Aquaria Water Park: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila

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Looking for a sea-side getaway place near Metro Manila?

Visit Aquaria Water Park!

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila

Aquaria Water Park in Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas is a must-visit beachfront resort. It fuses modern resort architecture with theme park fun and a relaxing dash of tropical nature. Aside from the sophisticated resort pool, which has sections safe for kids and a three-story giant slide for adults, Aquaria Water Park also offers many water sports and activities for the whole family and your barkada to enjoy. You may also simply laze around the beach and bath in the sun. Aquaria is just around a three-hour drive from Metro Manila. You can also just take a bus to Calatagan and get down at the town center, and then take a tricycle to the resort.

Entrance Fee and Facilities

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
The Pool Cabanas

The entrance fee for adults is PhP 399 and PhP 199 for kids. This is a whole day pass that entitle guests to use the whole swimming facilities for the entire day. Cabanas are also available for rent, so you may choose to relax either beside the pool or in a cabana by the beach, so you can breathe the fresh sea breeze.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
The Beach Cabanas
Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Kiddie Pool

There are two types of stylish Cabanas by the Resort Pool. The Cove Pool Cabanas can accommodate 10-12 persons and costs PhP 1,000, while the Resort Pool Cabanas, which can accommodate 12-15 persons is at PhP 1,500. The wooden Beach Cabana, on the other hand, can accommodate 6-8 persons for only PhP 1,000, and sits right on sands of the beach. The Cabana rental fees are already good for the whole day. You can also just rent a locker if you wish to leave your valuables while you are swimming.

The resort also offers amenities for both kids and adults. It is a child-friendly resort and has a separate Kiddie Pool where kids can both swim and play. There are animal rides on the side of the kiddie pool, an in-pool shower ring, and side-pool fountains. It really lives up to its “water park” name.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Giant Slide (Photos from Fuego Hotel and Properties)

The adult pool, on the other hand, is a long stretch of Resort Pools surrounded by the Cabanas. It also boasts of a three-storey giant slide. My giant slide experience was really thrilling. The slide is not too steep to make my knees wobble, but its great curves help sustain the excitement. I did not feel too nervous, so I still got to enjoy the moment. It was a good balance of fun and adrenaline rush.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Resort Pool View from Bridge Tower (Photos from Fuego Hotel and Properties)
Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
View of the Resort Pool and the Sea from Bridge Tower

Going to the Giant Slide, you have to cross the Bridge Tower. Climbing the Bridge Tower is a must, even if you do not wish to try the Giant Slide. From atop, you can see the landscape view of the resort and the beach.

The resort also has a huge Bath House with a separate toilet and bath. The design of the bathhouse also goes with the modern stylish theme of the resort, so you will enjoy not just the swimming, but also the shower after. There are also toilets located near the beach, so you do not have to take a long walk from the beach to the Bath House.

What I really liked about the place is not just its chic appeal, but its cleanliness and the well-maintained facilities. There are cleaners assigned to the Bath House and Toilets, and I must say that they are doing their job well.

For rates and availability, you can check their website in this link. 

Beach Sports

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Jet ski on a calm sea
Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Beachfront (Courtesy of Aquaria)

Aside from swimming and soaking in the pool, you can also try different individual and group beach activities. The resort is renting out banana boats, kayaks, and jet skis at per hour rates. You can kayak on a tandem, which requires patience and cooperation, or you can just go solo and paddle at your own pace. The sea in Calatagan is remarkably calm, so kayaking and jet ski drives would be easy for beginners. My jet ski guide was even pushing me to speed up as there were no waves.

If you are with your sporty barkada or family, you can also play beach volleyball or beach football. The resort’s 525 meters’ fine beach can definitely accommodate your group. There is also a small grassy pitch on the side of the resort that is good for 5-a-side football with goal posts with net. And if you want to be more adventurous, you can go camping on the beach with your friends. The Aquaria Water Park does not offer overnight accommodation yet. That is the only down-side if you want to stay longer at the resort. But if you want to rough it out, you can definitely try camping.

Other Beach Side Activities

For people who are more laid-back, you can also try other group activities by the beach. There are benches and tables that are set-up under the Talisay trees, where you can do some reading, writing, or other group activities while enjoying the view and fresh air. So whether you want to stay in the water, or just want to have fun on the beach side, there is definitely something for everyone.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Calligraphy Class by the beach

It is also a good venue for team building activities. The Aquaria Water Park can create a package for team building activities for your office. On my visit there, Aquaria provided us with free calligraphy lessons courtesy of Fuego Hotels and Properties. They invited Ms. Paola Jane Esteron to teach us the basics of calligraphy. It was definitely fun and calming to learn something new while relaxing near the sea. It is learning and chilling at the same time.

After all the tiring activities, you can also get a massage from the resort’s masseuse. A full body massage is only PhP 500. I had a head and back massage by the beach, and it was definitely soothing after my long active day in the water park. The resort also offers Henna Tattoo art. You can choose designs from their catalogue. The price depends on the size and design of the tattoo.

Food and Drinks

The resort also has an open air restaurant and bar on the beach front. The Sands restaurant offers seafood, meat, and vegetables. The food was good especially the grilled seafood. My favourite was their seafood kebab, where you can choose the different sauces.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Seafood Kebab

You also have the option to bring your own food and even alcoholic drinks. There is a corkage fee of PhP 100 per head if you bring your own meals. You can also grill on the beach and rent a barbecue grill for PhP 300 to complete your beach experience. It is definitely fun to grill and eat by the beach while you enjoy the fresh ocean air.

Aquaria Water Park Review: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila
Sunset in Aquaria Calatagan, Batangas

The Aquaria Water Park is really a fun-filled resort near Metro Manila. Whether you are with your family or barkada, sporty or laid-back, you will find something to enjoy. The resort is also a beautiful union of modern architecture and rich nature. It is definitely a balanced and fun getaway for everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Aquaria Water Park: A Fun Getaway near Metro Manila

  1. Awesome! Nice water park! Happy to learn about it. My niece loves dancing in the water, she keeps on insisting for a water park trip. And we keep on looking for water parks at different places.

  2. Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! I can’t wait to experience crocheting by the beach at Aquaria! Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

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