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List of The Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 23rd, 2021 Posted in Caribbean Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

When we think of the Bahamas, we imagine white sand and clear blue waters; and Nassau has many of them. With a gorgeous environment, Nassau is one of the most popular cruise-ship stops in the Caribbean; swim the calm waters, snorkel to see reefs, and have a tan under the sun, it will make a perfect getaway.

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Gregory Culmer

The best months to travel to Nassau, Bahamas is in on dry season; from December to May as there aren’t much rain or hurricane possibilities. If you want a more festive month January has car festivals, as well as December, has film festivals. Competitions like sailing and road races are in March and August, respectively. So think carefully when to go, if you want to have the time of your life.

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Gregory Culmer

With countless gorgeous beaches, we have listed the Best Beaches in Nassau for you. Ranging from public, exclusive and secluded beaches Nassau has to offer. You could have an adventure or unwind in the top 10 beaches in Nassau:

1. Cabbage Beach 

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas - Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Gregory Culmer

One of the best beaches in Nassau is found at Paradise Island. With white sand and light blue waters, you would feel that you are indeed on paradise. As it is more than a kilometer long, you can find a spot for yourself, so prepare your towels, lounge chairs or umbrella. If you are on a cruise, this is where to go as it’s near the harbor. There are also water sports activities nearby. You won’t regret coming here as it’s gorgeous, a perfect getaway.

Suggested Hotel: Warwick Paradise Island

2. Blue Lagoon Island Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas - Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Laila Goubran CC BY 2.0

Want to have the best excursion in the Bahamas? Purchase a pass to the Salt Cay or Blue Lagoon Island. It’s a private island with one of the best beaches in Nassau. With pristine white sand, clear turquoise waters, a hidden lagoon, an inflatable Aqua Park, and marine life, it’s the perfect getaway. Although the beach package it’s quite pricey, it includes boat transfers and lunch too. It’s a must-do when you are in the Bahamas.

Suggested Hotel: The Ocean Club

3. Saunders Beach

Lined with palm trees and soft white sand is a local favorite, Saunders Beach. Swim and snorkel in the clear blue waters. The place has outstanding views but also excellent facilities; clean bathrooms, restaurants, playground, and parking area. This unspoiled beach will make your vacation perfect. Saunders is one of the best beaches in Nassau.

Suggested Hotel: Oasis Retreat

4. Cable Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Michael Gray CC BY-SA 2.0

Two and a half miles of soft white sand and clear blue waters with classy resorts is Cable Beach. Better to book a resort nearby to experience one of the best beaches in Nassau. With a long stretch of clean beach, you can find a pleasant and safe spot where you can get a tan, walk around, or be in awe of this striking world.

Suggested Hotel: Sandals Royal Bahamian

5. Junkanoo Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas - Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Gregory Culmer

The Western Esplanade or Junkanoo Beach is one of the best beaches in Nassau. It is near the city center and the cruise ships wharf that why it’s so popular. There are quite a lot of restaurants, and you won’t get hungry. And if you want to see activities by the locals, this is where to go. With white sand and turquoise waters, nothing is more perfect than this kind of retreat.

Suggested Hotel: Courtyard by Marriot Nassau

6. Jaw’s Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by James Zwadlo

Want a secluded beach away from the crowd? Try the Jaw’s Beach. It’s in Clifton Bay and near Clifton Heritage Park. It’s a local’s haven so you would see more locals there especially on weekends. There are not many facilities there, so you need food and towels, but it’s a hidden paradise like no other.

Suggested Hotel: Green Oaks Villa

7. Arawak Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas - Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by James St. John CC BY 2.0

With fine white sand and shallow waters, you will love one of the best beaches in Nassau; the Arawak Beach. Since the water is crystal-clear and located in the Pacific Island, then bring your snorkel gear and see marine life up close. This free beach is a great place to relax and hang out with your family or friends.

Suggested Hotel: Warwick Paradise Island

8. Love Beach

Get ready with your snorkel gear and swim to see coral reefs and fishes in Love Beach. You’ll fall in love with the best beaches in Nassau. It’s quite far from the city center, but your adventure is worth it as it is tranquil and beautiful. With the lovely white sand and blue waters pairing it with the sunset, perfect is the way to describe it.

Suggested Hotel: Compass Point Beach Resort             

9. Paradise Beach

Best Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas - Top 10 Beaches in Nassau
Photo by Allen Dewberry Jr

On Paradise Island lies a kilometer stretch of wide sand and turquoise waters; the Paradise Beach. This scenic beach is one of the best beaches in Nassau. There are watersports activities nearby, from diving to parasailing. If you want to relax, you could find a spot and lay down on the sand and under the sun. You can book a hotel near this beach to soak up its beauty more.

Suggested Hotel: The Cove at Atlantis

10. Coral Harbour Beach

Enjoy a lovely stretch of sand and clear blue waters at the Coral Harbour Beach. It is quite far and secluded so you will relax and have a tan in there. With lots of shade and calm waters, swim, walk or find some shells around the area. There are quite a ton of activities, too; like kayaking or paddling, it’s going to be a memorable adventure.

Suggested Hotel: Coral Harbour Beach House and Villas

Choosing the top 10 beaches in Nassau is quite challenging as they are full of white sand, and you would enjoy the tranquil blue waters, but we have listed what we think is the best beaches in Nassau. Experience paradise in the Bahamas; bring your new swimwear as snorkel gear as you enjoy the sand and the sea in this tropical country.

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