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How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visa through the Interview Waiver Program

Is your B1/B2 US visa subject for renewal? Good news! You don’t need to go to the US Embassy to have an interview; instead, they have a program that will allow you to send your documents and receive a visa through 2GO. Learn how to renew your B1/B2 USA Visa through the Interview Waiver Program in this article.

USA Embassy Philippines Interview Waiver ProgramA Non-immigrant visa that is under the Interview Waiver Program is the B1/B2 US Visa. Business or tourism is the usual purpose of a B1/B2 Visa. Please note that this article is for “renewal” of those visas only; for new applicants then you will have to schedule an interview.

Eligible for the Interview Waiver Program

USA Visa Yvette

You must be able to answer “yes” to all of the criteria below. If you answer “no” to one, then you may need an interview.

  • Have a previous B1/B2 visa, and you wish to renew it
  • B1/B2 visa was issued after July 1, 2007
  • Your old visa was valid for a minimum of 5 years
  • It expired within the last 12 months or is still valid
  • You are Filipino
  • No “Clearance Received” or “Travel with Employer” on your old visa
  • You still have your passport with the B1/B2 visa
  • The details on your old visa doesn’t need to be changed or corrected (e.g., name, gender, birthdate)
  • Your visa was issued on or after your 14th birthday
  • The last time you applied for a B1/B2 visa, you got approved

Requirements for Renewal of B1/B2 Visa

  • Current Valid Passport
  • DS – 160 Application Form
  • Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter
  • Old passport with previous B1/B2 Visa
  • 2 pcs of 2×2 Colored Photo with white background, taken within the last 6 months
  • Visa Fee – USD 160 in its peso equivalent

Step-by-Step Guide in Getting your B1/B2 Visa

STEP 1: Pay your visa application fee.

Through RCBC Bank:

Go to this link for instructions on how to pay as well as the Peso Equivalent of your payment. Print this slip. Please take note of the expiration date as you will have to reprint in case you pay beyond the date.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

Proceed to the nearest RCBC Bank and pay the visa application fee. Don’t forget to get your copy as there is a receipt number there.

Through Online via PesoNet:

Click this link for instructions. Note that your reference number will be used in your application as well as added in the Account number.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

STEP 2: Complete your DS-160 Form or the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application form. You can read the instructions here. Make sure your DS-160 Confirmation number is ready.

DS-160 Form

STEP 3: Create an account in the Registration Website.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

You will need to have your DS-160 Confirmation Number as well as your payment reference number. Answer the details asked.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

On STEP 7, you will be checked if you are eligible for the Interview Waiver Program.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

Enter the address where your passport will be delivered.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

Enter your receipt number.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

If all are accepted, then you can print your Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter.

STEP 4: Prepare all documents needed for delivery. You can also include a copy of your receipt. Place them in a plastic envelope, so it’s safer.

STEP 5: Proceed to the nearest 2GO Branch. You can refer here to know the outlets or branches in your area. Avail the interview Waiver Service at 2GO; they will send it to the US Embassy on your behalf.

STEP 6: Wait for your passport with your visa, if approved, to be delivered back to the address you entered. Congratulations! You know have a renewed B1/B2 US Visa!

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Nik Shuliahin

FAQs on Renewal of B1/B2 US Visa

1. How much is the Visa Fee?

The Visa Fee is USD 160, but you will pay in its peso equivalent. Please read this link to know more about the current exchange rate as well as the instructions.

2. Is the Visa Fee refundable?

No, once you have paid it, it is non-refundable.

3. I can’t go outside, can I pay online?

Yes, you can. However, this service is limited to several banks. You can check the link above if your bank is included as well as read the instructions?

4. Who are eligible for the interview waiver program?

Those who have a B1/B2 Visa and said “yes” to all that is stated above are eligible.

5. What if I answered “no” on a question above? (E.g. I lost my old passport with my B1/B2 Visa)

Then, you are not eligible for the interview waiver program. You will need to schedule an interview to have your visa renewed.

6. Will I be granted a visa automatically?

No, this program does not guarantee you a visa. There might be cases where you need to be interviewed.

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Ameer Basheer

Well, that’s the Interview Waiver Program for Renewal of B1/B2 USA Visas! It’s a very convenient program as you are able to skip that nerve-wracking interview and only go out when you are about to deliver your documents. For other visas, you can follow our blog and the US Embassy’s page for the latest updates. Keep safe!

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68 thoughts on “How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visa through the Interview Waiver Program

  1. Hi, Just asking for a friend. If the husband and wife are renewing their visas through the Interview Waiver program, can they mail their docs in one package since they only got one interview waiver confirmation letter or do they have to be mailed separately?
    Thanks for any input!

  2. thank you so much, very helpful 😀
    if you have trouble getting to step 7 like me, make sure you select B1/B2 visa type, not just B1 or B2 (-_-)’ so that the interview waiver questions would appear

  3. How long does it usually takes to get interview waiver confirmation letter? Will need this before sending the docs to the embassy, Is that correct?

  4. Hello. Hope you dont mind replying to my inquiry. Applied Mar 18 this year for B1/B2 visa renewal. Answered YES to all questions. I got a visa interview appointment for next year instead. I didnt received any interview waiver letter, am actually waiting for it so I can send my documents thru LBC. Need your guidance, how long do they send the interview waiver? Where can I get it?

  5. Hi. What are the documents that they will ask once you get comfirmation for interview waiver? Is it the same as the documents needed for a regular renewal of visa? Like bank statements and such? thank you

    1. check under – Requirements for Renewal of B1/B2 Visa
      no need for other requirements.

  6. Hi, is name change due to marriage now considered eligible for interview waiver as long as documentary proof is provided?

  7. Thank you so much for the informative post! I’m just confused on the Registration website “Enter your name as it appears in your passport (enter your first and middle names…” There is no space to put your middle name? do I leave it out?

  8. This blog was really informative… including the comments section.

    I’d like to share my experience in case might he helpful for others.

    I followed the step by step guide here in this blog… all went well just want to point out 2 things from the comment section that I found was helpful

    1 comment below mentioned that you needed to bring photocopy of your passport when paying in RCBC bank. In my case, The teller at the bank didn’t ask for a copy but I came prepared. So I’m glad somebody mentioned that here at least I was prepared. (I paid my visa fee at RCBC branch in Sta Lucia mall— old bldg)

    Another comment below mentioned that she had issue with the payment section of the application. She was getting the error “no valid record can be found”. She also mentioned that her account got suspended for 72 hours (I assume too many attempts?). After reading this I was careful of how many times to try to validate the payment. It says on the payment slip that if you pay before 1 pm, your payment will be available after 4 hours. I tried to validate my payment after 4 hours and got an error. I tried again after additional 4 hours, still error. I was anxious and worried the bank made a mistake with entering the receipt number. It was not a nice feeling. Next day 7am tried again, still error. I decided to go back to the bank and asked if it’s possible to see on their end if the payment went through. They said they can’t check but said to wait atleast 24hours since some bank takes longer to update the system. I waited until around 4pm (next day. More than 24 hours after I paid) and it finally went through. LESSON of the story: Patience is the key. ?

    Finally, last tip I can share is to try to check/call/contact 2go branches first before visiting them as some branches DO NOT accept documents for mailing. Only challenge with this, is the numbers for the branches on their website are not accurate. Most numbers I tried to call was just ringing. I was only able to call 1 branch in marikina and they said they don’t accept docs. Suggested to try SM marikina. So yes, they do accept docs in SM marikina.

    I sent my docs last Wednesday (Aug 4). Got my passport with visa on Aug 10. I was lucky with the timing I guess. I was expecting for atleast 2-4 weeks wait due to the lockdown. But I got it in less than a week.

    I hope this was helpful. Thank you for the author of this blog and also people who shared their experiences.

    1. Hi, Cris! US embassy received my passport on 13 Aug (Friday) and just today 16 Aug (Monday) the status on my dashboard said “Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery.” I wonder if your status was the same? Not sure how to take this, if this is good news or not lol, as I wasnt expecting for fast results.

    2. Thank you Cris. I am from Marikina and i will follow your suggestions. Pay at Sta Lucia, wait for 28 hours to be sure 🙂 send docs at 2go sm marikina. what size of paper did you use to print confirmation code, etc (short bond paper or A4?). Which part is tricky to fill up? The waiver form and profile after payment looks confusing..

  9. Hi All,
    What required supporting documents need to be submitted for the dropbox renewal? Do we need to submit a travel itinerary, bank certs, COE, etc? Or is it just the DS160 form, old and new passports, and Interview waiver letter? Appreciate your help. Thanks!

  10. Hi

    Recently finished filling out the DS 160 form and paid successfully. Also registered on their https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/.

    However there are no more questions regarding if you are renewing so you could get the visa interview waiver letter.

    Has anyone experienced not getting an option for the interview waiver because there was not questions asked if you are renewing or not?

      1. I also experienced the same thing. After the receipt number, it went already to the date of appointment.

        How to apply for the interview waiver??

    1. Hi. Did you get to Step 7? How did you do it? I also encountered same problem. After Step 6, payment and Step 8 appeared. I already told US embassy about it but they merely stated the step. I hope someone who experienced this can help me. Thanks.

  11. Hi, I am qualified for the interview waiver for renewal of my B1/B2 US visa. I have accomplished the DS-160 and paid my MVR. However, as I logged in to the ustraveldocs site , I filled up my Receipt Number I paid at RCBC Visayas Ave. Branch but it says:… NO VALID RECORD CAN BE FOUND FOR THE ENTERED RECEIPT. PLEASE VALIDATE YOUR Receipt. I have validated my receipt with the bank copy and it is correct. What is the error on this. After another attempt to review the details entered I got these :
    -your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.
    -User could not be created. Please ensure first name and last name are entered as they are in your passport and after another day I tried logging in and an error appear;
    -I am locked for at least 72 hours as the admin suspect suspicious miltiple log ins on my account.

    I hope I get a number to call for further inquiry.


    1. Hi may ann,any luck with you payment issue? I’m having the same issue. I paid this morning at RCBC around 10:30 am. Tried to complete my application process around 2:30 but got an error. Tried again around 3:30 and still the same. I tried phone (safari) and laptop (chrome) and no luck. 🙁

  12. I tried Step 1 in How to Pay Online and it’s asking for my DS-160 confirmation number.. but I’m not in that step yet since I am paying first. I’m not sure what to enter there already, or should I just proceed to step 2

      1. Hi Lyza,
        What are the supporting documents needed to be submitted along with the renewal application? Do we need to submit, bank certs, travel itinerary, COE, etc? Appreciate your help. Thanks!

  13. hi guys.

    thank you for this info. very helpful indeed !!!

    im just wondering where you got the criteria to be eligible to the interview waiver, as i cant find it on the us embassy website, and how set in stone are these requirements? im particularly curious with the last one, which is about one’s visa application prior to the current, because my application was actually denied before i was granted a 10 year multiple visa. my visa is expiring on september. i visited the US once over the last 10 years.

    looking forward to your inputs. thank you very much.

  14. can i ask what if ung step 7 di sya nag appear para makapag answer sa qualifications for interview waiver. pano po ang gagawin.

  15. Hi. Is the US embassy accepting visa renewal now? I am qualified with the interview waiver program.

      1. Hi Lyza. Thanks for the quick response. I thought they are not accepting renewals. So baka yung may face to face interview lang ang suspended for now no?

        1. That is why it’s called interview-waiver program po, kasi wala ng interview as long as you are qualified for the renewal. For now, only selected pa yung may interview and it’s limited. Available appointments are on 2022 pa.

  16. TIP: When paying at RCBC, bring a photocopy of your passport. They will not accept payments without the passport photocopy! It’s a hassle because this is not mentioned anywhere in the visa application instructions.

  17. Hi. My question is step 3- create an account in the registration

    New User- after I fill in the email, name , password and encode the captcha letters to create an account it says—-

    -your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.
    -User could not be created. Please ensure first name and last name are entered as they are in your passport

    What does this mean? I entered the first and last name as they are in my passport. I cannot create an account and continue the process to get my waiver interview letter.

    Appreciate if you could help me on this and be enlightened. Thank you

      1. hello Camilla and Kaye!
        try forget password and it will send you a new password
        then use the Log In and use the password sent via email

        then just fill out the necessary details on your account

  18. Hi,

    I have a question. Can you create/generate a new Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter using the same MRVs and DS-160 application number?



  19. Hi! I have payed the MRV fee. It was said in the instructions that after payment, I will receive an email for the next instructions after payment has been made. However, I received an email saying that my B1/B2 Voucher has expired. I can continue with the application by sending a payment confirmation along with the receipt number and pin. Now that is my concern, I don’t know what the PIN is.

  20. hi. my current status now is administrative processing. is it normal for renewal thru dropbox? im now concerned. 🙁

  21. hi. what is the turn around time from cash payment til i can input it to the interview waiver confirmation. i encountered error message stating that “no valid record can be found for the entered receipt number” even if i already made an over the counter payment. tried several times then my account was locked for 72 hours. 🙁

    1. it will depend on how you paid as well as what time – it will take between 4 hours to 24 hours or one day after 1:30 pm
      just wait for it to unlock since you were probably locked out due to reaching the maximum number of logins for a day

      1. I am encountering the same situation. It’s been 21 hours since I paid on behalf of my mother.

        1. check po the details or the RCBC account or wait lang po for tomorrow. If may problems pa, you can contact the US Embassy po.

  22. Hi! I just received my visa 5 days after I sent my docs via 2go. I paid 450 to the delivery guy who brought my renewed visa. do we really have to pay again? I don’t remember paying before. And does it really take only 5 days to process renewal? I thought it would take longer so was surprised when it came back just 5 days later. Thanks.

    1. hi! were you able to check the status of your application in the website? did you encounter “administrative processing”?

  23. Hi,
    I already have my DS 160 printed and submitted and successfully registered on a site as instructed, and waiting until now for the waiver confirmation letter. Would want to know if I miss on something. .. there are no other instructions/steps to do to avail of the waiver. Appreciate your help on this. Hoping too that you are doing well and good. Thank you

    1. Hi! How long did it take before you received the waiver confirmation? I have the same question as you. I’m already done with payment and DS-160. Will the letter show up in the Dashboard? Thanks!

    1. Hello! US Embassy received my visa 14Dec. However, document delivery information in the dashboard is still blank. Is it normal? Should I just wait for my passport via courier?

      1. Hi Kitte, how long did it take before you got your passport back? I dropped my documents at 2GO last Dec 26, and the tracking update of 2GO indicated that the documents have been delivered to the US embassy on Dec 29. It’s now Jan 17 and I haven’t heard of an update yet from the embassy. The Document Delivery Information is still blank. Thanks.

  24. Hi!

    Hoping you can help me with my concern.
    I am actually eligible with the Interview Waiver Program (already filled out the DS-160 and got the Waiver Letter), the problem is I’m not sure if there are any 2GO office open since Cebu is in ECQ, been trying to call also customer service but no avail. So will that affect my application? Is it possible to just send my documents once ECQ here is lifted? or does it need to be sent asap? since I’m done with the online and just left with sending the documents to US Embassy. I’m also worried cause if I don’t do it soon it’s gonna be more than 12 months since my visa expired.

    Also I heard the appointments are cancelled, so can I still send my documents even though US Embassy in Manila are not accepting appointments now?

    Thank you for your help and glad I found your website it is very helpful!

  25. Greetings!

    Good day, we are applying for the US Visa Interview Waiver Program (aka Drop Box Program) and we fulfill all the requirements and qualifications for this. Completing all the necessary requirements here, I can’t find the Dropbox Confirmation Letter box. I would like to ask for your help regarding this matter.

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