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10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World

By Kach Umandap June 30th, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 29 Comments

We’ve seen a lot of different articles telling you to quit your job and travel because you’re not happy with it, or because your boss is disgusting and you’re not enjoying the company of your colleagues, etc. But we say NO! Don’t quit your job to run away from something or someone. You should quit because you’re ready to build a SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL LIFESTYLE!

You can also read this article Kach wrote for Rappler- before quitting your job, please DEAL with ALL of your COMMITMENTS at home.

1. Got the Money!

You’ve been saving for a while now, and you have enough stashed away to support yourself for at least three months without working. You won’t need a huge amount of money as hostels are cheap, as are food and beers, plus there are plenty of opportunities to make your budget stretch further. Check out this

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by frankieleon CC BY 2.0

2. You’ve fantasizing about an adventurous  man/woman

If you’re looking for an adventure man, then you need be that adventure woman (and vice versa)!  You’re not going to find them sitting in your office cubicle, or in the mall. You’ll find them drinking bia hoi in Vietnam, chilling on Koh Phi Phi Island, scuba diving in exotic locations or on a yoga retreat in India. If that’s the kind of person you’re looking for, then it probably means that’s the kind of person you dream of being.  You can re-create yourself when you travel, so go ahead, who do you want to be?!

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Deanna Keahey CC BY-ND 2.0

3. But couldn’t go because of your workload!

If you’re beginning to lose count of the amount of cheap and ‘Peso Deals’ you’ve bought and subsequently wasted due to sudden work commitments, or your boss wouldn’t give you the time off, then maybe it’s time…

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Justin S. Campbell CC BY-ND 2.0



4. Your Instagram is full of other people’s travel pictures.

You like every photo of a waterfall, beach, mountain, market or temple that you see. You’ve read so many different travel blogs that you could plan a travel itinerary to any country in the world without even opening a guidebook!

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Radek Kucharski CC BY 2.0

5. You like to volunteer

You’ve spent so much time working for money, yet you don’t feel like it’s getting you anywhere. No matter how much you work and how much you earn, there are always more bills to pay, more new must-have gadgets to buy; it’s an endless cycle. You find yourself wondering, ‘What would it be like to work because I want to, not for money, but for the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing I’m contributing to something worthwhile?’

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Daniel Thornton CC BY 2.0

6. You’ve heard about Couchsurfing, and it sounds awesome!

You can’t think of anything more amazing than landing in a new country or city and sleeping on the sofa of someone you’ve never met before. You can now also join a community of mostly Filipino travellers on facebook if you want to be inspired by different travel stories or maybe just to look for a travel buddy!

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Ecin Krispie
CC BY 2.0

7. You’re a risk-taker and ready to travel on your own.

You’re tired of easy. You’re bored of the same day over and over again. You want to feel out of your depth in a situation that challenges you, maybe even scares you a little. Solo travel gives you exactly that. Although, in reality, you’ll never really be on your own when you’re travelling as you meet people wherever you go; in hostels; on buses; even just walking around. Being alone is something you learn to be comfortable with and a choice you make.

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by Lenny K Photography CC BY 2.0

8. You crave new and exotic food

You’ve eaten at practically every restaurant in town. There’s not a single Indian, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese eatery where you haven’t demolished the menu. You know there’s only one way to find more food – travel!

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by
Sean MacEnteet
CC BY 2.0

9. You’re eager to learn new skills

Medical research has found that continuous learning throughout our lives is incredibly beneficial to our mental wellbeing, helping us to feel good about ourselves and the world around us and boosting our self-esteem. All of this helps us to maintain a positive attitude towards life. If you feel like you haven’t learned anything new in a long time, or even if you haven’t learned anything new in the past week, then maybe it’s time.Kach TEFL Certificate

10. Your life feels empty and boring you want a new adventure!

Ok, so you’ve just got a great promotion, you’ve got perks, you love your colleagues and have a very supportive boss. You should be happy, you have everything you want, don’t you? If you do, then that’s great, I’m happy for you. On the other hand, if you have all those things and you still go home at the end of the day feeling empty, then maybe it’s time.

10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World
Photo by
James Mann
CC BY 2.0

If you feel like at least one of these is you, then maybe it’s time to quit your job to travel! So remember, if you decide to leave your job to travel, make sure it’s for the right reasons, or at the very least, for positive reasons!

Happy life. Happy travels. Happy You!

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29 thoughts on “10 Signs it’s time to Quit your Job to Travel the World

  1. I wish i could do travel as much i could. But life is not fair for all. I am glad that you use Turkish airlines by the way 🙂

  2. Hi Jon,

    Way cool experience on the sleeper train! We did a sleeper train in Vietnam and had our own little room; also did a sleeper bus in India where we slept on the top bunk/row.

    Keep on inspiring!


    1. Christine, yes it’s scary! Normal to be scared but you just have to be determined.. sleeper train was more of like a challenge not scary! haha

        1. Actually Christine, not really scary in India! You must go or better travel with a friend so you won’t be scared! Kayang kaya mo yan! =)

  3. Hi, Kach. I am so engrossed reading your blogs. I wish I can travel the world like you. Thank you for being an inspiration. God bless you!

    1. Beverly, thank you so much for reading, hope we can write more!! Hit me up for any articles you want us to talk about!! =)

    1. Hello Stacy, well if you decide to travel doesnt mean you dont love your family. But I understand your priorities! =)

  4. I love how you explained it better. It’s true, I’ve always read some posts about leaving the job to travel but didn’t explained or guided them if they should really quit. We should not decide too quickly on things.

  5. Finally it loaded. Love the pointers though I don’t agree with all but as they said, different stroke for different folks.

    1. Hey Kach! I would LOVE to!!! Please hit me up at [email protected]

      I am so sorry for not emailing you yet about the redesign too; just moved to a new place and along the way I kind of lost your email :O

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Written by Kach Umandap

Founder of Two Monkeys Travel Group. Since 2013, Kach has visited all the 7 continents (including Antarctica) and 151 countries using her Philippines Passport. In 2016, she bought a sailboat and went on sailing adventures with her two cats - Captain Ahab & Little Zissou in the Caribbean for 2 years. She now lives in Herceg Novi, Montenegro where she's enjoying her expat life and living on a gorgeous Stonehouse. She writes about her experiences traveling as a Filipina traveler with a PHL Passport. Also tips on backpacking trips, luxury hotel experiences, product reviews, sailing & adventure travel.