5 Reasons to Marry A Guy Who Travels

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I saw and even read lots of blog posts about ‘why you should marry a girl who travels‘. I got quite curious if there is a version for male travelers so I did a quick Google search and found some articles as to ‘why you should date a guy who travels‘. Alright – there are write ups for the male version already, but I didn’t find any articles that say, “You should MARRY a guy who travels.”

Let’s step it up a notch a bit. Being a married man, I thought I can put some insights as to why a woman should marry a man who loves to travel. I figured it is important for a woman to consider this as she will spend her lifetime together with this man – they will live under one roof, manage their money and raise their children.


Married life can be quite toxic, but it can be fruitful as well and we all know that travelling together releases some of these stress and makes you cherish more of each other together.

I listed 5 simple reasons on why women should consider marrying a guy who loves to travel:

1) Your weekends (or days off) will be amazing.

Weekends and day offs are holy for the Traveler Husband (TH). He rejects any kind of work related to his job (unless his work is to travel) and focus on unwinding and enjoying life. But of course, the TH knows that he must take care of household work first before embarking on an amazing journey. You don’t want to have a steaming pile of laundry when taking a relaxing vacation right?

Go-Karting in Emerald Avenue, Pasig

His idea of a date is taking you somewhere you haven’t gone to whether it’s traveling outside the country or a beach resort nearby.

He moves you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to do things you would have never done. I’m pretty sure the wives of the THs can relate very well.

2) He knows how to budget money.

The TH knows that the family needs money for its daily expenses and not just for travel and leisure. His years of experience in traveling made him very responsible on handling money. From booking cheap flights and hostels to eating delicious food in the most budget friendly stall in town, the Travel Husband knows that money is valuable and must only be spent on good purposes while maintaining the budget. He doesn’t buy any unnecessary things that is not needed by the family but appreciates the little things in life that is free – like moments and memories. Traveling is one way of creating these special moments together.

He knows how to save and invest for the future. As future travels are best executed when planned, the Travel Husband estimates the expenses for a particular travel and sets aside money every month for the family’s travel fund. He also invests part of the family’s money for the future of their children in income-generating assets like real estate rentals and equities.

At Bokong Falls, Sagada

Rest assured that most of the guy travelers out there know how to budget money, unless they are just too wealthy and travel in luxury and do not care about draining their cash or they travel only to show off how great life is on social media. It’s up to you to differentiate a real traveler from someone who is just trying too hard.

3) He’s up for anything.

The Travel Husband is spontaneously happy, a cowboy and an anything-goes guy. If you’re an adventurous gal, of course, you’ll surely love to have a hubby who has the same passion as yours. Take him anywhere in this world and he won’t have second thoughts in joining you. One smile at this man and he knows you want to go somewhere far.

He will jump off the cliff, a tower or a plane with you. He will the cross the vast ocean with you. He will climb mountains and hold your hand till you get to the summit.

You will never get bored at him because he will do anything crazy just to make you happy. Maybe others will find him peculiar but for him, it’s just his way of expression.

Off-road trip and Trekking at Mt. Pinatubo

4) He’s easy-going, but he knows his responsibilities.

A guy that frequently travels doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible at all. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Before he travels, he makes sure that all is taken care of at home: the house, the car, the bills or the kids if they aren’t with you in your travel. He puts his family first above everything else. He enjoys the present but also works hard and smart for the future. He is spontaneous but also plans ahead of time.

He knows his limits. If it means sacrificing the need to travel for the needs of the family, then he will do that because he knows he can travel in the future when everything’s alright. He also knows the importance of delayed gratification because he sees that future travels will be a lot more awesome.

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At Banaue Rice Terraces View Point

5) He knows the importance of time.

Of all the things in the world, time is something you can never take back. That is why the TH cherish every moments spent with his family. Traveling is one way of creating special and awesome memories together so this hobby or lifestyle is his priority over material things. Life is short, so he wants to show you these places so you can learn from them together. He wants to see the world and grow old together with you.

He would never take all of these for granted for he knows there is only one life – and he chose to spend it with you.

So, ladies, marry a guy who travels… or at least someone who plans to.

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Marry A Guy Who Travels

  1. I do not have a husband but, I do have a boyfriend who loves to travel. When I met him and learned that he loved to travel, I instantly admire him because that is one of the things that I want to do in my life. Everything posted here is very true as I have witnessed that too with him. He is a responsible man. He always makes sure everything is okay with his job and family before he goes on a trip. 🙂

  2. I love this! Im still young, but hope to marry a guy who loves to travel! I want to go everywhere with my husband and see as many new places as I possibly can. One thing that is a deal breaker for my is that he can’t be a home body.

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