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A Timeless and Sophisticated Getaway in Nairobi, Kenya at The Concord Hotel and Suites

By Kach Umandap July 3rd, 2017 Posted in Africa Travel Blog, Luxury Hotel Review, Travel Blog No comments

The Concord Hotel and Suites is your top hotel that sits in the heart of Kenya – Nairobi! Located in the Wangapala road, this hotel boasts of its exceptional architecture and state-of-the-art interior and furniture that will make guests feel like royalty during their stay. Regardless of the room, they are staying; it offers varieties of amenities, services, and even places for you to experience with the hotel’s assistance!

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In case you didn’t know, the hotel is located in a country that is the leading producer of tea and coffee. So, tea and coffee lovers come over here and visit this beautiful country. If you’re also up to a gastronomic journey anytime, this hotel has a lot three restaurants, 1 Sheesha Lounge, and a coffee shop are offered within.

The Concord Hotel & Suites is strategically located at the center of the best places in Nairobi. Here you can indulge yourself with a luxurious getaway in Kenya like never before. It has an aquamarine pool, a spa, and a health club to keep guests comfortable anytime.


I arrived at the hotel at 2 p.m. and paid 30USD for a booked transfer to the Concord and from the airport. What I didn’t know was that a taxi ride only costs 15USD since 50/50 goes to the hotel and the driver. I had no idea about that, but it was okay.

Arriving at the hotel and meeting up with a good friend, I was amazed at the building especially the interior. From outdoor to the lobby it was beautiful and large – and that’s just the lobby! I felt like a princess who just arrived at the castle. The hotel’s staffs welcomed us and offered assistance immediately. They were courteous and cheerful, and that’s very important for tourism.

They also gave us a friendly advice not to walk alone or even with friends during the early morning or evening. This is because the hotel was also near the “slums” area. We opted for Uber every time we went out and paid the only 5USD. Guests were safe inside the hotel, however, the outside wasn’t that reliable.

The annual Nairobi Fashion Week was hosted at the hotel back in 2016 where the top of the line African to Western designers traveled and arrived at the hotel to showcase their designs. An endless array of entertainment is being offered for you whether inside or outside this hotel. It is a premier venue for international conferences in Nairobi.

Other than that, being in proximity to shopping centers and other major places nearby, the hotel’s lobby usually gets crowded especially at lunchtime. So, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can retreat to your room and have your food delivered.

So, if you want to pamper yourself with timeless sophistication and luxuries, then this is the best hotel choice in Kenya!


The Concord opened its doors last April 2016 with 86 beautifully adorned rooms and a penthouse. It is owned by Chatur Hospitality, a part of the Chatur Group. It sits at the parklands of Nairobi. Before it was built, the parklands are known mainly as a shopping hub. People did not expect a hotel with three fine restaurants to be built within it. On top of that, a lovely view from the glass windows can be promised at any time of the day!


The Concord Hotel and Suites in Nairobi is packed with 86 rooms and a penthouse with carpeted floors, overflowing with beautifully carved furniture and stunningly designed interior that visitors would surely love. Its walls are painted in calm colors for hotel guests to cave into relaxation during their stay. Styled according to most preferences, choose the best accommodation for you to stay in through these lists:

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Superior Room – It comprises of two twin beds or a king-sized bed with premium bedding. Plush chairs are beside the bed and a large bathroom for your comfort. A 42-inch flat screen LED TV is yours to enjoy all day and rooms are fully air-conditioned. Smoking is not allowed in this room. The room has a good set-up overlooking a busy parking space below. But it still felt very relaxing.

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Executive Suite – Feel like an executive with a room that has a king-sized bed and a fully carpeted floor. Plush chairs are also provided for you to read the daily paper with convenience. A private bathroom with a vanity basin and mirror with a dryer is yours to anytime! Rooms are fully air-conditioned. Smoking is not allowed in this room and bedroom is in a separated room from the entertainment room.

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Deluxe Suite – In this suite there are two bedrooms with either a king-sized bed or twin beds. You can talk to the hotel receptionist and indicate the kind of bed would you want in the two bedrooms. A sitting area where you can lounge all day with a plush and comfortable sofa with a 42-inch flat-screen LED TV. A private bathroom and a shared family bathroom are also available with a shower and bathtub available.

Penthouse – Feel more at home when you check in at the hotel’s penthouse. Packed with two bedrooms, a dining room, a shared TV room, entertainment, utensils, a Microwave, and a shared kitchen – the perfect makings of a home. Other than that, the penthouse offers the best view through the glass windows.

Other Amenities that every room has:

  • Hairdryer
  • Shower and bath
  • Guest Laundry Facility
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Power/Electronic Connection
  • Wireless or Wired Internet Connections
  • Refrigerator-bar size
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Daily newspaper

And a whole lot more when you check their website and browse through the room’s section.

The hotel can also host events like birthdays, weddings, and even conferences. Check out their website to book your reservations immediately!

Other amenities are available upon request

  •    Dry cleaning/laundry service
  •    Local Newspaper/s
  •    Wheelchair Access
  •    Airport shuttle
  •    Baby crib

And a whole lot more which you can find on their website.


A single luxurious haven with lots to offer, this is what the Concord Hotel is all about. As a guest or even someone living within the area, there are facilities which you can avail anytime!

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SWEAT OUT AT THE HEALTH CLUB. For fitness advocates who like to keep in shape, the Concord Hotel offers its Fitness Center/Health Club where you can power up your cardio through state of the art equipment like treadmills and weights to pump your muscles! After this, a separate sauna and steam facilities are available for both men and women.

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A LEISURE DIP AT THE OASIS POOL. A heated swimming pool is on the 7th floor of the building where you could enjoy the view of the Nairobi and the Karura Forest. Have a sip on your drinks and swim the day away. Open from 6 a.m. to 18:00.

RELAX AT THE SPA. Have their masseuse give you a world-class massage when you drop by their spa. Steam off stress and have your body pain relieved – rejuvenate within the spa’s relaxing environment. The spa’s manager was nice enough to give us 30 mins. Complimentary massage.

SUPERB TECHNOLOGY AND 24/7 SECURITY. Using upgraded technology, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, fibre optic internet, push button alarm, intercom, and more – the Concord Hotel equipped its establishment with the top equipment to ensure overall protection/security to the guests within the building.

There is ample parking for 80 cars.

Airport shuttle is available simply approach the concierge.


Food is life. Food is the second most necessary object that humans need to take into their body. Checking in the Concord Hotel and Suites, you won’t need to go out often as the food is around the corner.

Our breakfast was a buffet, and it served traditional Kenyan food like the Chapati, Curry; English like sausages, grilled tomatoes, beans; and Continental like Cheese and salad.

There are other food places nearby that serve varieties of delicacies that will surely leave you satisfied after every meal:

Bonhomie.  Derived from the French term “Bonhomme” which means good fellow. This restaurant serves fine beverages like wine and continental gourmet dishes to keep you full and satisfied. This restaurant is open 24 hours daily. So, if you want to impress a date after getting off work late, bring her here. Chances are, you’ll get a girlfriend after the date, probably!

Umami Restaurant. This restaurant was a tad pricey. But if you want to have a taste of oriental Chinese, Korean, or Japanese food, this restaurant features a wide array of Asian dishes. From salty, spicy, sweet, sour, and bitter – grab a meal for lunch time (12nn-15:00) and dinner (18:00-midnight).

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Curry Flavors. Feel like royalty when you eat meals fit for a king! This restaurant represents authentic Indian cuisine that people are looking for. Have a taste of the best tasting curry flavors through this restaurant at the Concord Hotel and Suites. Open during lunch time (12nn-15:00) and dinner (18:00-midnight)

Pied Piper Restaurant and Sheesha Lounge. Open from 13:00 to midnight. If you want to steam off and hang out, then lounge at the Pied Piper Restaurant and Sheesha Lounge. Hookah or Sheesha, a wide array of flavors, await you to try out. Other than that, you can socialize with strangers or fellow hotel guests in the lounge.

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Aroma Mocha Coffee Shop. If you’re a person with a sweet tooth, then this coffee shop is a must for you to come. Serving the best pastries and beverages from the Bonhomie, chill in the outdoors with your partner or with friends at any time of the day. Open 24 hours daily!

Some of the restaurants may be quite pricey for other hotel guests on a travel budget. I suggest that you ride an Uber to the shopping center (you pay around 5-10 USD) and grab a meal over there instead. My friend and I did the same, and we only spent about 5-10 US Dollars as well.


Being at the center of the busy Parklands, you are also a short drive or a walking distance from must-visit places within Nairobi!

Photo by Ninara CC BY 2.0

Karura Forest (Limuru Road Entrance). This is the largest of the three main Gazette forests in Nairobi. Monkeys, bush pig, porcupine, and other protected forest animals are also within the forest. Other features which you will also find in the forest is the waterfall that turns orange during the rainy season, the bamboo forest, marshland, Mau Mau caves, and an old church.

Diamond Plaza. Right in the heart of Nairobi, this shopping mall is a walking distance from the Concord Hotel and Suites. Go on a shopping spree or window shopping in this large shopping center! 

Photo by Francisco Anzola CC BY 2.0

National Museum and Snake Park. Check out the various species of snakes which you are yet to discover. This National Museum and Snake Park will let you witness the life of these slithers and even other animals being exhibited at the park.

Other Destinations you might want to check:

  •    Kazuri Beads Factory (1.4 km)
  •    Westgate Shopping Mall (1.4 km)
  •    The Sarit Centre (1.6 km)
  •    Kumbu Kumbu Art Gallery (1.8 km)
  •    Village Market (2.9 km)
  •    Nairobi Arboretum (3 km)
  •    Jamia Mosque (3.3 km)
  •    Central Park (3.4 km)
  •    Kenya National Archives (3.6 km)
  •    Nairobi Gallery (3.6 km)
  •    August 7th Memorial Park (4.1 km)
  •    Railway Museum (4.4 km)
  •    Shifteye Gallery (5.1 km)
  •    Yaya Centre (5.2 km)
  •    Junction Mall Nairobi (7.6 km)
  •    Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park (8.4 km)
  •    Bomas of Kenya (10.5 km)

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About The Concord Hotel

1. How much does accommodation cost at The Concord Hotel Nairobi?

US$100  Check the latest rates through the hotel’s website or online booking websites like Expedia, Tripadvisor, Hotelscombined, Agoda, Hotels.com & Booking.com.

2. What is the check-in time and check-out time?

Check-in time is 2 PM, check-out time is 12:00 noon

3. Are children allowed?

Of course! Why would you ask about that?

4. Can you smoke here?

Yes. They have the upper floor rooms which are smoking rooms as well as their Sheesha Lounge

5. Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, no. Pets are strictly not allowed inside the hotel.

6. What amenities do they have?

Check the amenities portion of this article

7. Are there available promos to save money?

Of course! Check the hotel’s website.

8. What are the closest landmarks to The Concord Hotel Nairobi?

The hotel is only a 10-15-minute drive away from The City Park Estate and the Sigiria – Karura Forest

9. Are popular attractions nearby?

Listed above!

10. What is the nearest airport?

The nearest airport would be the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, about an hour drive. Flights usually fly to African cities, but they also fly to Guangzhou, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, etc.

Note: I stayed as a guest in The Concord Hotel and Suites. However, all opinions are based on my personal experience.

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