Valid ID in the Philippines – Guide on How to get a UMID Card

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UMID – Unified Multi-Purpose ID is a union of SSS (Social Security System), GSIS (Government Service Insurance System, PhilHealth, and PAG-IBIG or HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund.)

The UMID Card is one of the most accepted Valid IDs in the Philippines as it has high-security features plus you can get it personally from SSS or GSIS. Some may have ATM features that will allow you to withdraw cash.

UMID card

Getting a UMID card is quite easy as long as you have a membership in SSS, GSIS or Philhealth and at least one contribution. The most popular one is getting it at the SSS branches with capturing sites. If you want to register; here is our guide in SSS Registration and Philheatlh registration.

Importante talaga ang valid ID, so kuha na kayo ng UMID Card since pwede ito gamitin for your Passport Application. Here’s how to get a UMID Card.

UMID Identification Requirements

To be presented at the branch:

Primary ID

Only one of the following:

  • SSS Id (old)
  • Alien Certificate of Registration
  • Driver’s License
  • Firearm Registration
  • License to Own and Possess Firearms
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • Passport
  • Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence
  • Postal ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Voter’s ID CArd

Secondary ID or documents:

Any other 2 ID documents or cards not mentioned above. One should have a photo of you and your signature. So you can have a Company ID and Barangay clearance, for example.

UMID Additional Requirements

You must submit the original:

Old ID
If you have an old one and want it to be replaced, submit:

  • Old SSS ID or UMID card
  • Proof of Payment

Lost ID
If you lost your UMID card, then submit:

  • Affidavit of Loss (Duly-notarized)
  • Proof of Payment

Non-receipt of UMID Card
If you previously applied for a UMID Card, however, you haven’t received it (not delivered to you or you haven’t claimed it), then submit:

  • Affidavit of Non-receipt (Duly notarized)
  • Notice or Email from IMD (Identity Management Department) that the courier lost or was not able to deliver your UMID card
  • Proof of Payment

Other reasons not stated here

  • Proof of Payment

The replacement fee is Php 200.00.

UMID Card Application at SSS

1. Download and Print the UMID Card Application Form.

How to get a UMID Card

2. Fill up the form properly.

  • Avoid erasures
  • Put check marks on your answers
  • Write “N/A” if not applicable
  • Write height centimeters and weight in kilograms
  • Place the distinguishing figures on your face

If you want to use the card as an ATM rather than a regular UMID card, please fill the details.

3. Before going to the SSS branch,
It is recommended to wear the following:

  • Collared Shirt or Blouse (for picture taking)

The following are those you should not wear:

  • Bandages or Accessories in the face (for picture taking)
  • Sleeveless
  • Eyeglasses (during picture taking)
  • Colored Contact Lenses
  • Metal Piercings on face
  • Headgear

4. Go to the SSS Branch near you with a capturing site. Bring your ID/s and additional requirement if applicable.
UMID ID for first-time applicants is free, however, you need to pay Php 200.00 if you want a replacement.

5. Wait for your turn. Get your photo, fingerprints, and signature taken by the SSS Personnel. Get your acknowledgment stub from the SSS personnel. Don’t lose this as it will serve as your claiming stub too. You can also take a picture of it just in case.

How to get a UMID Card

6. Come back after 30 days of capture to the SSS Branch if you chose to pick it up. If you have it delivered, then you may have to wait for an additional 2 weeks if you are in NCR or an additional 4 weeks for other provinces. If you chose the ATM option, then claim it at the bank. Please claim it within 5 years or else it would be shredded or destroyed.

How to get a UMID Card

SSS Branches to get a UMID card

Here are the SSS Branches where you can get your picture and biometrics taken:

How to get a UMID Card

SSS Branches Abroad Where you can get a UMID card 

You can have your UMID card issued abroad, here are the countries that have UMID Enrollment and capture sites. Please proceed to the consulates or embassies in:

  • Bahrain
  • Brunei
  • Hong Kong
  • Kuwait
  • Macau
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Abu-Dhabi, UAE
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Rome, Italy
  • Milan, Italy
  • London
  • San Francisco, California

UMID Card Application at GSIS

This is only applicable for government employees.

1. Download and Print the UMID Card Application. Fill-up the form.

How to get a UMID Card

2. Go to any GSIS Branch (Union Bank or Land Bank if you want an ID/ATM) and bring two valid IDs as well as the filled up form.

3. When it is your turn, get your picture, fingerprints, and signature taken.

4. Wait for the text indicating where and when to get your UMID.

5. Bring a valid ID to Claim your UMID Card.

How to Activate The UMID Card

1. Upon the receipt of your UMID, go to any G-W@PS (GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System) at GSIS offices, government offices, capitol city hall or Robinsons Malls.

2. Place the eCard or Card on the card reader.

3. Touch the screen to select any pre-registered finger.

4. Put your selected finger to the scanner lightly to activate your UMID .

Getting a UMID Card is quite easy, though you need to go early in the branch in case there are a lot of people that want to get their data taken for UMID too. Please be reminded that the cards do not have your SS or GSIS number but rather a Common Reference Number. So don’t lose a copy of your number or register at SSS Online.

UMID also is one of the Valid IDs in the Philippines, so it is definitely advisable to have one ASAP. However, if you don’t have contributions or aren’t employed, then having a Postal ID or a Philippine Passport would be great for the validation of your identity. Should you want more how-to guides, please check our blogs.

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8 thoughts on “Valid ID in the Philippines – Guide on How to get a UMID Card

  1. I went to SSS Las Pinas branch to apply for UMID id but was told that application are on hold on all branches at this time. When can I possibly apply for it?

    1. You’ll need to wait for the decision of the SSS. Sa SSS branch na malapit sa amin, they are not yet accepting applicants.

  2. Hi ya.
    May I please ask It cleary stipulates Phil health members only can to apply however how can I apply Being a phil health member only and not either a GSIS or SSS and without an SSS number the application form requests. (Is a another form required) and It’s also referencing at least 1 valid payment Is made. (Is that too SSS or phil health) as if I’m phil health only and not a member of the others I would not have made any SSS contributions only valid Phil Health.

    Your clarification would be dearly appreciated.

    Kind regards


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