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Weather Philippines Foundation Inc. held its first blogger’s event last July 24, 2015 at Anvaya Cove, Bataan entitled #WeatherWiser, spearheaded by Ms. Kaye Rosario, Sustainability officer and Ms. Lia Neri, Sustainability Specialist in coordination with Ms. Grace from Havas PR Agatep. The event was truly a success.

columbia and mountain hardware

Together with the other participants of different blogging sites we arrived at Anvaya Cove, a little after than 11:00 am. Before proceeding with the discussions, we had our lunch first and checked out the freebies and goodies placed on the table. The ambiance was really nice and the room was creatively decorated. Interestingly the group consists of bloggers from a diverse field.  From food,  lifestye, motorcycle, running, fashion and of course travel blogging.

weatherphilippines and bloggers
Weather Philippines App. together with the bloggers

We all loved the table setting which includes envelopes with our printed name and designated seat. Freebies from Mountain Hardware and Columbia, a mug, a survival bracelet, bandana and cupcakes from Pilmico.

Weather Philippines Apps

Ms. Rosario joined us during lunch to talk more about their foundation and also threw some queries regarding the articles we write. Soon after the delightful lunch we pressed on with the first discussion.

weather Philippines event

First topic was Basic Mountaineering Course facilitated by Coach Manny of Mountain Hardware. Mainly, he talked about the dos and don’ts, the preparations before the climb, ropemanship, packing tips  and other essentials in mountaineering which can also be applied in traveling.  He demonstrated as well the gears of Mountain Hardware and their uses. By the way their gears are really dependable and light weight especially the tent and sleeping bag

weather Philippines APP
Basic Mountaineering course
how to pack and Bmc
how to pack and Bmc

The event was made even fun when we had the raffle game. The mechanics of the game was pretty much easy, we’ve picked a place and had to identify the weather of that certain location on a particular date using the Weather Philippines  app. We placed the corresponding weather symbol on the map and locate its position on the map. Just my luck, I was one of the two winners and I bagged a free Sagada trip for two courtesy of Mountain Hardware

Moving forward, mountaineering community in our country is now fast growing, this event is just so timely. BMC is really a great help especially if we decide to venture in mountaineering too. The packing and survival tips are very informative. Along with that is the vital role of Weather Philippines  app. not only in mountaineering but also to other outdoor activities. It  can be utilized for many purposes, some of which are in agriculture, leisure, travel and list goes on.  Ms. Rosario said that they aim to empower people to use accurate weather forecast not just during disasters but in their everyday life, such as doing the laundry and going to work and to reduce risk of disaster. That would also contribute to business continuity leading to socio-economic growth. Gone are the days that we do window-type observation, merely looking at the window and predicting the weather.  Bid goodbye trusting your hunches if there’d be possible rainfall or it will be a sunny day. Take it from this reliable weather forecast application, after all most of our activities are weather dependent.
with ,s. Lia and Ms. Kaye of Weather Wiser App
                                                                            With Ms. Lia and Ms. Kaye

 What is Weather Philippines Foundation Inc. all about?

The foundation was established year 2012, a non-government organization which seeks to tap municipalities and the locals about  “accurate” weather forecasts. Presently, they have deployed 750 Automated Weather Stations (AWS) in a span of two years located in different parts of the country from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. They are now eyeing to install one AWS in Tawi-Tawi which is the southwestern of the Philippines. Ms. Rosario said it was pretty challenging to install the AWS considering that our country is an archipelago. But we were able to even surpass Europe which has installed only 200 AWS running 5 years.  The organization was founded by Aboitiz Foundation, Unionbank and  Meteogroup . They also have platinum donors who pledged to donate Php25M divided over a 10-year period some of which are SM Supermalls, Vista Land, LBC , NIckel Asia Corp. and International Container Terminal Services. Inc.

What are the differences and advantages of Weather Philippines App. To other weather forecasting means?

Seemingly, since they have 750 Automated Weather Stations it is more localized and accurate.
They use 7 parameters in identifying the weather forecast from the AWS, these are: amount of rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, global solar deviation, pressure, humidity and temperature.  Aside from AWS they also have a resident geologist who gauges and interprets the information from the AWS.  These machines are imported from Germany, apparently these machines are more advanced than to those other weather forecasting organization are using. (Note: Weather Philippines is not in competition with any organization) .With the help of sponsors and a little help from the local government units the foundation are able to fund for every AWS. The organization also ensures to involve the local government units in their project by training them and letting them install the AWS.

How does the Weather Philippines app. Work?

All you have to do is download it, mainly it is easy to use and navigate. Once the app. Is downloaded you just simply enter the location on the search bar and tick the location and desired date for that specific place. There are also icons, colors and warning to easily determine the weather forecast. Though the app. does not work without internet, it displays a 5-day detailed forecast for each location. It is still ideal to use even to a week-trip without internet connection.

During electricity black-out and lack of network coverage the machine gathers all the information and disseminates the data to the sim cards of WPFI right after the power restoration. The staff of WPFI are cascades the information to the designated persons of the municipality unit. The municipality officers also plays role in securing the safety and maintenance of the AWS.

They say that repetition = retention…

What is learning without applying it into action right? So as soon as I got home I downloaded the app. and been using it for weeks now. As a field worker it is essential for me to know the weather condition and which things to bring and what clothes to put on. This app. is just a great help to me. I also used it as my reference when I went to my last trip in Las Casas De Acuzar in Bataan. I based my itinerary on the weather forecast of Weather Philippines app. And everything went perfectly fine!  Besides, you won’t spend a single dime for this. So  be a #weatherwiser and download your Weather Philippines app. and plan your getaways and outdoor activities.

Weather Wiser, Philippines
Weather Wiser, Philippines

And to wrap up the fun-filled and informative event we roam around and enjoyed the facilities of the lovely Anvaya Cove, which is also one of the major sponsors of Weather Philippines App. We just gaze at the captivating sunset and stare at the inviting mountains everything conspired for a perfect weather. Of course because it was also well planned by the Weather Philippines staff using their very much accurate and reliable Weather Philippines App.

Weather Wiser, Philippines
Weather Wiser, Philippines

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