance if they find harmony.

8. You get to truly know each other as an individual.

I’m getting to know Mark more and more as a person and appreciate and see that our differences are beautiful. Yes, we knew each other before this trip, but traveling brings out the good and the bad in person. Unexpected moments brings about raw emotions that only the two of us will know and share. I enjoy seeing Mark laugh, get amazed, grow and learn.

365 Travelers

9. You learn more from each other.

Something that I learned from Mark is to live freely, smile more often and even laugh at my mistakes. He, on the other hand, learned how to chop vegetables, peel shrimp and do other things in the kitchen. Traveling makes you learn from experiences all the time, but since you’re two different individuals with two minds, you have two realizations, two unique perspectives of things. And ultimately, when you combine them, it makes for a much wider view of the world.

365 Travelers

10. You get to know how good you are as a couple and bring that goodness back to the world.

We constantly get affirmed by people we meet about what we’re doing on the road as a couple. Honeymoon for an entire year? We get different reactions, and every time we tell them that that’s how its supposed to be, we get nods. It’s like living a life of love every single day. We like to believe we soak each other with such love that it naturally overflows to reach those around us. When we made a choice to quit our day jobs and truly love every second of every minute of every hour of every day till forever, people are inspired. Now the thing we’re most passionate about is living our life to the fullest, and knowing that everyday is another opportunity to be loved by the world.

At the end of it all, I can say that traveling with someone is a choice. Sure, not everyone is a traveler, not everyone can backpack or be in uncomfortable situations or cramped spaces, but between two very intimate people, you can either move past it or rant about it. Everything is a matter of choice. If you feel like the person you’re gonna be traveling with is worth the compromise (and patience required), then you’re already off to a good start.

About the Authors: Camille and Mark are a Fil-Am-Fil couple (Filipino-American and Filipina) who travel in love and find love in travel. Three eyes, two people, one heart one love. Follow them on their one year honeymoon (likely longer) at or Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

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14 thoughts on “Travel Realities: Life Lessons of a Traveling Couple

  1. A year long honeymoon… I’ve definitely got to do that too some day. Really lovely points- travelling with my boyfriend has taught me a lot of the things you mention above too. Being irritated and learning to be patient is a massive life lesson that travelling will either teach you or make you realise your not cut out for it!

    1. Patience is huge! Fortunately for me Camille’s super patient. We actually did a trial run before the year long trip. Where in our 10th month now but will extend another year or so.

    1. Glad to know two awesome couple @365traveldates:disqus and @disqus_Od2i8uhvWH:disqus! The monkeys are here to support you all the way guys! <3

  2. Love this post! I’m traveling with my boyfriend for the first time this summer for a month in Europe. This post has made me excited to see where this journey takes us!

  3. love u kach! love u jon #bromantic! yall inspired us to grind it out and lock down. we did and cant even begin to describe whats happened in the last month

    1. We love you too!! Told yah, that’s what we did! Next, you guys have to invest on the design, dont follow what we did, we waited and now it took me weeks to change everything.. I can hook you up with our designer!

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