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Banks in the Philippines: Complete List of Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 9th, 2020 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 11 Comments

Want to send money to a loved one in the Philippines? Want to receive money from abroad? Or are you earning a salary from your foreign employer? Well, you need a SWIFT Code or Bank Code for that.

Complete List of Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes

During the 1970s, it was tough to make payments from a country to another. So the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) helps in standardizing codes of Financial Institutions for a much faster and secure transaction with one another. A bank is usually given a Business Identifier Code or a SWIFT Code so that they can easily identify the bank transactions.

Long-term travel How to manage your finances (Filipino & British Banks)As for BRSTN or Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers or Bank Codes, these are codes for banks usually for payments or transfer of funds from Paypal or Upwork to Philippine banks.

Understanding Swift Codes

Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes


1. Bank Code
4 Letter Code
The bank’s name or initials
e.g. for Bank of the Philippine Islands – BOPI, for Citibank – CITI

2. Country Code
2 Letter Code
Where the bank is located
PH for the Philippines

3. Location Code
2 letter or number code
where the head office is

4. Branch Code
3 digit code, optional so some may not have this
Specifies the branch
e.g. CBU for Cebu

How to Find Swift Codes

1. Go to this website
2. You may enter the name of the bank and the country.
3. Click Search and wait for the results.
4. Choose which fits you the most – especially when it comes to the branch.

Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes

Swift Codes of Philippine Banks

To help you, we have summarized the swift codes of Philippine banks so that you won’t have to go and search it for yourself.

BIC Institution name


AIIPPHM1 Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank Of The Philippines Makati City
AUBKPHMM Asia United Bank Corporation Pasig City
ANZBPHMX Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited Makati City
BDESPHM1 Bdo Elite Savings Bank, Inc. Taguig City
BNORPHMM Bdo Unibank, Inc. Manila
BNSCPHM1 Bdo Nomura Securities, Inc. Makati
BOPBPHMM Bdo Private Bank Inc. Manila
BOFAPH2X Bank Of America, N.A. Manila Manila
BKCHPHMM Bank Of China, Manila Branch Manila
PABIPHMM Bank Of Commerce Mandaluyong City
BOPIPHMM Bank Of The Philippine Islands Manila
BKKBPHMM Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, Manila Branch Manila
BOPBPHMM Bdo Private Bank Inc. Manila
UWCBPHMM Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd. Manila Branch Makati City
CCBCPHMM Chang Hwa Commercial Bank,Ltd. Manila Branch Makati
CHBKPHMM China Banking Corporation Manila
CHSVPHM1 China Bank Savings, Inc. Makati City
CIPHPHMM Cimb Bank Philippines Inc. Taguig City
CITIPH21 Citibank Savings Inc. Quezon City
CITIPHMX Citibank,N.A., Manila Branch Makati
CITIPHMXCBU Citibank,N.A., Manila Branch Cebu
CITIPHMXTSU Citibank,N.A., Manila Branch Manila
DBPHPHMM Development Bank Of The Philippines Manila
DEUTPHMM Deutsche Bank Ag Manila
EWBCPHMM East West Banking Corporation Manila
IBKOPHMM Industrial Bank Of Korea, Manila Branch Manila
CHASPHMM Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Manila Branch Manila
KOEXPHMM Keb Hana Bank Makati City
TLBPPHM10M2 Land Bank Of The Philippines Davao
TLBPPHM10M3 Land Bank Of The Philippines Iloilo
TLBPPHM10M4 Land Bank Of The Philippines General Santos
TLBPPHM10MC Land Bank Of The Philippines Cebu
TLBPPHM10MQ Land Bank Of The Philippines Quezon City
TLBPPHMM Land Bank Of The Philippines Manila
MBBEPHMM Maybank Philippines, Inc Manila
ICBCPHMM Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Manila Branch Manila
MBTCPHMM Metropolitan Bank And Trust Co. Manila
MHCBPHMM Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch Makati
BOTKPHMM Mufg Bank, Ltd., Manila Branch Manila
CPHIPHMM Philippine Bank Of Communications Manila
PNBMPHMM Philippine National Bank Manila
RCBCPHMM Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Manila
ROBPPHMQ Robinsons Bank Corporation Quezon City
SETCPHMM Security Bank Corporation Manila
SHBKPHMM Shinhan Bank Manila Branch Taguig City
SMBCPHMM Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Manila Branch Makati City
SCBLPHMM Standard Chartered Bank Makati City
HSBCPHMM The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd – Philippine Branch Taguig City
HSBCPHMMCEB The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd – Philippine Branch Cebu
UBPHPHMM Union Bank Of The Philippines Pasig City
UCPBPHMM United Coconut Planters Bank Manila
UOVBPHMM United Overseas Bank Limited – Manila Branch Manila

Don’t worry if your branch is not there, you can use the main branch’s code and your transaction will push through!

Bank Codes

A bank code is a unique 9 digit number code for a bank. Most people who use this are online freelancers or online workers who use PayPal or Upwork or any payment system.

If you add a bank account in PayPal, you will see it needs a bank code.

Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes1

Philippine Bank Codes List

Here are BRSTN Codes in the Philippines as per brstn-codes-ph.com



011020011 Asia United Bank
010700015 Australia – New Zealand Bank
010530667 Banco De Oro
010670019 Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.
010120019 Bank of America, N. A.
011140014 Bank of China
010440016 Bank of Commerce
010040018 Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
010100013 China Banking Corporation
010690015 Chinatrust Commercial Bank Corp.
010070017 Citibank, N. A.
010650013 Deutsche Bank
010590018 Development Bank of the Philippines
010620014 East-West Banking Corporation
010860010 Export and Industry Bank
010060014 Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp.
010720011 JP Morgan Chase Bank
010710018 Korea Exchange Bank
010350025 Landbank of the Philippines
010220016 Maybank Philippines, Inc.
010269996 Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
010640010 Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
010110016 Philippine Bank of Communications
010080010 Philippine National Bank (PNB)
010090039 Philippine Trust Company
010330016 Philippine Veterans Bank
010280014 Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
010140015 Security Bank Corporation
010460012 The Bank of Tokyo Ltd
010050011 The Standard Chartered Bank
010419995 Union Bank of the Philippines
010299995 United Coconut Planters Bank
010270341 United Overseas Bank Philippines

Swift Codes and Bank Codes are really useful in sending and receiving money so you should always take note of it, especially if you have regular transactions. It is needed by the bank or a system to know that the funds are indeed sent to the right bank and branch. If the code is wrong, the money won’t be transferred, so you need to get the accurate one.

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