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List of The Best Beaches in South Carolina, USA

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 21st, 2021 Posted in Destination, North America Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

South Carolina is a trendy state due to its gorgeous beaches and amazing islands. One fantastic factor is that its coastline is the Atlantic Ocean, so the views are going to be phenomenal. However, it also boasts of a colorful history like the city of Charleston.

Best Beaches in South Carolina - Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by David Martin

The best time to visit South Carolina is during summer months from May to September. There is also Gullah Festival in May as well as Spoleto Festival from May to June. You might want to book earlier, especially at popular beach sites like Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach or Hilton Head.

Best Beaches in South Carolina Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by Brennon Williamson

There are many beaches in South Carolina, and we have summed up the Top 10 Beaches in this coastal state. Hope you would visit at least one or two of the best beaches in South Carolina:

1. Myrtle Beach

Best Beaches in South Carolina Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by Jeremy Kierez

There are 60 miles of white sand and sea; what more could you ask for? Myrtle Beach is the “Grand Strand” of South Carolina and one of the best beaches in South Carolina. With attractions like amusement parks, waterparks, and festivals that are held just near the beach, this is truly a great place to visit. There are also countless of accommodation and entertainment to choose from. If you are afraid you won’t have space to sunbathe or enjoy the beach, there are almost 100 kilometers of beach, so there will be enough space for everybody. This is a must-do when you go to South Carolina.

Suggested Hotel: South Bay Inn and Suites

2. Folly Beach

Best Beaches in South Carolina Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by Johan Taljaard

What locals call the “Edge of America” is a gorgeous coastal city called Folly Beach, in the middle of Folly River and the Atlantic Ocean.  With clean white sand and water, it’s very family-friendly. You can find seashells as well as lifeguards, and you can see surfers enjoying the seas too. Experience an astounding sunrise by the beach here and end it with a sunset by the river. It will be an incredible experience that will make this in your list of one of the best beaches in South Carolina.

Suggested Hotel: Regatta Inn

3. Edisto Beach

Best Beaches in South Carolina Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by Drew Beamer

Edisto Beach is a hidden gem of South Carolina. A great way to enjoy the day at this coastal community is camp at the state park where you can enjoy both mother’s nature luscious trees as well as the ocean at the side. With free entrance plus a map with the history of this place, it will be a great experience. It is a great spot to spend time with family and friends also your pets are welcomed too. One of the best beaches in South Carolina, if not one of the best spots.

Suggested Hotel: Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort

4. Coligny Beach Park

Best Beaches in South Carolina - Top 10 Beaches in South Carolina
Photo by Town of Hilton Head Island Public Domain

One of the most popular places in Hilton Head is the Coligny Beach Park. There’s free parking as well as restrooms, changing rooms, swings, and gazebos inside the park. A boardwalk towards the beach is wheel-chair accessible and senior-citizen friendly; there’s also splash pad for the kids to enjoy, especially at night since it lights up. The beach is well kept with a lifeguard. With soft fine sand, great water for swimming, and a gorgeous view, this place is one of the top beaches in South Carolina.

Suggested Hotel: Beach House, A Holiday Inn Resort

5. Isle of Palms Beach

Unlike most of its neighbors, Isle of Palm Beach is a non-touristy and peaceful and one of the best beaches in South Carolina. With shallow waters and small waves, it’s a great place to swim, especially those with kids. There are amenities such as restrooms, showers, changing areas plus a lifeguard too. If you want to spend a day at the beach with your family and friends, this spot is the place for you.

Suggested Hotel: The Palms Oceanfront Hotel

6. Litchfield Beach

Another community by the sea is Litchfield Beach, not only a happy home to humans but also of turtles who decides to hatch some eggs on the beach. This place is also very secluded compared to touristy beaches like Myrtle Beach as there are more private homes than public establishments. So if you want to relax and soul search, grab your towels or a book and hang-out on one of the best beaches in South Carolina. You won’t regret the fresh sea breeze nor the peace it offers.

Suggested Hotel: Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort

7. Cherry Grove Beach 

Almost at the end of North Myrtle Beach lies the quaint Cherry Grove Beach, one of the best beaches in South Carolina. The most unusual yet popular activity here, while the tide is low, is looking for shark’s teeth on the beach. This place is not as crowded as Myrtle Beach but still has a great atmosphere. Enjoy sunsets with the person you love as you walk through miles of sand and sea.

Suggested Hotel: Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort

8. Sullivan’s Island Beach  

Get a fantastic sunrise experience at Sullivan’s Island Beach in Charleston. This place is a great place to walk especially barefoot, with the fine soft sand and swim. However, there are no lifeguards so be careful. It’s also pet-friendly, so bring your furry friends here and let them run wild to the play with the water during off-leash hours. This place is also clean and without crowds, definitely one of the best beaches in South Carolina.

Suggested Hotel: Flag Street 1851A

9. Kiawah Beachwalker Park

You will not be disappointed as you visit this park as Kiawah has one of the best beaches in South Carolina. There’s so much space on the beach too so that you can spread out anywhere you like. The sand is also smooth like silk, and the ocean is pretty cool, and it’s not crowded too. The amenities are great; from changing rooms to bathrooms, rentals with lifeguards present also!

Suggested Hotel: 1124 Duneside Villa

10. Burkes Beach

A vast stretch of public beach in Hilton Head is Burkes Beach, one of the best beaches in South Carolina. It’s pet-friendly; however, the parking area is a long walk from the beach. It’s pretty great to walk at with soft white sand, and the waters can be near to you than at Coligny. It’s also a great place to swim and lounge in the sand.

Suggested Hotel: Marriott’s SurfWatch

There are many incredible beaches in South Carolina, and this list has the top 10 best beaches in South Carolina. Pack your bags and book your holiday with your family and friends. You would never regret spending your vacation in South Carolina.

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