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Take Off in Style: Simple Flight Booking & Entertainment

By Kach Umandap July 7th, 2024 Posted in Travel Blog No comments

Have you booked your holiday? If not, then what are you waiting for, there are so many flights that can make your vacation even more interesting. Have you ever thought about how? Those who have already gone on the flight might be aware of it. For those who are traveling for the time then here are some of the best things that you can enjoy while you are on it. Explore them before you go for flight booking.

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There are various things that you can get on the flight while you are sitting there. That means there is no chance to get bored. When I was traveling, I booked my flight with Emirates and was so shocked to experience wonderful entertainment services. They have so many things to offer so that we can have a comfortable journey. Not only this, the food on the flight is so delicious that can give you a great experience.

This means that if you haven’t decided on which flight you are flying then you can choose Emirates. This will help you to have a memorable experience for the first time. So, this guide involves all the amazing facilities that you can experience before you go for flight booking.

Just scroll and explore what are those things that you can enjoy on the flight. So, get ready to book the tickets!

What to Expect In-Flight Booking

When you are traveling in a flight the most important thing that you need to take care of is comfort. You can get that comfort but it varies from airline to airline. There you need to choose the perfect travel package so that you can get the best experience. Making the right decision can help you to have a wonderful journey.

Small Things Matter

When we travel, every small thing motivates our journey so that we can plan again soon. Since there are so many places to explore in the world.

If you are getting a luxury spa or a display on national aviation, retail carriers are providing grounds for individuals to travel soon. Some of the details might appear at the top of the list, and these are the big ones that matter a lot when traveling.

So, if you are curious to know about what things are there that you can get on the flight then here are some of them. I am sure that you will be able to enjoy your holiday and desire to sit on the flight.

Personal Televisions

When you are booking seats on long-haul flights, then some flights can give you the experience of personal TV. These are placed on the back of the seat or just tucked in the armrest. But this is for those who are going through the first class or in the front row.

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Also, the television allows you to play games. If you want you can even carry your games as well so that you can play them on it.

This is great for all those who are fond of playing games. This can help them to engage in an interesting activity. So, this is one of the most amazing things that can be enjoyed by all the people who are sitting on the flight and like to play games.

The Wi-Fi

When you are traveling in a plane there are so many things to get. But we all crave one of the most vital things and that is WIFI. So, to bring out your excitement you can get different plans for the in-flight internet. But there may be some charges that you need to pay to have access.

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Traveling from Emirates demands you to spend online so that you can have internet. If you want the same then you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to link on the On-air Wi‑Fi network only when flight takeoff
  • Then for the next step, you need to log in with the option Emirates Skywards member
  • Choose your Wi‑Fi plan
  • Pay Online

Open and Closed Suite Seats

Do you like to travel on a flight in style? If yes then you just need to book the seats according to your preference. This allows you to travel in your style where you can get wide seats that can be transformed into twin-sized beds as well. These types of seats are located in the first-class cabin. Also, they are very comfortable to travel, especially when you are having an air journey.

This is something that can make the holiday even more comfortable on the flight. Once the flight takes off you can just sit and have a glass of soft drink or champagne. Also, you can change the seats to a mattress so that you can have a peaceful sleep. This will give you a wonderful experience when traveling on the flight.

The Airline Meal

When we are voyaging on a plane we choose ease. But at the same time, we also want the meals given on the flight to be scrumptious. The food meal that is prepared by the catering of the airline is a 3-course meal that is given to the passengers who are going on the commercial flight. 

There are different types of dishes and they vary in quantity. You can pick the meal that you like to have from drinks to simple snacks. You can even get the option of gourmet food only if you are traveling in first class.

Some of the amazing dishes that you can explore when you are going on the flight are:

  • Meat (either chicken or beef)
  • Pasta or fish
  • A bread roll along with a small salad bowl
  • A sweet dish.

If you are a person who is following a diet then you need to tell them in advance so that they prepare it. When you are going for the bookings, the sites ask for your food recommendations. Some flights even offer children’s meals. It contains:

  • Mini hamburgers
  • Baked beans
  • Hot dogs. 

Traveling from Emirates can give you a wonderful experience on the flight. You can select the dinners from the multicourse menu. The culinarians organize the meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients and they taste great. I am sure that you will like the taste of the food when you are on the flight.How to Change Flights or Get Refunds on Emirates


These are some of the amazing things that you can enjoy while you are on the flight. Your flight experience can be wonderful if you have so many things to explore. Don’t you think when you have things where you can engage yourself you will be able to sit in the long-haul flights?

So, what are you waiting for? You can go for a flight booking now from Emirates and enjoy the inflight facilities. 


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Written by Kach Umandap

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