My Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour Experience in Las Vegas!

This Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour in Las Vegas is a must-do if you want to explore excellent restaurants on your own!

Self Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour Experience in Las Vegas (7)

My journey to Las Vegas is not yet finished! I did more and more food tours which is a must when you’re in the United States! Last time, I had a Guided Lipsmacking Foodie Tour that took me to 4 restaurants in the area. This time, I had a self-guided foodie tour! 

Yes, I’m in for another day of exploring delicious food in Las Vegas. This time, there are no guides as I did a self-guided downtown under Finger Licking Foodie Tour. More about this tour and my experiences are below!

About Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour

The Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour has 6 options, so you can choose which one would be the best for you depending on the type of food you want to try or the place you want to explore. By the name itself, it is self-guided, so unlike in LIpsmacking Foodie Tour, Finger Linking will allow you to explore top food destinations in Las Vegas on your own. 

  • Downtown – It’s a 2.5 hours tour, a chance to try up to 10 signature dishes with 3 stops. This is the tour I had!
  • Arts District – 2.5 hours tour, up to 9 signature dishes, and 3 stops.
  • Chinatown – 2.5 hours tour, 10 signature dishes, and 3 stops.
  • Green Valley Ranch Resort – 2.5 hours tour, 10 signature dishes, 3 stops.
  • Aria Resort and Casino – 2 hours, 10 signature dishes, 3 stops.
  • Park MGM – 2 hours, 10 signature dishes, 3 stops.

If you’re not that comfortable enough thinking that it’s a self-guided tour, no worries, as it has a virtual guide that will help you throughout your tour! Yes, Finger Licking provides a self-guided tour with a virtual assistant. 

This tour will also guarantee you the flexible time that you want to start, reserved seats, and a private experience! 

My Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour

I had the Self-Guided Downtown Foodie Tour, and as mentioned above. I chose DTLV as I’ve wanted to experience more than just hotels, shows, and casinos. There is impressive art or graffiti in the area; I was able to take a lot of photos of them.  


On tour, we had a brochure that was given to us. On the guide, we were able to have a list of top restaurants in historic downtown Las Vegas. There was a time indicated when you could visit the place. It’s pretty simple and when we came, we said we are on a Finger Licking Tour and the waiters prepared our dishes right away. 

First Stop – Carson Kitchen

Self Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour Experience in Las Vegas (3)

For our first stop, we visited Carson Kitchen. They offer amazing American cuisines that I really enjoyed. I had the crispy chicken skins, “devil’s” eggs, and the street corn chop. I especially loved the devil’s eggs! I saw a lot of reviews that it is the crowd’s favorite and I wasn’t disappointed! 

The staff was also a plus as they’re very accommodating and friendly. The relaxed and very comfortable environment will make your dining experience more memorable!

Second Stop – Therapy

Therapy’s food and drink were totally on point! Another best thing about the Therapy is their tasting plate with awesome selections of food from their menu; fried mac & cheese croquette with bacon jam that is worth drooling over! The Chicken and Red Velvet Waffle Slider was my personal favorite! I’m just so glad that it is one of our stops in the foodie tour as it is totally worth it!

Short Stop – The Container Park

Before we headed to our last food stop, we made a short stop at The Container. It’s not a food stop but it’s part of the self-guided tour. Here, you’ll find lots of shops that are all built out of shipping containers, hence the name. It’s a nice attraction with mostly souvenir stuff.

I think visiting The Container Park is a great idea since you don’t want to get to your last food stop with a full stomach, so a shortstop is a nice way to create extra space for the food you’re about to dig in. 

Third Stop – 7th and Carson

The best location by far! I wish this was first, so I wasn’t quite as full by the time I got here. Mushroom Gnocchi (you should definitely get this), fish and chips, and the salad are indeed a must-try! The service was also great and refreshing. 

Facts About Self-Guided Finger Licking Foodie Tour

Contact Details: 888-664-2414

Email: You can directly contact them through their website; just click here.

Main Website:

Social Media Channels: Instagram, Facebook

Overall, the $79 self-guided tour experience is worth it! Imagine, with $79; you’d get to visit 3 top restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas and get the opportunity to try 10 signature dishes. Also, it’s an easy walking distance between stops, so the tour is not rushed. You’ll be able to spot places that you wouldn’t think are there.

So if you’d rather explore the area on your own or with your friends, then the self-guided Finger Licking Tour is the best option for you! Highly recommended and certainly a must-do!

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