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Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 27th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 46 Comments

I remember one of the participants of the #TripofWonders asked, “What’s our itinerary for tomorrow?”

“I guess in a village. Looks not really interesting.” I replied. (Shame on me that I could really say those words!)

Karma strikes as fast as it could. I checked the guide book and I saw the word T-R-A-D-I-T-I-O-N-A-L. Oh, wait, did I just say uninteresting? I adore every tradition. It’s one of the reasons why I keep wandering. So let me take that shameful response away and give you a bit of the not-so-usual experience I had instead.

What’s that not-so-usual experience, you ask?

It’s when old and modern fuse.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 1

Wishing to come back in old days where life seems slower but not brave enough to leave the comfort of the modern world? I got your back!

You can observe the patience of amazing women, weaving scarf and sarong with unique designs, by using traditional and basic tools.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 2

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 12As you made your picks, you can proudly wear these comfortable clothes and match them with handmade accessories, also made by the women of the village. Surely, those will support the details of today’s fashion.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 3

Sounds great? Then continue supporting local products like these!

Monkey DividersIt’s when land and water go together.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 4

No need to choose for an adventure. A trio islands are grouped for those eyeing both water and land activities without the hassle of traveling long.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 5Photo by: Hannah Cepe

Strolling by bicycle in an island is the best way to see the lives of tourists and locals, sharing each other’s stories, drinking and eating like there’s no tomorrow, negotiating for items or discussing the next adventure they will go to.

You see, a simple bicycle ride can also be as exciting as a you-only-live-once (YOLO) activity.

Well, if you can’t agree, it’s time to introduce a more thrilling stuff (maybe?) – snorkeling!

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 6

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 7Photo by: Hannah Cepe

The life in the underwater world could be more intriguing, right?

Monkey DividersIt’s when tradition and beaches blend in a trip.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 8
Go with the beat of (your) sound!

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 9

After seeing colorful performances that value a well-kept tradition, I bet the waves that go along in a boat trip would also be flawless movement to watch.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 13

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 14After being amazed by the talents a community can do, I bet the shades of sky that reflects in a sea would also be flawless view.

It’s when you could get chance to explore the Sasak Sade Traditional Village and the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia for short yet two wonderful days.

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 10

Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia 11

Oh yes, all those I am talking about are directed for these two destinations. Located in the east of Bali, Lombok has been making its name on the list of top places to visit for stunning beaches. The automobile and motorbike-free Gili Islands or Tiga Gili in Indonesian make up the Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, are all attracting visitors for an island getaway.

Well, now, you know, you can also have a sight of Sade Village. This is where the indigenous Sasak village have been maintaining their valued resources and tradition. Wood, bamboo walls, and thatched roofs are what the structures build of.

Make use of your time when you are in Lombok and better try this tradition-beach blend kind of trip!

Monkey DividersNote: The Tourism Ministry of Indonesia invited Two Monkeys Travel Group and other southeast Asian bloggers for the 10-day #TripofWonders in four destinations, including Lombok, but the views written on this article are fully my own.
Monkey DividersAbout the Writer

To Nuremberg: A Letter to the City I fell in love and will forever beJessica Ayun is a Freelance Writer who writes if 5-10 cups of coffee  a day will be served. She used to work as a TV Researcher but her feet are always curious to  step into new places so she decided to work in the communities of Visayas and Mindanao as  a  Documenter for almost two years, through a non-government organization (NGO). She tries to see the “real  happiness” in  every person she meets and every place she goes to. She will always choose mountains than beaches.



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46 thoughts on “Tradition and Beaches Blend in Lombok, Indonesia

  1. Truly beautiful! The beaches look amazing and the performances look fantastic! I’d love to visit one day.

  2. Simply Beautiful. I love that you have fused tradition with modern in this post. A great way to look at the world.

  3. Such a beautiful location, a real shame that i’ve never been able to visit this country. The sarongs and traditional crafts are so pretty.

  4. What amazing pictures. The people there also produce some awesome material. Thanks for giving us a peek into this world.

  5. I’ve never heard of this place, but the pictures make it look like paradise! I’ll have to do some research into it!

    1. Better, Mary! Feel free to leave a comment here if you want to know more things to do in Lombok, Indonesia too.

  6. lombook, sounds new to me, well the pictures in this post does all thats required for me, it tells a lot of stories on it all. i enjoyed reading this. thanks alot.

  7. It’s one of my traveling goals to discover people and local traditions every time I am away. I love interacting with the locals and experiences the food and the culture. I would happily jump on a bike and do a tour of the island, getting to discover the non touristy villages and simply talk to people. That’s the best way of traveling in my opinion.

  8. Tradition…”Where old and modern fuse”….I love it! And the irony of your statement about tradition and then the tour being called Tradition!

    1. Thank you, Taria! Glad you clearly got my message. Lombok, Indonesia is already an established tourist destination in terms of beach, but there is another thing to look at.

  9. Wow that looks like quite the experience. Those scarves are beautiful and I love that jewelry!


  10. It’s amazing that you’ve been able to experience so much traditional culture in this village. The performances must have been incredible.

  11. Those are some pretty neat traditions and may I saw those beaches are just gorgeous. I really liked your post. Keep up the good work.

  12. This is so freaking cool! I love the picture of the woman weaving. I felt like I was really traveling with you. Indonesia is on my bucket list.. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lombok is a little part of Indonesia for exploration, but sure you will enjoy it, Daisy. 🙂 Spending a week here would be great!

  13. On my journey to attempt to find mindfulness and appreciate the natural beauty of our world it is only natural that I am drawn to places like Indonesia. I would love to go x

  14. Lol! Traditional is seldom boring. This looks like the most wonderful experience, and how gorgeous are those fabrics?

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