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Travel to Colombia in 2018 – New Place, New Experience & New Life

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 9th, 2018 Posted in Destination, South America & Antarctica Travel Blog One Comment

The trip of a lifetime

With so many attractive destinations, it is a difficult task to identify which one fits our budget and still offers good value for money. Usually, where we go and what we do depends on whether we go in a group or just alone. Apart from considering our safety and comfort, we also want a place we can have as much fun as possible.

Colombia is one of the best options for holidaymakers. There is exciting sailing, luxury hotels, and other adventure travel. Colombia is surrounded by mountains and highlands, river basins, and coastal plains. The climate is wet and humid which makes it ideal for coffee cultivation.

Coffee growing in Colombia is not just a farming practice. It is a part of their national identity. Few other countries can rival their coffee cultivation. Some of the coffee farms are on small plots of land while others are grown in big farms but they all produce an excellent blend of coffee beans. These exceptional quality beans are the type used to produce Nespresso coffee capsules. They are pods compatible with Nespresso machines worldwide. What is more interesting is, the pods can be purchased online with just a click. You can order at home too. The capsules are light, convenient, as well as easy to prepare. There are up to 25 varieties to choose from. The Nespresso machine compatible pods can be purchased at a good price. A big order will be shipped to you. There is a dedicated customer care line agent who is available for assistance if you choose to place your order by telephone. The coffee beans used to prepare the Nespresso pods are organic and they are also cultivated in an environmentally friendly condition. Some of the health benefits of coffee consumption is a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes for older adults, an improved cognitive function, a sharper memory, and an increased athletic endurance.

Caffeine is the beneficial ingredient in coffee. It is medically proven not to have any adverse effect if taken in moderation. For best results, three to five cups of coffee per day is ideal.

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A home away from home

Although we all want to have as much fun as possible on our holiday trip, we still crave for some of our normal way of life when travelling the world. Coffee is a daily need in the lives of millions of people. The Nespresso pods are lightweight and can easily fit in a luggage.

There is a difference in weather conditions for each region of South America. This is due to the winds, the geographical location, and ocean currents.  Colombia has constant rainfall and a high temperature all year round. The temperature for a neighbouring country, like Argentina, is lower than that of Colombia.

Exploring the beauty of nature

The most common language in Colombia is Spanish and it is also the official language. However, there are also other official local languages. Many schools offer bilingual languages including English and French. Nearly 99% of the population speak Spanish. You can find bilingual speakers who can act as interpreters and give assistance.

One of the most convenient ways of travelling is by air. You can also find connecting flights to major international airports. As is normally the case, air travelling is more expensive than the others.

There is also the possibility of bus travel. The buses differ depending on your budget. You can get airconditioned buses or the cheaper locally run buses which are usually overcrowded and uncomfortable. If you want to see more of the Amazon, you should travel by boat to the surrounding areas. Due to constant fluctuation in weather conditions, a boat is the safer means to explore the Amazon.

You can rent a car for local sightseeing and short trips. It will provide both comfort and safety. However, for very long trips within and around the city, a bus is the best option.

Enjoying the local delicacy

There are a variety of Italian and Spanish cuisines which are available in local restaurants and hotels. You can find a lot of tasty seafood as well. The meals in Colombia depend on the region. Food cherished in one region may not be appreciated in another. The typical meal includes a lot of meat product. It is not a vegetarian country. Closer to the coast, their meals consist of different kinds of fish and lobsters, and other seafood which are usually prepared with coconut milk. There are varieties of fresh fruits on offering many of which a tourist may not be familiar with. The breakfast is made typically of fruit, coffee, bread, and juice. The main course is lunch. It may consist of meat or fish products, wine, a traditional soup and also dessert. Dinner is lighter and comes in the form of a snack.

Get your bags ready. Pack all the necessities and do not forget your Nespresso coffee pods to experience home away from home.

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One thought on “Travel to Colombia in 2018 – New Place, New Experience & New Life

  1. With so many attractive destinations, it is a difficult task to identify which one fits our budget and still offers good value for money. – It is 100%. You are right)
    I think that our life is very short

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