20 Amazing Photos of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

20 Amazing Photos of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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Not for the package tourist, this incredibly rich and diverse area offers the adventurous traveler one of the last great remote wilderness experiences in Central America.

I travel for work and when not working, travel for relaxation and discovery.When it’s time to reset and disconnect from planes, trains, automobiles, and screens I head directly for a lightly traveled, edge of the world paradise in southern Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula.

So here they are – 20 Amazing Photos of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

1. The journey begins in the village of Sierpe, a sleepy backwater town on the banks of the Sierpe River. Here travelers wait patiently for boat transfers at a small cafe next to the public docks.

cafe sierpe dock corcovado costa rica

2. Due to limited access into the area these boats move locals, tourists, and supplies out to Drake Bay.

3. The journey out to Drake serpentines, depending on the tides, 1-2 hours through one of the largest contiguous mangrove estuaries in Central America.

4. The long journey’s rewards are beautiful, deserted beaches, framed by rocky headlands.

5. Lush, tropical rain forests kiss sun drenched beaches.

6. Be it platform observatories or hiking, an incredible array of flora and fauna can be observed.

7. Spider Monkeys hanging out.

8. The Scarlet Macaw, a highly endangered species flourishes along the forested beaches.

9. Pelicans gorged on the area’s healthy fish stocks resting between meals.

10. Offering lux tent camping, great food, tours, and strategically located between the small village of Aguitas and Costa Rica’s finest national park, Parque Nacional Corcovado, I base at Corcovado Adventure Tent Camp.

11. Your hammock awaits.

12. When you tire of hanging in the hammocks, this area offers numerous activities.

sea sport fishing boat corcovado adventure tent camp costa rica

13. Isla Canos Island shown in the background offers excellent snorkeling and some of Costa Rica’s best scuba diving.

14. For the surfer, the Rio Claro offers uncrowded lineups and a long head high left.

15. Paddle boarding along the rocky coast offers great exercise and amazing views down into the blue waters of the Pacific.

16. With proper supplies of water, food, and energy long coastal kayak treks are possible.

17. Hiking along the coast to the Rio Claro you pass over rocky headlands, by uncrowded beaches, and through a dense rain forest offering numerous opportunities for wildlife sightings. The reward for this hot humid hike is a cool, crystal clear, fresh water swimming hole at the river.

18. Living full time at the rivers edge is Ricardo, a local who has undertaken the noble work of guarding nesting turtles who visit the beach to lay eggs.

19. Be sure to rent a boat from Ricardo, paddle up the river and then hike up to the cooling fresh water falls, and jungle swimming holes.

20. At the end of each day the western facing beaches offer unparalleled sunsets. Kick back, relax, and enjoy. Pura Vida !

sunset beach jungle tropical drake bay corcovado costa rica

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, whatever you do, include a visit to the Drake Bay area of the Osa Peninsula. Here ‘Pura Vida’ exists in the truest sense of the word.

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  1. Hey there,

    wow, I just found your website with all the amazing articles about Costa Rica! Makes me even more excited to go there soon 🙂 we are going in late August and September. We would love to go to the Osa Peninsula and especially Corcovado National Park. But we heard that it might get Vers tough to get there as some parts might be floated :-/ do you have any experience in traveling Costa Rica through rainy season? Greetings from Berlin,

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