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Antarctica articles and travel blogs about travel experiences and the best things to do in Antarctica!

What is Antarctica Known For?

Almost everyone knows that Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent in the world. Here, you will find yourself freezing as soon as you arrive. Most of Antarctica’s landmass is covered by an ice sheet that makes it extremely cold. Not only that but the ice in this continent diverts the sun’s rays away from our planet. For this reason, it makes the earth liveable. That’s how amazing this continent is!

Facts About Antarctica

As mentioned, Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. But other than that, there are still numerous interesting facts that surround this southernmost continent. 

The wind speed here can reach up to 200 miles per hour which makes it the windiest place in the world. The ice sheet in the Antarctic is known to be the biggest mass of ice on earth and it can even be up to four miles thick! This continent as a whole actually contains around 90% of the earth’s freshwater ice and about 70% of the total freshwater. 

As for the fun fact, the earth’s tilt affects the sunrise and sunset in Antarctica. That means that during the winter season, the sun does not rise and it makes the whole continent dark. Meanwhile, in the summer season, the sun does not set, and the continent receives more sunlight than the equator. 

Another important fact is that according to experts, if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet melts, then it would result raise in sea levels globally by about 16 feet. That is one scary fact.

There still a lot of facts to know about this continent, but you’ll find all that by reading our articles about Antarctica.

Popular Things To Do in Antarctica

When we think about Antarctica, we usually assume that there isn’t anything to do as it is very cold. There are also no countries there. However, it actually offers things to do that only Antarctica can give with a different vibe and excitement. Some of them are penguin spotting, kayaking around the Antarctic sea ice (you can even scuba dive), see antarctic whales on a whale-watching cruise, and camping. Yes, camping is possible here. One of the most popular places here where you can go camping is in Paradise Bay! There is actually a long list of the things you can do in Antarctica and we provided them in our articles that you can find here. So check them out!

Overall Thoughts About Antarctica

You might think that Antarctica is not worth it to go to. It’s understandable if some people think that way. It costs a lot of money just to visit this wonderful continent. Another thing is if you are not that good with cold weather, then you might not enjoy your visit here. However, we want to let you know that Antarctica is not just a destination, it’s not just a place you go to explore, it’s also about the journey. A journey that would let you enter and witness a different side of the earth (literally!)

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