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Brazil E-Visa Process for US citizens: Online Process of Getting a 2-year Multiple Entry Visa to Brazil

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor October 30th, 2018 Posted in Destination, South America & Antarctica Travel Blog, Travel Blog 4 Comments

Brazil requires all US citizens to not only apply for and receive visas before embarking on the trip into Brazil. Without a visa, you will not even make it on the plane. This is stricter than many other countries, where you can fill out a form in the air before you land and receive a temporary visa. This is NOT the case with Brazil. Travelers must get their visas beforehand, and all US travelers require a visa.

The National Icon of Brazil, Christ the Redeemer
The National Icon of Brazil, Christ the Redeemer

Luckily, Brazil e-visas for US citizens is a very simple process from beginning to end. The sites don’t appear to crash except in rare circumstances. The forms on the web pages work well and do not cause unneeded complications. The questions are easy to understand and only require an answer as long as it has to be; in other words, they don’t feel like you’re statings case for why you’re asking for a visa, just presenting the information needed to fill out a request. The information requested by the application process is unobtrusive: passport information, places you’ll be staying, arrival and departure dates, and some questions about your legal status domestically and internationally as well as a few questions about the nature of your visit. They also ask about what you’ll be bringing into the country, just as they ask what you’ll be left with from the country. No part of the Brazil e-visa seems to be arbitrarily long, too strict, or too unreasonable, for which the same cannot be said about other means of obtaining a Brazil visa. Plus, when you get your Brazil E-visa, it will grant you entry into Brazil for two years, with an unlimited number of re-entries into the country.

The Brazil e-visa system is brand new, so it sometimes this causes a longer delay than expected to get delivered to the applicant. It can last less than five days, but in worse case scenarios, e-visas haven’t been delivered for up to three weeks. Give yourself a month of cushion between your flight date and the time you finish our application, to avoid unneeded stress. The Brazil e-visa, once processed and approved, is sent to you via email as a PDF attachment. Do not take chances with black and white ink altering the barcodes on the document. Always print it out on a color printer with sufficient amounts of both color and black and white ink.

Another complication is the rigor with which the Brazil e-visa system assesses the passport photo that is digitally sent to them by the applicant. The passport photo must follow guidelines as strictly as possible, head and photo dimensions, hair restrictions, glasses restrictions, photo background restrictions. Most of these restrictions are of less importance to the US passport process, so a passport photo may not be as good as what the Brazil e-visa demands. It may be prudent to consult a third-party specializing in expedited visas to ensure the quality of your visa application photo.

The alternative to the Brazil e-visa would be the traditional paper visa, which is a mail in an application to the Brazilian embassy, whereby a visa is returned to you as you make your way onto the plane. Needless to say, this procedure was all but replaced by Brazil E-Visa for a reason. It’s sluggish, inconvenient, and cumbersome. This leaves zero room for error; you either receive your visa then and there, or you don’t get on the plane. The traditional paper visa is more challenging to get, especially when you’re applying for it abroad, for this reason, and others. The information requested by the application for the paper visa and overall requirements of a paper visa is far more demanding than an e-visa. It’s also nearly four times more expensive. It requires the applicant to physically send their passport to the Brazilian embassy, where it may sit for up to eight weeks. Avoiding these inconveniences is one of the most important benefits of the Brazil E-visa. One advantage of the paper visa, however, is that it lasts for ten years with multiple entries allowed. This is an advantage for someone constantly doing business in Brazil if they do not want to reapply for a new visa every two years. The entire process lasts anywhere between three and eight weeks.

If you’ve planned a trip to Brazil, you’re ahead of the curve. Hopeful, but more pessimistic travelers often overlook Brazil as a potential destination; maybe because it’s too far. Maybe they head – or think they remember hearing – bad things about it. While none of that may be true, one truth of the matter is Brazil is the largest economy in South America, with the largest and most diverse population and ecosystem. It has a rich and layered history, and vibrant culture, with endless sources of entertainment for all different types of thrill-seekers. Brazil visa enrollment for US citizens is as simple as filling out an online form, and if done right, a visa could be on the way to your mailbox soon after your application has been reviewed.

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4 thoughts on “Brazil E-Visa Process for US citizens: Online Process of Getting a 2-year Multiple Entry Visa to Brazil

  1. Hi Kach . Iam a Filipino Passport Holder. I would like to ask what are the documents needed in visiting Brazil ? Thank you

  2. Good day.

    I am a Philippine passport holder planning for a trip to Brazil Feb 2019 and a free visa for 90days right? Just want to ask if they required a yellow fever vaccine? Thanks.

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