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10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 25th, 2022 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 42 Comments

A trip to Florence is a dream-come-true. This historic Italian city is overflowing with classic art, intriguing architecture, beautiful views, and delectable cuisine.

Whether you visit for a weekend or stay for a few months, your time in Florence is sure to be memorable. To make the most out of your trip, check out this list of awesome things to do in Florence, Italy.


Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy

1. Stay up late and enjoy a fresh cornetto in Piazza di Santa Croce

Every night around 2 am, long after most of Florence has gone to sleep, secret bakeries throughout the city open their doors. With a license to sell exclusively to cafés and other businesses, these bakeries are not supposed to work directly with consumers. But at 2 am, when they start baking the morning batch, exhausted Florentinians stumble to the back door of these bakeries and buy a fresh pastry to wrap up their night.

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awesome things to do in florence

These bakeries are called secret for a reason. Who is open and where they are is constantly changing. However, rumor has it the one on Via Delle Brache is still open. Keep your voice down and have your 1 euro ready. Then, with your mouthwatering pastry in hand, walk to Piazza di Santa Croce. It’s only a block away, and it is an enchanting way to end your night.

2. Visit the Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s oldest and most picturesque bridge

awesome things to do in florence

There are many bridges crossing the Arno, but none as striking as the Ponte Vecchio. During 1944 of the British army in World War II, the Nazis were planning to destroy all but one of the bridges connecting to Florence to force the British army into a bottleneck effect. The myth is that Hitler told the commander to, “keep the most artistic one.” Whether it is true or not, we are left with the Ponte Vecchio.

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Appropriately translating to “Old Bridge,” the Ponte Vecchio has been around since 1345. The unique construction and fascinating history make this bridge a common stop for tourists. The shops along the Ponte Vecchio house jewelers, goldsmiths, and silversmiths. Whether or not you decide to shop while you are there, the Ponte Vecchio is a must during your trip to Florence, Italy.

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 3. Read a book or have a picnic in the Boboli Gardens

10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy
Photo by damian entwistle CC BY-NC 2.0

These 16th-century gardens are the largest historical gardens in Italy. It is easy to spend a day getting lost and exploring every inch of the breathtaking landscape. From hidden grottos to tree-lined walkways, there are countless sights to see in the Boboli Gardens.

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Get the most out of the peace and tranquility offered at the Boboli Gardens by spending some time just relaxing and taking it all in. Have a picnic on the lawn or find a cozy grotto where you can read and catch up on your travel journal.

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4. See famous artwork at the Uffizi Gallery

awesome things to do in florence

No trip to Florence would be complete without a few classic art pieces. While the Accademia is home to David, the Uffizi is home to practically everything else. Giotto, de Vinci, Raphael, and Botticelli are just a few of the famous artists whose work is featured here. In addition to the incredible art, the windows in the Uffizi offer spectacular views of the Arno.

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Whether you make a quick visit to see Titian’s Venus of Urbino and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus or spend a whole day touring the 45 halls in the Uffizi, this gallery is a must-see.

5. Indulge in 5-cheese gnocchi at Osteria Santo Spirito

awesome things to do in florence

Discussing the best food in Florence, Italy would take a whole separate post (or 10 posts for that matter). There is so much to eat in this city, and most of it is delicious. To say any one restaurant is the best is impossible. During your time in Florence, try as many restaurants as you can and enjoy the authentic, fresh Italian cuisine.

That being said, one place that will blow your mind is Osteria Santo Spirito. On the south side of the Arno, this restaurant is a little less touristy and very authentic. While everything they make is mouth watering, their 5-cheese gnocchi is an unforgettable experience. Visit their website for hours and to take a peak at their menu. Oh, and while you’re in the area, keep your eyes peeled for Gusta Pizza next door, arguably the best pizza in Florence.

6. Watch sunrise (or sunset) from Piazzale Michelangelo

10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy (2)
Photo by Gilbert Sopakuwa CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Across the Arno and up a healthy-sized hill, Piazzale Michelangelo is a popular spot to watch the sunset. There are various tours that will take you up there for sunset, but a taxi would be much cheaper. Better yet, walk it! The climb is pretty modest, and the view is well worth the hike.

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True adventurers may want to skip sunset and head up to Piazzale Michelangelo for sunrise instead. The Piazzale will be entirely or nearly empty, as apposed to the immense crowds that fill the place during sunset. There are few things as magical as watching the sun turn all of Florence gold. Plus, on your way back you can capture pictures of all the popular sites in Florence, Italy before tourists surround them.

7. Shop for fresh produce at Mercato Centrale

10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy
Photo by John Weiss CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Florence is filled with fresh markets. Almost every piazza has a market at least once a week. These markets are a great place to experience Italian culture, taste fresh Italian produce, and maybe even sample some local olive oil. One of the largest and best-known markets in Florence is the Mercato Centrale.

Outside, the San Lorenzo market consists of purses, scarves, and fun souvenirs for you to browse. Once you step inside, the Mercato Centrale is almost entirely composed of food vendors. Explore the massive produce section or head across the store for Italian candies and pastries. You can even enjoy lunch in the back corner where a group of vendors prepare sandwiches, pasta, and more. Find out the hours and location of the Mercato Centrale here.

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 8. See the city from above

10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy (4)
Photo by Peter Stenzel CC BY-ND 2.0

There is something about seeing the city from up high that makes you realize just how beautiful this place is. Two of the best views in Florence come from Il Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio. At the Dumo you have the option to climb the dome or the bell tower. While the bell tower offers uninterrupted views of the city, the duomo is a more exciting climb. The stairs are sideways because of the unique shape of the dome and the way the stairs were constructed. Another benefit of climbing the dome is the opportunity to see the Duomo’s famous frescos up-close.

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The tower at the Palazzo Vecchio is another great option. The benefit of climbing here is you get a view of Florence that includes the Duomo, on of the city’s most popular landmarks. Plus, most tourists are at the Duomo, so the line is shorter at the Palazzo Vecchio. At the Duomo, the climb starts at ground level. The Palazzo Vecchio climb begins on the top floor of the museum, so the climb is a bit easier.

9. Take a day trip to Pisa

awesome things to do in florence

Florence has plenty to keep you busy, regardless of how long or short your visit is. However, if you have time, a trip to Pisa is a fun half-day excursion. There is not a ton to do in Pisa other than see the tower, so it is the perfect place to visit for a few hours and still have time to get back to Florence for dinner.

There are plenty of ways to get between Florence and Pisa. While Terravision will bring you from airport to airport for €4.99, if you head to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence you can get a bus that goes to the train station in Pisa, which is much more convenient for a day trip.

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10. Get lost, explore, and find wanders of your own

Florence is an incredible city full of countless wanders. Of course all of the above are guaranteed to make your trip to Florence unforgettable, but the best way to have the trip of a lifetime is to explore on you own. Get lost in some of Florence’s picturesque alleyways and find exciting hidden treasures throughout the city. With a city as diverse and beautiful as Florence, you are sure to find something incredible. Let us know in the comments what exciting places you have discovered so we can check them out during our next trip to Florence!

*All photo credits goes to Sarah Dittmore.

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42 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things to do in Florence, Italy

  1. We’ve usually needed to pay a visit to Florence, however just haven’t had the means yet…all your posts into it are stunning, this certain labyrinth looks so exciting, the cave chapel way too!
    I really hope Anways, i do get to visit on a rainy day, maybe when we’re last Europe once again. Cheers for sharing.

  2. I love bridge landscapes so if ever I will be going to Florence, I have to take a great of its Ponte Vecchio.

    1. Then this for you, Ayet. Be sure to bring your camera to capture great spots as you enjoy these things to do in Florence, Italy

  3. Never been here but I would love to. Excited to see the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. Feels magical!.

    1. When did you visit Folorence, Lili? Let us know when will you go back and what are you planning to try from the list of things to do we have here. 🙂

  4. Lovel all the things listed here. When I come back to Florence, I will shop for fresh goods at the Mercato Centrale.

    1. Great, Ryzza. these things to do in Florence, Italy are just some of the long list you can actually try. When do plan to go back here?

  5. So many things to do in this wonderful place. I will go for No. 10 though. Definitely the best thing do in Italy.

    1. Perfect choice, James. Hope you will visit Florence, Italy soon and finally do it and the rest from the list of things to do.

    1. You will aso visit it someday, Ten, Come to see those architectures and try these things to do in Florence, Italy.

  6. Still hoping i get the opportunity to visit Italy and go see Florence. These are great lists of things to watch out for when in Florence. I do want to see Pisa and the sunrise from Piazza de Michelangelo. Looks really romantic and perfect to bring someone up there. I do appreciate the architectures too and so visiting the Ufizzi Gallery would definitely be in my list.

  7. Awesome post ! My inlaws are Italians , I am so into Italy , italian food , italian fashion . Italy is such a beautiful country , pity it is very expensive to live there . Haven’t been to Florence yet , but that’s still on my bucket list ( with Venice !) Really enjoyed your post , thanks for sharing !

    1. Thank you,Klaudia, Are your inlaws in Italy now? Why not visit them and do together these things to do in Florence, Italy? 🙂

  8. Great story!!! You listed interesting facts that makes me want to go even more! 2 AM goodies? Count me in. 😉

    1. Haha! Glad you like it, Style with Tina. Have you been to Florence, Italy? What were the things from the list that you tried?

  9. Those are really super beautiful shots. When i see Florence italy in movies and even magazines, i always associate it with love. Perhaps because of those lovely scenery. And the Pisa photo is just funny.

    1. Hahaha. Threre are indeed a lot of funny photos in Pisa. Try to make your own and try as well the other things to do in Florence, Italy.

  10. WOW! That is truly … a unique bridge. I had to look again and again at the photo of Ponte Vecchio. I was not even sure early on how people could cross the bridge! LOL!

    1. Haha. Exactly the reason why is it part of the awesome things to do in Florence, Italy. Bet that would be more spectacular if you see it yourself, Robert.

  11. When my parents were dating they lived in Florence and studied Art. They always have fun stories to tell about those years. Specially about the Markets and the Ponte Vecchio. I still haven’t been but would love to go someday.

    1. Sounds romantic, Orana. Would be great if you can see their stories by yourself and try least one or two from our list of things to do.

  12. Reading your article reminded me of my trip to Florence. I would have to your list the aperitivo, a must-do while in Florence. I had no idea that the bakeries open at 2am, that is so cool that you can cure your tipsiness with a fresh corneto. Yummy.

    1. When did you visit, Florence, Italy, Joanna? Are you planning to go back there and try these things to do?

  13. I want to do every single one of these things! You are truly a genius! I would love to get a fresh cornetto from a bakery at 2am. I think the fact that it is a secret thing would make it taste even better. But really what doesn’t taste amazing that late at night?! I also would love to take a book to the gardens and spend all afternoon there! I loved this!

    1. Thank you, Alison. From little secret things to top tourist activities make a visit to Florence, Italy worth it.

  14. I agree that seeing Florence from above is magical. Those red roofs are spectacular! And I never knew that about the secret bakeries. How fun! I can’t wait to go back to Florence and try some more of these tips!

    1. Excited for your next trip, Stella, Drop a comment here which ones from the list of things to do yo will definitely do.

    1. Grab some, Colleen. Sure you will also take great photos as you do these things to do in Florence, Italy,

  15. I love Italy, and Florence is so different from a lot of the other cities. Many unique things to do!

    1. Our pleasure, Karly. When you visit it, what will you try first from the list of things do in Florence, Italy?

  16. I’ve been to Florence once but it was on a Mediterranean cruise, which I would never recommend. Only because it takes an 1.5 hour drive from the port to the city and your only able to spend a couple hours before having to rush back to the ship. I hope to revisit but next time actually staying in the city for a week or so and visit these sites you’ve mentioned.

    1. That’s still an experience, Deja. Just let us know when will you go back in Florence, Italy and do these things to do.

    1. Thank you, Casey. Turn that dream trip into reality. Hehe. Would love to know when will you visiting Italy and we could give you some tips and more things to do in Florence and other cities. 🙂

  17. If y’all go back, you need to try Trattaria Alfredo near Palazzo Vecchio. It was some of the best food we had during our week long trip. We ate there for two meals.

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