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Get the Most from your Travels with Today’s Technology like Shutterbee @Shutterbee_app

By Kach Umandap October 25th, 2016 Posted in Travel App Reviews, Travel Blog 19 Comments

Hundreds of years ago travel wasn’t for everyone. It was hard, expensive and often downright dangerous. It was mostly merchants who traveled for business purposes and sponsored explorers who traveled for geographic and scientific reasons. Getting from point A to point B took a lot of time.

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

Then came the railroad. Trains simplified people’s lives and brought about tremendous economic growth for countries that built railroads. Travel wasn’t as hard anymore. All you needed to do was buy a ticket and you could get from London to Egypt in as little as 5 days.

When airplanes were invented, travel took a huge leap forward. You can now fly across oceans to the opposite side of the globe in a mere 18 hours – an unbelievable thing for our ancestors. Just like for us it may be hard to imagine where travel progress could go from now.  

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

New technologies for travel

Besides the invention of and advancements in air travel, we have been seeing a lot of progress in digital technologies that help us stay connected while on a trip. You can talk to your family over a cell phone from almost any corner of the world. You can text-message them and often instantly share your trip experiences with your friends over social networks.

Having a smartphone and a good travel app with you in all your adventures lets you record what you see, hear or feel in a digital journal and share it with your friends, family and social contacts in real time. Even your great grandparents never would have thought this could be possible!

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

What is a good app to use for these purposes? We have a few that we’ve tried and there’s one app that seems to cover the most features a traveler may need. I am talking about ShutterBee, an app from an Australian team of developers. When you first start using ShutterBee, you get stunned by the sheer number of gorgeous photos from all over the world.

Save your travel photography

Both travelers and local enthusiasts post beautiful shots of natural and cultural sights, mostly located off the beaten track and not found in travel guidebooks. This is perfect for planning an uncommon adventure and getting inspired to venture into areas you may not have even heard about.

Map your travels

With ShutterBee you can create your personal travel map by adding countries you’ve been to, and sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. You can post photos and travel stories on ShutterBee and share them to your timeline on social networks too. Choose interesting users to follow, comment on their posts, ask questions via private chat or the public discussions board. The app even lets you keep a bucket list of destinations you would like to visit someday. It seems that ShutterBee already has every feature you may want in a travel app.

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

Would you want the perfect travel app to let you easily find information via hashtags? ShutterBee has it!

Do you want to be able to log your past travels and add them to your personal map? You can simply upload old photos to ShutterBee and get them attributed to proper locations. The app recognises location tags, if your photos have those, and automatically marks the countries on the map for you.

Do you absolutely have to be able to create posts while offline, when you are exploring areas with no network coverage? ShutterBee lets you create posts and queue them for upload with no Internet connection.

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

The Discussions board works sort of like a forum, where you can ask for advice from locals or experienced travelers, share your extraordinary stories or discuss any travel-related topic. For instance, if you need to find out how to get around in Beijing or Rio de Janeiro, you can start a topic with your question and tag it with #Beijing or #RiodeJaneiro #PublicTransportation. Users on ShutterBee seem to be really friendly and always enthusiastic about answering questions on subjects they are familiar with. If you have a story you think would shock, amuse or surprise people, put it out there in Discussions and talk about it with other travel buffs. The feature is both useful and fun.

Do you want the app to help you make new friends or find travel companions?

ShutterBee can do that in several different ways. For instance, whenever you get to a new place, you can look up nearby posts and see if there are other ShutterBee users currently exploring the same destination. You can send them a message and connect to make your trip more exciting, to share tips and experiences with each other and to possibly even save some money (you could split the cost of hiring a guide or a driver, give each other tips on inexpensive places to dine or shop at and so on).

two-monkeys-travel-travel apps-shutterbee-1Two Monkeys Travel – Travel Technology and Apps – Shutterbee

Competitive traveler?

To satisfy your competitive self, ShutterBee offers a ranking system, where users are ranked by the number of countries they have been to. It may work as a cool motivator to travel more, as if seeing amazing photos from exotic places wasn’t enough motivation already.

If you do decide to check out ShutterBee, do it before you head out on your next trip. This way you will have time to explore all of its features (and there is a lot to explore there) and be able to use it to its full potential when traveling.

If you’ve tried ShutterBee and have feedback, speak up in comments below. I’m curious to know what you think of it.

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19 thoughts on “Get the Most from your Travels with Today’s Technology like Shutterbee @Shutterbee_app

  1. oh wow! this is so informative. didn’t realize about shutterbee that there’s an app as brilliant as this. although, i’ve heard on this via twitter, but, never know the whole thing that could help for travelers.

  2. The millennial has indeed changed the landscape of traveling. Technology also makes traveling better each and every day! This app is really useful especially for less inexperienced travelers like me. I would want to try it, too!

  3. Since the app is designed for travelers, I will try this as soon as I have a confirmed trip. Hope it will help us both on the planning stage and during the trip.

  4. I have never heard of ShutterBee before this post and I’m quite surprised! I never knew there’s such a thing as social media only for travellers. I don’t travel much but I will surely take a look at it once I started travelling again. 🙂

  5. This post just reminded me to upgrade my phone. I need more space to download travel apps which I think are really useful. The apps that you have featured here are quite interesting but I may need more time to check it to compare with others. Great post, anyways! Travel apps are really on demand now.

    1. Absolutely! You can compare Shutterbee with other apps so you’d know which one will suit your preferences.

  6. I didn’t know there is now an app made solely for travel sharing. You see, in Facebook, there are now groups made containing thousands of members sharing their travel itineraries, advices, photos and videos. But of course, it’s not as organize and quite hard to follow since the group only has few controls.

  7. Technology improved travelling and everything else in our life. Despite some comment and thoughts about not appreciate anything “natural” anymore, but technology used the right way improves everything. All the technology tools for travelling are so helpful and it doesn’t take away this feeling about watching a gorgeous landscape. It makes things easier and if you wish some challenge like before, you’re free to do it that way. Anyway, this app sounds amazing and perfect for travellers, but I’ll even be tempted to try it myself. Thank you for sharing it, I didn’t know about it!

    1. Indeed! We can’t live without technology but we should use it the right way. You should definitely try ShutterBee, Nya!

  8. I agree, traveling is now convenient for us because of technology. I am a fan of travel apps when planning a trip because it’s convenient and if you book advance, there are so many discounts. I haven’t heard of this Shutterbee app but it seems cool so I’ll definitely check it out. Thank you so much for sharing this. 😀

  9. I have never heard of this app BUT will defo be checking it out.

    Years ago travel to other parts of the world seemed nearly impossible but now days we travel so often be it local or international.

    There are so many apps online so I love finding new ones and seeing if they satisfy my needs and are user friendly.The discussion boards are a great way to network. Thanks for sharing this app.

    I do like the option of find travel companions and friends while travelling as it can become lonely.It is always fun having likeminded company when you travel.

    1. We like that option too, Verushka. We want to be able to discover other travelers so that we can learn new things from them too.

  10. Gotta love technology! ShutterBee seems like a great app to use while travelling, and especially if you travel full time. I will keep this in mind for my coming adventours.

  11. After reading the things Shutterbee can do, the basic ones such as posting and sharing on social media, I was thinking, so what else is new and how does doing so benefit a traveler since Facebook does the same thing. Of course, I knew there was more. The nice thing about travelling is that being able to find and meet new people to share an experience is one of the perks. Shutterbee makes this happen by allowing connections. Nice app!

    1. It’s brilliant! ShutterBee app is versatile but easy-to-use. We love that we get to meet fellow travelers through this app.

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Written by Kach Umandap

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