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The Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 2nd, 2017 Posted in Best Backpacker Hostels, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog No comments

It was my first time to visit Boracay and was excited to set my foot on that famous fine sand and submerge myself in crystal clear waters. It was a vacation I think I deserved. The original plan was to take my son with me but decided to check out Boracay first if it is conducive for toddlers (active toddlers, I might add). You see, I picture the place as a partying scene so I am unsure if my kids will enjoy. So, it was mommy ‘me’ time first.

Check the room rates and deals at Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds

 | Booking.com | AgodaExpedia | Tripadvisor

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
Finally, BORACAY!

I ditched the plane and chose 2GO

I live in Laguna and I loathe Manila traffic together with the long queues and waiting time in the airport. Such ruins my mood. So for this trip, I decided to take a different means of transportation and booked a 2GO ticket. For those who are not aware, 2GO is a domestic passenger ship. Of course I knew that my travel would be a bit longer compared to a plane ride, but reading good reviews over the internet, I decided to give it a shot. If 9 hours is fine with you (From Batangas to Caticlan Port), this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
2GO Passenger Ship
7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
Waiting area at Batangas Port

I booked a bed in the Tourist Class but decided to upgrade to a Suite the last minute. (I can be impulsive like that, I know). Just a disclaimer though, the Tourist class was just fine. It’s just that I wanted to see the upgraded accommodations.

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
2GO’s Suite

When I went to my suite, my jaw literally dropped. It was a hotel – like room and I wouldn’t mind spending my night in there. It was a nice choice because you can freshen up right before reaching the port. The suite has its own bathroom, refrigerator and coffee making facilities. Yes, just like a real hotel!

I went around to check the ship’s amenities. There’s a restaurant and even a bar if you want to have a drink or two. Let’s just put it this way – it has exceeded my expectations. And yes, I am recommending 2GO most especially if you are someone from Laguna, Quezon or Batangas. They also have cabin rooms which have more beds if you are traveling with a group.

Upon reaching Boracay, I just rode a tricycle and spent more or less 10 minutes to reach the property. It wasn’t hard to locate because it was just beside the highway.

Monkey DividersI immediately fell in love with Agos Boracay and here are the six reasons why.

1. The beach front is just minutes away (by foot)

Just a few – minute walk and you are already in the beach front. There are multiple ways to reach the ‘sand between your toes’ and one of the ways is quite – unorthodox. From the property, turn right, and you will see a narrow alley. Turn left, and you would pass by some transient homes. You would know that this is the way as there are some tourists using the same route. The owners of Agos didn’t want me to try it at first. But heck, a lot of travelers are using it anyway, so I gave it a try.

2. The view from the roof deck is amazing!

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
View from the roof deck

Staying in hotels located at the beach front is generally costly. If you are on a budget and would like to stay in a nice accommodation with a superb view, check out Agos Boracay. While it is not a ‘beach – front’ property, you would still get that relaxation you deserve. It’s far from the noise of Station 2, plus the roof deck allows you to watch the sunset and the kite surfers.

3. There are some establishments nearby

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
There are nearby establishments near Agos

For some ‘dumb’ reason, I didn’t bring enough cash, so I ended up looking for an ATM. Good thing that the local ‘malls’ and ‘markets’ can be reached by foot. Of course, all kinds of restaurants are there too. So if you are working on a budget, I’m pretty sure you’d find a dining place perfect for you!

4. Agos Boracay feels like a traditional beach ‘home.’

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
Open these and feel the amazing breeze of Boracay


Personally, I’m not a fan of beach hotels which are modern in style. For me, it diminishes the ‘beach vibe’ which I want to take advantage of. Luckily, Agos Boracay isn’t one of those hotels. It looks like your typical beach house where you can even open your doors widely and enjoy the breeze. I kid you not, I rarely used the air condition.

The Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, PhilippinesThe Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, PhilippinesThe Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, Philippines

Check the room rates and deals at Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds

 | Booking.com | AgodaExpedia | Tripadvisor

5. The people are so lovely (I can chat with them for hours)

The staff of Agos Boracay is definitely hospitable. They know how to treat their guests with so much care. I didn’t even try hard to start a conversation – it was just so easy to connect with them. You know that warm feeling when you are welcomed in a humble home? That’s how I felt in Agos Boracay. It’s a good environment for the kids, I must say. I’m not really against the other ‘rooms for rent’ in Boracay. However, I noticed that most are populated by young adults. While it is not generally a bad thing, most of them ended up getting drunk.

6. The rooms are huge (especially their Family Room)


The Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, PhilippinesThe Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, PhilippinesThe Best Budget Hotel for Families in Boracay, Philippines

If you are traveling with kids, room space is so important. You can’t expect them to be comfortable in a ‘boxed’ one, right? Trust me; they wouldn’t enjoy the stay. Lucky me, I was privileged to sleep in Agos’ Family Room which again, has exceeded my expectation. It’s as if I live in my own beach house. Yes, not just a beach room – but my own beach house. It can comfortably fit six people!

7. The price is oh – so reasonable!

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget
Agos Boracay relaxed – vibe common area

7 Reasons why Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds is Perfect for Family on a Budget

And what’s the best part? The price is reasonable! You can get a superior room for only PHP 3,500 per night! It’s really worth every peso. And if you want to splurge a bit, get the family room for a little over PHP 4,000. I honestly think that’s reasonable for such fine property.

You see, I’m planning to go back to Boracay and I’m bringing both my kids with me. The place is still conducive for kids as there are a lot of activities to choose from. Of course, try to stay indoors at night as Boracay can be really a party place when the sun goes down.

Yes, Agos Boracay will be our choice on our next visit. Without a doubt, it’s the ideal place for the entire family.

Monkey DividersFACT SHEET: Frequently Asked Questions about the Hotel

1. How much? How do I book and reserve a room?

To inquire about rates, availability or promo:

Booking.com | AgodaExpedia | Tripadvisor

No credit card? No problem! You may message through email ([email protected]) your name, number of persons, room preference and inclusive travel dates. They will then reply with availability and send an option date for the payment.

2. How do I pay? Do they accept credit card?
Payment can be made via credit card (Paypal) or cash/check through bank deposit.

3. What is the Cancellation Policy?
Direct Bookings: The full amount paid will be forfeited for all cancellations made less than 72 hours before arrival date. Any change in the Booking Confirmation will be subject to a one (1) night charge fee per room. The room will be guaranteed only up to the amount paid.

Indirect Bookings: Non-refundable

4. Is there any incidental deposit?
A deposit in the amount equivalent to one (1) night rate will be collected from guests upon check-in during Peak Season. The deposit less any damages (if any) or other charges will be returned upon checkout.

5. What time are check-in and check-out?
Check-in: 2:00 pm
Check-out: 12 noon

**Early Check-In: before 2pm / Late Check Out: after 12 noon
Kindly advise if you would like to avail (and if checking in early/checking out late).
*P200/hour, subject to room availability

6. Are they open 24 hours?
Front Desk: 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Reservations: They respond to emails Mondays-Saturdays 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
To immediately check rates & availability or to book: www.agosboracay.com

**To help them serve you better, they will request for the guest’s flight details, if available. This will help them anticipate your arrival/ departure and arrange staff schedule for early check out/late check-in.

7. How long is the travel time to Agos Boracay?
From Caticlan airport ~45 minutes
From Kalibo Airport ~ 2.5-3 hours

8. Do they arrange airport transfers/shuttle service? What other services do you provide?
Yes, they arrange 1-way or round-trip airport transfers from Kalibo International Airport or Caticlan Airport for a fee via their transfers partner. Just provide them with your complete flight details & number of persons.

*Pick up on your departure is at their lobby, 3-4 hours (Caticlan airport); 5-6 hours(Kalibo airport) before your flight.

They also arrange island activities, in-room spa services & laundry

9. How far is the beach & other hotspots from Agos?

We are centrally located in Station 2, in between D*Mall & D*Talipapa
White Beach & D’Mall ~ 5 minutes walk away
D’Talipapa (seafood market) ~ 6 minutes walk away
Bulabog Beach ~ 10-15 minute walk away

10. Do they have an in-house restaurant?
They do not have an in-house restaurant, but guests are free to have food delivered (just call using their landline). A 24/7 restaurant is just a few steps away while other restaurants/fast-food joints are only 2-minute walk away.

Note: I stayed as a guest at Agos Boracay Rooms and Beds. All opinions are based on my observation and experience.

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