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DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 20th, 2022 Posted in DIY Travel, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 6 Comments

Siquijor is a small town where simplicity is at its best. Here’s the Best Islands in Siquijor.

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by mabi2000CC BY-SA 2.0

The first time I was in Siquijor, it was just an overnight trip and I swore that I will go back. When my friend asked me to go with her someplace where she can do ‘alone time’, I quickly suggested Siquijor and to spend at least 2 nights (but honestly, 2 nights are still not enough) to fully enjoy the place.


DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Christian Manalo CC BY 2.0
Accommodation ranges from as low as 500 pesos per night and as high as 5000 pesos per night. Discounted rooms are available during off peak season. For food, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from or you can buy from the market and have your resort cook for you (with a charge). Going around the island is also easy. You have the options of renting a motorbike or hiring a tricycle/car with driver. Activities include caving, going to the beaches, snorkeling,  “dive boarding”, or simply enjoying a  road trip around the island.
Our tour guide, Kuya Allan, helped my friend and me made our trip memorable and worthwhile. He had a lot of patience with us, never worried about the time, brought us to the beach that isn’t often visited by other tourists, and even suggested a road trip around the island when we got nothing else to do.
It isn’t actually a ‘party’ place, so it is a perfect place if one wants to do alone time. I’m actually dreading the day it will be flocked by rowdy tourists. Related Article: Family Friendly Destinations in the Philippines

Trip Highlights:  


Cambugahay Falls

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Storm Crypt


Cantabon Cave

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Mentat Kibernes CC BY-NC 2.0

Salagdoong Beach

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Roxanne Tamayo CC BY-NC 2.0


Kagusuan Beach

diy travel guide to siquijor

Other Highlights: Lazi Convent, St Francis of Assisi Church, Guiwanon Spring Park, Balete Tree and Fish Spa


Siliman University

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Storm CryptCC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Other Highlights: Fruit Market and Sansrival Cafe

Travel Tips:


DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Andrey Samsonov CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Tricycle system in Dumaguete is like the “jeep” system in Metro Manila. They can stop anytime to pick up passengers. One tricycle is good for 4 pax.

Siliman University

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Reuel Mark Delez CC BY 2.0

You can walk from Dumaguete Pier to Siliman University, takes around 10 minutes. Not sure if it is open to the public. We were there on a Saturday and we begged the lady guard to let us enter for picture taking. She allowed us but we need to leave our I.D with her.

Fruit Market

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Gustavo Devito CC BY 2.0

Avocados are 25 per kilo. Small Fuji apple is 12pesos. Yellow mango per kilo is 40 pesos. If you want to go here, just tell the tricycle driver “Fruit Market”

Sansrival Cafe

DIY Travel Guide to Siquijor, Philippines
Photo by Paolo Paraiso CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

“small serving” (compared to other restaurants in the city) for the food from their café


June is the start of the off-season. So you can ask for discounts for the room prices (which we did) and even from the tour. For the food in Siquijor, you can buy from the market and let your resort cook it for you. Cooking fee is around 50pesos per dish. For restaurants, prices usually range from 150 and up for a rice topping but the serving is big for its price.

Ways to Go Around Siquijor:

– Rent a motorbike – price range is 250-400 pesos for the whole day.

– Rent a motorbike with driver – price range is 500-800 pesos per day.

Rent a car – 3,500 pesos as of February 2015 for both mountain and island tour. This mode of transportation is in a form of jeep or multi- cab, usually it fits 8-10 Pax.

– Rent a tricycle with driver – price range is 1800-2000 pesos for both mountain and island tour

For Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor:

Things to bring:  The usual beach items like dry bag, sand-proof mat (not sure what the proper term for this), medicines, sanitary napkin (to hide your money!), “waterproof” neck pouch where you can put your cellphone, toilet paper (just in case you need to go to the toilet), sunblock, snorkel, ponytail holder, underwater camera, rash guard

Not sure if your stuff will get stolen here. What my friend and I did was we took turns guarding our things while the other went to swim.

Tips: You can bring your own food. They have cottages for rent.

Remember: There is a group of people doing videoki. So it might be an issue to those who just want to have peace and silence by the beach.

Water on the beach is VERY clear (we were there from 11am-12noon) and we saw a lot of fish

For the cliff diving (it’s actually “board” diving), don’t be scared since there are a lot of locals there who will help and encourage you to jump. You can even tell them to jump in the water and wait for you so they can save you just in case you drown.

There is also a water slide, but it isn’t always open.

For Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor:

Our tour guide mentioned that this place is prone to theft that’s why a lot of tour guides don’t bring their guests here anymore. However, he said that as long as someone is guarding your things, there will be no problem.

For Cantabon Cave:

The road going there can be chilly since it is in the mountains. Bring something to cover yourself if you easily get cold.

You can go there even it is already a bit late. We arrived there around 6pm and was still allowed to go to the cave.

They have available lockers. But it is better you wear a “waterproof neck pouch” and put your valuables in it.

If you worry what kind of footwear to wear, it actually depends on the person. I wore trekking sandals to be safe. My friend wore a pair of girly Havainas, and she had no problem in the cave. Do some warm ups beforehand just in case you are prone to injuries.

For Balete Tree and Fish Spa

The “fish spa” is a similar one in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

For Cambugahay Falls

Things to bring: dry bag, medicines, sanitary napkin (to hide your money!), “waterproof” neck pouch where you can put your cellphone, toilet paper (just in case you need to go to the toilet), sunblock, snorkel, ponytail holder, underwater camera (they have fish in the water!!!), rash guard

There are “3 sections” on this waterfall. First one is the one with the “Tarzan” swing. 2nd section is where the water isn’t too deep. You can actually reach the waterfall itself. 3rd section is where you have to walk a bit farther. Be careful on the 3rd section, water is deeper and there are more rocks in the water. If you want to reach the waterfall here, make sure you can swim or at least wear a life vest.

Buying Ferry Ticket to Siquijor (From Dumaguete Pier):

I can’t remember all the available schedules. But I do remember there are a 10am ferry and an 11am ferry. We were there on a Saturday, and the 10am tickets were already sold out when we arrived there at 9:00am. 11:00am ticket was from Online Shipping. Ocean Jet has 1250pm departure time everyday, 210pesos for tourist class.

Buying Ferry Ticket to Dumaguete (From Siquijor Pier):

It is better if your tour guide can buy your ferry ticket early in the morning of your departure day from Siquijor. Some ferry companies don’t have “advance booking” system. GL and Online don’t. In our case, our tour guide was kind enough to offer to buy the tickets (and even the terminal fee!) for us beforehand so we don’t have to worry. There was 9am, 10am and 11am departure time available on a Monday. Ocean Jet has 1:50pm departure time everyday, 210pesos for tourist class.

Cheap Accommodation in Siquijor? Check out Agoda.

Daily Budget:

 DIY travel guide to siquijor

DIY travel guide to siquijor

DIY travel guide to siquijor

Itinerary Details:

Day 1  June 6 (Saturday)

07:00 – departure from NAIA Airport at Manila

8:30am – arrival in Dumaguete Sibulan Airport; went straight to Dumaguete Pier

9:00am – arrival @ Duamguete Pier; bought an 11am ferry to Siquijor (there was a 9am and 10am ferry but they were sold out) We took the Orline Shipping and decided to explore Dumaguete during the waiting time.

9:05am – walked from Dumaguete Pier to Siliman University; explored inside the university

10:20am – walked back to Pier, boarded the ferry

11:00am – departure from Dumaguete Pier

1:00 pm – arrival in Siquijor, went straight to Danish Lagoon Resort for check in then to Chekesh for lunch

14:30 – departed Chekesh for Old Balete Tree. Then went to Cambugahay Falls

17:00 – departed Cambugahay falls to go to Cantabon Cave

18:00 – arrived in barangay hall in charge of the Cantabon Cave.

18:30 – start exploring the cave

20:20 – exited the cave; went to eat dinner at Dagsa and back to Danish Lagoon Resort


Day 2   June 7 (Sunday)

07:00 – breakfast at Danish Lagoon Resort

08:30 – left Danish Lagoon resort for Kalusuan Beach

10:50 – left Kalusuan Beach for Salagdoong Beach. Then we hang out at Salagdoong Beach and ate snack there

15:00 – left Salagdoong Beach. Our tour guide offered to do a “road trip” around the north part of Siquijor (form Maria town to San Juan). After that, we head back to Danish Lagoon Resort.

17:00 – back at the Danish Lagoon Resort to rest

18:30 – dinner at Danish Lagoon Resort


Day 3   June 8 (Monday)

07:30 – breakfast at Danish Lagoon Resort

9:00 – departed Danish Lagoon Resort

09:30 –arrived at Siquijor pier

10:00 – departed Siquijor pier

11:20 – arrival in Dumaguete Pier; lunch @ Neva Brick Oven

12:15 – done with lunch; went to Sansrival Café to buy pasalubong; then went to the fruit market to buy avocados

13:20 – went straight to Dumaguete Sibulan airport because the weather was too hot and we didn’t want to spend any more money

17:00 – Boarding time (delayed by half an hour)

17:55 – departure from Sibulan airport back to Manila.

About the Contributor:

diy travel guide to siquijorMary Grace Que, I’m a 30-year old girl who grew up in a culture where travelling is something to be done during holidays only. But I’m a rebel. Early this year, I started to fall in love with Philippine beaches and waterfalls. I made it my goal to see as many as possible while I still can. I’m bad with photography, so I just usually enjoy my surroundings instead of taking photos.


Name of the Country: Philippines

Date/s of your Travel: June 6-8, 2015

City / Places Visited and Number of Days: (Please note the number of days you spent in each places if you are travelling in consecutive days and going to different places in your itinerary.)

    • Dumaguete (June 6 for 2 hours ½ hours only as a jump off point; 8:30 (June 8 for almost 4 hours; 11:20am to 4:20pm)
    • Siquijor (June 6-8 for almost 2 days)


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  1. hi! me and my co-workers are planning to go to dumaguete and siquijor, I just want to know how much approx. budget we should bring?

  2. Great post. You are actually good in taking pictures. I love the pictures you have taken and they all look wonderful. Thank you for providing such a very specific list of your budget and how much you have spent for this vacation. Just to share though, there is an online shop where you can now rent motorbike/scooter in Siquijor Island and Dumaguete. Motorbike/Scooter in Siquijor costs 350 pesos, while in Dumaguete, it costs 500 pesos. So you can book ahead and not worry of renting one.

    1. Hello po,,I’m Allan the accredited Tourist Driver in Coco Grove Beach Resort, ako PO yung unang nag guide ni ma’am Grace dito sa Siquijor Island, hehe.. this is my contact no.09166419570 thank you poh..

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