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South America & Antarctica Travel Blog

Reaching Antarctica could be challenging and expensive but indeed possible. Roam around remarkable South America first, tastes the world-class food here, dance with the locals, and understand their culture before jumping off to meet the wildlife of Antarctica.

Facts About South America and Antarctica

Before you set your feet in South America and Antarctica, it is important to know some facts about them. This is to give you more ideas on what to expect and what you should do as soon as you arrive in these places. It will also help you prepare yourself for what you will see and experience. This will lessen the “shock reaction” in you. 

South America

South America is the fourth-largest continent in the world and it is consists of 12 independent countries. Its largest country is Brazil that also has the largest city which is Sao Paolo. Not only that but Sao Paolo is also one of the ten biggest cities in the world. As for the smallest country, it is Suriname.

If you go to South America, it is an advantage if you know some Spanish words since it is the most spoken language on the continent. However, in Brazil, they speak Portuguese. Furthermore, Catholicism is the main religion here, around 90% of South Americans are Catholics. The rest are Jews, Protestants, and some other indigenous people who have their own beliefs


Antarctica is the coldest continent on earth. The ice sheet in the Antarctic is the biggest mass of ice on earth and it can even be up to four miles thick. Moreover, this continent as a whole contains around 90% of the earth’s freshwater ice and about 70% of the total freshwater. 

Another interesting thing about Antarctica is that the earth’s tilt affects the sunrise and sunset here. And the result? The sun does not rise in winter and it doesn’t set during summer! So if you visit in winter, it will be dark on the continent. Amazing, isn’t it?

Places To Visit and Things To Do in South America and Antarctica

Here are the top tourist destinations and things to do in both South America and Antarctica:

Places To Visit in South America

  1. Macchu Picchu in Peru
  2. Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil
  3. Angel Falls in Venezuela
  4. Rio de Janeiro and its Carnival in Brazil
  5. Patagonia in Argentina/Chile
  6. Amazon in Ecuador
  7. Pantanal in Paraguay/Brazil
  8. Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Things To Do in Antarctica

  1. Penguin spotting
  2. Kayaking around the Antarctic sea ice
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Join a whale-watching cruise
  5. Camping

With all these destinations to explore and things you can do, you’d definitely have a blast that you will never forget! This collection of articles will help you gain knowledge on how you can explore both of these destinations smoothly.

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