7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark

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Denmark might be small in size, but it has a lot to offer; from culture, language, food up to the weather!

When I was a kid, all I know is Denmark is a country. The number one country you will say when your playmate asked you to give a country name that starts with D. Later, I upgraded with the fact that Denmark is in Europe, which I learned during my primary school. It didn’t stop there when out of nowhere, I decided to move and be an expat, I didn’t choose it, but it was Denmark, sounds like destiny, right?

7 Awesome Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo by Sarah

I researched, so at least I knew where my sudden decision would take me. And I learned that Denmark is a smaller country than I expected. I was disappointed, but I was next to ready to fly and to meet Denmark. Working on my entry level of job, but wanted to escape it that time, I did move to Denmark to see what it can offer to everyone, to me.

Now, almost 2 years, I didn’t regret anything. Denmark might be small in size but it has a lot of stuff to offer; from culture, language, food up to the weather!

1. Safety

7 Awesome Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo by Sarah

Denmark is part of Scandinavia; it’s always been an open truth how safe it is in these parts of the world. Before I moved here I read that Denmark is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world. It didn’t disappoint me, it’s , and even and safe place indeed. I had been a party gal for almost a year. Most of the time, I decided to go home around three o’clock in the morning. It was dark and cold and you won’t see that many people on the road. However, you don’t have to worry; no one will kidnap you or snatch your bag (most probably the locals will be richer than you). You can make your way home smooth and worry free! It’s not a zero-crime country, but it’s the safest places I’ve ever been in my life.

2. Bikes

7 Awesome Things to Do in Aarhus, Denmark 4

I was very shocked how they take biking seriously. From 3-year-old kids to pensioners, everyone is cycling in Denmark. Even pregnant women.

I was envy seeing everyone cycling so I asked my host family if I can get a bike and they were so kind to provide one. I remember one time when I’m just starting to explore my skills with my bike, I was cycling uphill, and I’m struggling and clearly out of shape. After a few moment, an old lady (around 60 years old) passed me by. I was so ashamed of myself.

Denmark has amazing good bike lanes and stops lights, from the city and out to the freeway.

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 1

Danes ride out their bike whole year round, even it’s snowing, raining or too warm to cycle. Your bike can take you everywhere (most likely).

Transportation is expensive in Denmark, so as a traveler having your bike will help you save some money. It will also make you feel more like a local.

3. Food

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 3

Danish food is far way different from my background.

Danish breakfast: Cereals/bread, juice, milk or coffee.
Lunch: Rugbrød (Rye bread), leverpostej (liver paste) and any kind of stuff they can put on top of their weird bread. Dinner: Potato, meat, and salad.

Filipino breakfast: Fried rice with adobo or fish or eggs, sometimes pandesal (bread) and coffee.
Lunch: Rice again and warm dish “ulam” (fish, meat or vegetables)
Dinner: Rice AGAIN (same as lunch).

Can you imagine the struggle? It wasn’t easy to adapt to the way they eat rugbrød, but I managed to. Most expats don’t like that bread.

My suggestion: you just have to live with a Danish family and ask them how to deal with that bread. It’s honestly good and healthy. As a traveler, trying Danish food is one of a kind experience!

4. Beer, beer, and beer!

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 4

I know a German girl who doesn’t like the Danish beer. Well, everyone knows how good German beer is, so that girl has a high standard.

For me, it’s great. I learned to drink beer in Denmark. I have to say I forced myself to learn it because that’s the cheapest I could get if I want to go drinking in Denmark. The Danish ancestors were Vikings so what could we expect?  My most unforgettable experience in Denmark is trying the “who can drink the beer faster” with a Viking.

Danes taught me not just how to drink beer but also how cozy it is. In the Philippines, if your parents asked you if you want a beer, people will think that it’s“bad parenting, really ” but in Denmark it means “Let’s get hygge (cozy) and have a good time.

5. Culture

why should i visit denmark

Party in the Student Bar

Some foreigners will say “Why is it hard to become friends with Danes?” Danes love their privacy and space.

If you hop on a bus, you won’t dare to sit next to someone as long as there are some other empty seats where you can sit alone, and vice versa, they won’t sit next to you unless there is no other option. It’s not because they are not friendly but because they don’t want to invade your personal space.

I guess I was just lucky that I lived with a Danish family, so I easily learned how to get along with the like to talk about the weather, they will also appreciate how nice of you to ask them what’s their plan for the weekend. Building a friendship with a Dane is pretty challenging but it’s worth it. They will value you and treat you as a true friend even if you only see each other once in 2 months.

6. Weather

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 5

It was winter when I moved here. It was dark, and cold and gloomy all day long. I was really homesick and just wanted to go home.

But eventually, I discovered how to enjoy the four seasons of Danish weather. I never liked snow, unless I can stay home, have my warm chocolate drink, sit in the front of the fire place with my comfy blanket, light a candle while watching the snow fall, it was really cozy and relaxing.

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 8Spring

In the spring, I love to take a walk and see the trees and flowers starts to bloom. Feeling the sun shines in my face and breath the fresh air.

Their summer is lovely too! It wasn’t that warm. You’re lucky if it hits 30 degrees! But I love it, it’s not hot but warm enough to pull out my summer dress and wear my sunglasses. Sitting in the park with my blanket, smoothie, and book is the best.

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 12Beach Volleyball

Autumn did not disappoint either, falling leaves are the cutest, and from yellow leaf to orange ones are both pretty. Kicking dry leaves gives me the giggles and satisfaction like a kid.

7. Last but not the least, Language!

7 Awesome Reasons to Visit and Things to Do in Denmark 10

In January 2014 I had started to attend Danish class. Honestly, I was not interested in their language at that time, but I thought it’s a good way to find friends. My plan was successful. I found awesome foreign and Filipino friends.

I woke up one day and I actually like the language and enjoyed it. There is nothing to lose. So I started to put more attention and determination to learn it.

Despite my struggle to bend my tongue and memorizing new words, I’ve learned it. I’m not fluent, but I understand a lot. I write pretty well in Danish, I speak okay. Most of Danish speak good English, and that gives the foreigner a hard time to learn the language.

Instead of trying to speak Danish, most people will just prefer to say everything in English to make the conversation easier and faster. Pronunciation is hard for me but it’s an amazing feeling how I can make a Dane happy every time I try to speak Danish to them. Yes, it is embarrassing but in reality that’s the only way to learn foreign language; speak it and don’t be shy.

I love Denmark, their weird food, happy culture, wonderful weather and their Carlsberg and Tuborg. I dare you to visit Denmark and see for yourself why Danes named as the happiest people on earth.

As I said, Denmark might be small; it’s more or less will take you a full week to visit the whole country and don’t forget to try their rugbrød and say the word hygge.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in National Gallery of Denmark, Central Denmark Region and National Museum of Denmark.

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  1. Love the shades of Denmark! So much things to love about this country. Pretty surprising how many it can offer for visitors. Have to be back here.

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