Atlanta Cuisine: 10 Authentic Local Dishes that are Worth Trying in Atlanta, Georgia

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Looking for the best Atlanta authentic dishes? We got you covered!

There are many things that you can learn from Atlanta. This city is part of the Georgia district and known as the headquarters of Coca-cola. Atlanta is far away from the coast, but uniquely, it has quite numerous seafood restaurants, with fresh ingredients sent from various neighboring coastal cities. That’s why there are plenty of seafood dishes that you can enjoy here.

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by Joey Kyber

Besides its seafood dishes, Atlanta has various meat land dishes as the main ingredients. And they are all appetizing. Here we have a list consists of 10 types of Atlanta authentic dishes that you can try while you’re visiting this city.

1. Chicken Liver Tart

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by TripAdvisor

This luxurious dish is chicken liver tart. As the name implies, this dish comes from a soft chicken liver mousse. This dish uses green strawberries, ginger, and a little pecan to enrich the flavor. Chicken liver tarts are a popular appetizer dish in Atlanta.

One of the best locations to enjoy the chicken liver tarts is at Staplehouse. Even though the menu in this restaurant is based on the season, you can always order chicken liver tarts throughout the year. If you want to visit this restaurant, make sure to make a reservation early, because this place is very acknowledged and crowded.

Staplehouse is at 541 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312.

2. Fried Chicken Biscuit

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by Ron DolleteCC BY-ND 2.0

The appearance of this dish at a first glance is quite not too appealing, but after you have a taste of it, you will want to come back again to enjoy it. It is crispy fried chicken breast served on top of biscuits and poured with spicy sausage sauce. This dish is a local’s favorite, and they usually enjoy this menu at breakfast or lunch.

There are various locations that you can visit to enjoy this dish in Atlanta. If you like famous places that are often full of visitors, come to Homeground restaurant. This long-running restaurant is a favorite place to enjoy breakfast in the morning.

If you like roadside stalls, come to Stilesboro Biscuit. It has various biscuit menus that you can choose from. Their signature dish is a fried chicken biscuit, which you can also exchange chicken meat for pork.

Homeground is at 968 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Stilesboro Biscuit is at 3545 Stilesboro Rd, Kennesaw, GA 30152.

3. Fresh Oyster

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by T.TsengFollow CC BY 2.0

Famous with its various seafood restaurants, one of the menus that you should try is fresh oysters. This dish uses special spices that enrich the taste in every bite. Many restaurants in Atlanta install seafood bars to show that their ingredients are always fresh, even if it’s far from the sea.

There are so many places in Atlanta who served this dish on their menu. One of those is The Optimist restaurant, which provides a savory and fresh clam. You can combine fresh oysters with beer or the Optimist specialty bread for perfect enjoyment.

The Optimist is at 914 Howell Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318.

4. She Crab Soup

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by stu_spivack CC BY-SA 2.0

She is not referring to a woman for this dish, but it is an abbreviation for Sherry Wine. Sherry wine is a mixture that is used to add flavor to this soup. Adding a wine on the dish is a common way to cook a Spanish-rooted recipe.

She crab soup has a chewy texture, a bit coarse, thick, and not too watery. This dish looks more like a porridge than a soup. Restaurants in Atlanta usually serve this dish along with toast, that you can use as a spoon while enjoying the soup.

5. Lobster Roll

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by Dale Cruse CC BY 2.0

Lobster is a crustacean that has many fans around the world. Its roll or sandwich is one of the best choices for enjoying lobster meat. Steamed lobster meat season in mayo, cayenne pepper, and lemon used to fill the brioche bread. This combination then needs to be baked until it’s perfectly cooked.

Many restaurants in Atlanta serve this dish. If you want to get many choices, come to Atlanta Fish Market, which is a gathering place for seafood restaurants in the city. It’s the best place for hunting various types of seafood in this market.

6. Farm Egg in Celery Cream

Farm eggs are an appetizer made from baked eggs on top of a celery cream. It has a light texture and usually serves along with crusty bread. Visit Miller Union to taste the best farm eggs in Atlanta. You can get a serving of farm egg in celery cream, grill bread for $9, and this menu only serves at dinner.

Miller Union is at 999 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.

7. Fried Goat Cheese

A goat’s cheese is more uncommon compared to cow’s cheese. But this does not mean goat’s cheese is worse. You can try the fried goat cheese to prove its deliciousness. Although it’s a simple dish, fried goat cheese has a sharp and delicious taste. There are two ways to serve fried goat cheese, either plain or with a sprinkle of honey or black pepper.

8. La Pina Rellena

By the name, maybe you can guess if this dish uses pineapple as its main ingredient. La Pina Rellena is a grilled pineapple and filled with grilled seafood. Melted cheese added as a topping. This combination may be uncommon, but you have to try it before deciding it’s a weird dish. La Pina Rellena has a unique, delicious, and extraordinary taste.

You can find this dish at Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit. The restaurant is a seafood specialty restaurant, but La Pina Rellena is also their signature dish that you should try.

Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit is at  5383 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30093.

9. Pecan Waffle

American Cuisine 10 Atlanta Authentic Dishes that are Worth Trying
Photo by theturquoisetable CC BY-SA 2.0

Waffles are one of the world’s favorite breakfast menus. If you want to try the delicious Atlanta-style waffles, try Pecan Waffle. This dish has the same base-dough as waffles in general, only it also uses crispy and savory pecans. Maple syrup and butter also added to make it more perfect.

One of the waffle paradises in Atlanta is Waffle House. This restaurant is not only popular among locals but also tourists. Waffle House is a franchise that has been around for a long time, and it has thousands of outlets. Besides its delicious and legendary waffle menu, Waffle House also provides a variety of other breakfast menus, such as omelets, scrambled eggs, and other typical American breakfast.

10. Smoked Wings

Besides having many seafood dishes, Atlanta also has various types of delightful meat-based authentic dishes. Because of its location at a geographical crossroads, Atlanta has a lot of influence in processing its meat. One of them is the smoked wings developed by the Fox brothers.

After developing the typical recipe of the smoked wing, the Fox Brothers opened their restaurant and found it was well-received by visitors. The smoked wing meat in this restaurant is quite large, has a strong aroma, and quite watery. This dish is locals’ favorite smoked wing in Atlanta.

Fox Bros BBQ is at 1238 Dekalb Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Those are some of the typical Atlanta authentic dishes that we can compile. Hopefully, it can be a reference for your “wanted to try dishes” while you are in Atlanta. So which one of those dishes do you want to try the most? Tell us your thoughts!

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