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DIY Travel Guide Series: Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 2nd, 2022 Posted in DIY Travel, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 19 Comments

Burot Beach is a relatively calm and peaceful place. It’s remote and entirely undeveloped with hardly any amenities save a few outhouses constructed from bamboo.How about a Camping in Burot Beach?

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Batangas.

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Photo by Carlo GarciaCC BY-NC-ND 2.0


I believe that’s all part of Burot’s rugged charm, which I confess I immediately fell in love with.

Since the beach is generally for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, unwind and recharge, there are plenty of ways to do that here and most of them for free!

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DIY Travel Guide Series Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas
Photo by Tralphe XYCC BY-NC-ND 2.0


    1. Nap on the beach. Just make sure to put on sunblock or sit in the shade!2
    2. Play Frisbee, volleyball, or other beach sports.
    3. Grill burgers or hotdogs (you’ll have to bring your own grill and charcoal for this one, though the locals can maybe assist you with lighting it).
    4. Swim! The current is virtually non-existent so it’s safe to go far out into the water. But be sure to tell your companions where you’ll be going, and be careful!
    5. Explore the nearby rock formations.
    6. Watch the sunset! Calatagan faces the west, so the sunset views are extraordinary. Take lots of photos. The views are Facebook cover photo worthy, I promise.
    7. Boatmen also offer to take you out to a sandbar for PHP 130 per head.
    8. Build a bonfire! The locals sell bundles of firewood at PHP 200 a pop.
    9. There’s nothing quite like looking up at the night sky to make you realize how small and insignificant you really are, and how grateful you should be for your life and all your blessings.
    10. For the over-eighteens – sitting around a bonfire is the perfect time to break out a beer or two. (Or three…)
    11. If it’s not too cold, spread out a blanket on the sand and go to sleep right on the beach instead of in your tent!

Travel Tips/ Things to Remember

  1. Burot Beach is pretty isolated. The nearest place you can buy – well, anything – is the Calatagan town proper, which is a bit of a drive from the beach. So buy everything you need beforehand.
  2. There is, however, a market in the town proper. I suggest buying fruits, vegetables, fish, or meat from the market so they’re as fresh as can be.
  3. Stay hydrated and re-apply sunblock! There’s not a lot of shaded areas, so this is very important. Sunburn is the worst.
  4. Bring some reading materials (books, magazines etc.), cards, music, a ball or Frisbee to toss around, etc.
  5. Bawal maarte! Putting on airs or being finicky or pretentious will get you nowhere. The bathrooms are simple bamboo outhouses, there are no cottages or resorts, and the sand will get everywhere (and I do mean everywhere).
  6. Like I said, there are no cottages or resorts, but you can rent a tent for just PHP 300. The locals will even put it up for you! 3 to 4 people can fit in one tent.
  7. Parking is free!
  8. Take lots and lots of pictures. Burot is breathtakingly beautiful! And, as I mentioned, Calatagan faces west, so the sunset is nothing short of magnificent.

Things to Bring to Burot Beach:

DIY Travel Guide Series Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas
Photo by FarrukhCC BY-NC 2.0


  1. A GRILL (plus charcoal, lighter fluid, aluminium foil, and matches). We brought along a portable grill and it pretty much saved us from having to eat cold leftovers or uncooked canned food for the whole trip.
  2. You can bring chips if you’d like, but we also bought fresh fruits at the Calatagan market (nothing like fresh cold pears while you’re hot and sweaty from sunning on the beach). You can also bring crackers, power bars, or pre-cooked food packed in plastic containers.
  3. Garbage bags! Remember, leave no trace!
  4. Personal effects – wallet, phone, camera, etc.
  5. There is absolutely no electricity at Burot.
  6. Battery-operated lamps or flashlights, or candles. Other than your bonfire, there will be no other source of light.
  7. Toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizer, SUNBLOCK (very, very important!).
  8. Again, for the over-eighteens, alcohol!
  9. We brought 2 five-gallon water containers with spigots, which we set up on a low-hanging tree branch so the water would flow freely.
  10. Clothing – extra clothes, swimsuits, cover-ups, towels (I suggest something like those Aquazorb towels which dry quickly). I also highly recommend bringing along sarongs or pashminas. Those things are magic – they can serve as a cover-up, an extra towel, you can put them on the sand so you can lie down, wear it as a skirt, hang it up and you can change behind it.
  11. Volleyball, Frisbee, cards, portable music player, light books or magazines, etc.

 Daily Budget:

DIY Travel Guide Series Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas 1

How to Go to Burot Beach from Manila

DIY Travel Guide Series Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas (2)
Photo by CC BY-NC 2.0CC BY-NC 2.0















By private vehicle:

  1. Take the SLEX until the Sta. Rosa Exit, passing Tagaytay. Take the Nasugbu-Tagaytay Road.
  2. Upon arriving at the Nasugbu-Lian intersection, turn right heading for Lian.
  3. You will pass the Central Azucarera Don Pedro Sugar Refinery. Take a left at the intersection. Drive straight towards the Sto. Domingo church, then turn right towards the town market.
  4. Pass the market and turn left at M. Apacible Street and you should see signs directing you to Burot Beach.
  5. After M. Apacible, it’s all tiny one-way dirt roads. There’s even a sliver of a land bridge passing through mangroves that leads to the beach (be very careful here, as one wrong turn can send your car careening into the water). Number one tip to not get lost: ask locals for directions.

By commuting (van):

    1. Take a van going to Calatagan. The terminal is near the Kabayan Hotel at the EDSA-Taft MRT Station. Fare is Php 180 per person.
    2. Ask to be let down at the Calatagan market. Take a tricycle to Burot Beach. Fare is PHP 50 per person.

By commuting (bus):

    1. Take a Celyrosa bus going to Calatagan at the Pasay Rotonda terminal.
    2. From the Calatagan Bus Terminal, get a tricycle going to Burot Beach

DIY Travel Guide Series Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas 2

 About the Contributor:

DIY Travel guide: burot beachName : Kate Heceta

A law student struggling to balance the daily grind with wanting to see the world. She can often be found with her nose in a book. She likes Spanish poetry, red lipstick, horror movies, and food. People often tell her she’s too loud for her own good. Sometimes she takes it as a compliment.


Name of the Place: Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

Date/s of your Travel: October 26 to 27 2015


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19 thoughts on “DIY Travel Guide Series: Overnight camping in Burot Beach, Batangas

  1. is this place still open for public? how much the entrance? can we bring our own food naman po ba? Anyone? please reply asap thank you so much 🙂

  2. sir/mam open pa din po ba burot beach ngaun,cause i read somewhere that they already close it to public?and also if possible do you have any contacts with the locals po para mas madaling makapagconfirm. thanx

  3. Hi! My friends and I are planning to go to Burot beach this weekend and I just want to ask if a Honda city could handle the dirt road or should we just commute? Thanks so much! You’re reply is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    1. Yes. Kayang-kaya hanggang sa Burot Beach mismo. Been there last April and we went with just a van 🙂

  4. Pros: The water is very clean and clear (in superlative form). You can even see your toenails having your whole body soaked in water standing. The view was nice and calm. Nature is lovely and very refreshing. I love the starfish. Really a virgin island! I was so excited since that was my first time going to a virgin island.

    Cons: There were no enough restrooms considering the number of guests is not a so-so. We almost freaked out after hearing the sound of a “tuko” inside the CR. There were a lot of sea animals in the water like sea cucumber, sea snakes, sea urchin, grasses that quite limit your swimming leisure. Caretakers and vendors in the beach are not friendly 🙁

    This is quite pricey (entrance, tent, firewoods, food, everything) and actually, I am slightly disappointed. Overall, it was not a nice place though not recommended. Hope for improvements the next time I come back here.


    kuya Johnny contact number globe 0977-428-2148 smart 0921-277-9015
    my son Clarence contact no. smart 0907-395-9639

    It is still open to public until further notice .
    So, if you’re planning to visit Burot Beach, make it soon!

    as of this date March 29, 2016 price below are updated
    Note: no reservation (first come first serve lang po)
    no cottage at this place

    Before going to Burot Beach, you must first get in touch with kuya Johnny 0977-428-2148 / 0921-277-9015 my son, Clarence 0907-395-9639 tricycle driver of this private property that can help you in renting tents and other additional queries. It’s your choice if you want to stay for just a day tour trip which will cost you 65 pesos only while 130 pesos for an overnight stay. You can also rent a nipa hut (good for 6 to 8), table or tent ranging from 500 to 800 pesos. No need to worry if you are bringing your own vehicle because the whole place is so spacious that you can even park your car beside the nipa hut of your choice and most of all parking is free. Cottages and rooms are not available in the area so if you are planning to have an overnight stay make sure you have your tents with you otherwise you can rent some tents for 400php good for 2 pax 600php for 5 pax. Moreover, there is no electricity in Burot beach but there are available bonfire woods (200 pesos per bundle) that you can use to be your light for the mean time. Two public toilets and two bathrooms are available in the area but with slow flowing faucet. Since Burot beach is now discovered by many, I do hope that management can add more toilet facilities for visitor’s convenience. Also be ready if some fishermen will offer you an island hopping to the nearest sand bar for 130 pesos per head. I’m sure you enjoyed the view and the clear water.

    Burot beach is a remote beach located along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. It has a stretch of semi-fine cream sand beach kissed by calm waters, beautiful rock formations and dotted with trees. As one of the nice beaches near manila, it’s a favorite beach destination among weekenders and those who seek a quick weekend getaway. It’s a beach enjoyed most by people who appreciate tranquility, peace and natural beauty.

    Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas, formerly known as “Elizalde beach” but now a private property of SM Group of Companies it is an undeveloped, unspoiled and peaceful beach. Getting there from Alabang is roughly 3 to 4 hours drive passing by Tagaytay and towns of nasugbu Lian, and Calatagan Batangas. It’s still open for public so if you’re planning to visit the place, make it soon before SM totally close the property to construct a Beach resort and Golf Course.


    ENTRANCE: DAY TOUR – 65php
    OVERNIGHT- 130php
    RENTAL: tent – 400php good for 2 pax
    table – 200php
    Open air nipa huts – 800php 8 pax – 1,000php 10 pax – 1,500php 15 pax
    bonfire 250 – 250php
    ISLAND HOPPING – 130php per head

    How to Get There:
    by Public Transportation (a.k.a. Commute) from manila…

    You can either take a bus or a van to Calatagan.
    By Van – There are vans available going to Calatagan near the KABAYAN HOTEL MRT Taft Station. Fare is Php180.00/pax. Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours. At Calatagan Market, hire a tricycle for Php200.00 or Php50.00 per person.
    By Bus – Bus Terminal is located AT COASTAL MALL the grand terminal. Fare is Php160.00. Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Calatagan-bound buses are available daily, first trip is 4:00 AM. Ask the conductor to drop you off at Calatagan Market. At Calatagan Market, hire a tricycle for Php200.00 minimum fare or Php50.00 per person.

    Note: Tricycle ride will be around 20 minutes only.

    How to Go to Burot Beach Using a Private Car?

    From Manila go (SLEX) and exit Sta Rosa Laguna passing Tagaytay and taking the Nasugbu Road.
    Upon arriving at the Nasugbu-Lian intersection, take the Lian route and go straight.
    After the town Lian, you will reach Calatagan Municipality.
    From there, the best thing to do is ask the locals about directions that lead to Burot Beach. I cannot provide the best route to burot beach.

    You will enter two gates with guards covered in SM uniforms. You will know that you have already entered a private property. Do not worry, it’s still open to the public, unless stated otherwise by the owner.

    To get there by commuting, you can take a van bound for Calatagan. The terminal for these vans can be found in Pasay (at the street in the middle of Kabayan Hotel and the stairs that leads to MRT Taft Avenue station). first trip 4:00am. Fare costs 180Php per person. As soon as the van is full of passengers bound for Calatagan, you’re good to go. P.S. On the same terminal you will find a van bound for Balayan.

    How to Get There

    BurotBeach is located in Calatagan, a small municipality in Batangas. It is 3-4 hours travel from Metro Manila. You can get there in either public or private transportation.
    How to Go to Burot Beach Using a Private Car?
    From Manila go south passing Tagaytay and taking the Nasugbu Road.
    Upon arriving at the Nasugbu-Lian intersection, take the Lian route and go straight.
    After the town Lian, you will reach Calatagan Municipality.
    From there, the best thing to do is ask the locals about directions that lead to Burot Beach. I cannot provide the best route to burot beach.
    You will enter two gates with guards covered in SM uniforms. You will know that you have already entered a private property. Do not worry, it’s still open to the public, unless stated otherwise by the owner.

    Things to Remember
    Bring a headlamp, flashlight, candle, whatever you please to create a light. There is no electricity in the area.
    The little sari-sari store, NOT a convenience store in the area is the only source of commodities available. Do your grocery at the market before heading to the place.
    Do not expect a grand accommodation because there is none. There are neither rooms nor decent toilets. You will have to bring your own tent because either of the cottages can give you decent sleep. There is a water supply but I do not think it is potable.
    You will see starfishes of different colors and sizes, you can touch them but refrain from bringing them off the shore. They are beautiful; let them live. And so are the other creatures you will see.
    You can agree when the boatman offered “island hopping” for Php130.00 per head. Do not, if its beyond that price as what he is offering is really not an island hopping. Yes, he will bring you to away from the shore, but drop you off to the sandbar that appears during low tide.


    It is 3 kilometers away from burot beach and 15 mins. travel located near at
    Calatagan public market; aircondioned, free wi-fi with TV and REPRIGERATOR
    minimum of 5pax 1,800 and 250php for the excess per head.

  6. Tent forent ,
    just call or text : Kuya Romy
    to serve you any time you want
    contact no : 09266452950

  7. ahhhmm. we already come up the plan to go there. are they allowing the tourist to go there anytime of the night example 1 in the morning kami pupunta dun kasi gusto namin magbon fire ng madaling araw tas dun kami magpapaumaga. :))) thank you 🙂

  8. Hi we are planning to go to Burot Beach too, but we’re afraid that there are no clean CRs where we can take a bath or even piss. It that true that there are no clean CRs in Burot Beach?

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