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7 Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 10th, 2019 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

You’ve probably grown up to hear fairy tales and stories of kings and queens from lands far far away. But did you know that some of the most popular stories we heard as children came from this southern Scandinavian country, Denmark? In fact, you’ll even find a statue of the Little Mermaid in the country’s capital, Copenhagen.

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark

But this is just one among tons of cool sights and activities you’ll get to enjoy while you’re in the city. This Danish capital is home to millions of Danes who enjoy a good mixture of the old and new worlds. This former fishing village by the strait of Øresund also sorts of acts as a link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia due to its location.

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark1
Photo by Pug Girl CC BY 2.0

Find out why Denmark is known to be one of the happiest places on earth by trying out these fun activities while in Copenhagen.

1. Cycle around town

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark2
Photo by @markheybo CC BY 2.0

One of the things people love most about Copenhagen is the fact that it’s a bicycle-friendly destination. You’ll find lots of people riding their bikes on the daily to go from one point to another.

Why not travel like a local and rent your own bike to explore the town? You’ll get to see all the major tourist spots in the city like The Little Mermaid statue, Rosenborg Castle, Gefion Fountain, and more at your own leisurely pace. This will surely make traveling all the more enjoyable and less stressful.

Suggested tour: Join a small group of like-minded travelers and ride around town with a guide who can show you all the beautiful stops around.

2. Dine the Danish way

Photo by Maria Eklind CC BY-SA 2.0

We all have our meal staples, no matter where you’re from. Some people are used to having rice to fill their stomachs while other cultures have different kinds of bread to pair with their dishes.

In Denmark, you’ll find bread such as smørrebrød or rugbrød served with just about every meal made with either pork or fish. If you’re not into meat, you can also have it with Danish blue cheese instead.

Danish cuisine goes way back the olden times, originating from the peasant population who used to grow their own produce to consume. You’ll surely find a dish (or two!) that would suit your taste.

Suggested tour: Dine with an experienced foodie and try your hand at both the traditional and modern Danish dishes.

3. Get onboard a Canal Tour

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark4

Ever wanted to give yourself a different view of the city you’re exploring? Why not try getting on a canal tour to look around.

Copenhagen has a series of canals and harbor waters which you can definitely explore to get a good sense of the city, thanks to its location. While on the boat, you’ll have an amazing view of top attractions like the Amalienborg Palace, the Copenhagen Opera House, and even the colorful houses lining up the canals.

Suggested tour: To get to know the city more without the hassle of walking around and running into bigger crowds, get yourself a slot at this canal boat tour.

4. Visit Castles

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark5
Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo CC BY 2.0

Live your Danish fairytale dreams and fantasies by visiting an actual castle near Copenhagen. As a country that dates back centuries, there’s no surprise that Denmark has its fair share of fortresses and castles like the Hamlet and Frederiksborg Castles which tourists can visit and explore.

While you’re there, get a quick brush up on history as well by hearing stories about real-life Danish kings and queens and ancient wars between kingdoms.

Suggested tour: Join a tour that will take you to these UNESCO World Heritage castles and get to know more about the ancient Danes and the Vikings’ way of life.

5. Experience “Hygge”

If you try to look for the word “hygge” online, you won’t be able to find a single definition that would encapsulate its meaning. However, in essence, this word signifies the coziness and contentment that one feels by enjoying the simple things in life.

Hygge is a unique definitive feature of the Danish culture. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience hygge for yourself by sitting in a cafe, sipping on a cup of warm coffee and just taking in Copenhagen and the Danish life in all its glory.

Suggested tour: Go on your own journey towards experiencing hygge and find out what really makes Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world.

6. Get yourself some Danish Beer

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark6
Photo by Fredrik Rubensson CC BY-SA 2.0

Beer, you say? Well, it’s no secret that Denmark has some of the best-tasting beers ever, not only on this side of the world but all over. The most popular of its kind in the Danish market is the pale lager, known to be light-colored, dry, and crisp. However, some darker beers are slowly competing with this crowd favorite, too.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a taste of some of the best liquor in the world and add a visit to the city’s best beer bars.

Suggested tour: For beer lovers, a visit to Vesterbro is highly recommended if you want to get the best, most authentic Danish beer there are.

7. Learn about Danish Folk Legends

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark7
Photo by Entressen kirjasto CC BY 2.0

When you think of Denmark, you automatically remember the fantastic stories you once heard as a kid. But did you know that there’s so much to Danish folklore than what we’re familiar with?

Find out more about Denmarks’ tales of magical dragons, man-eating trolls, and even the famous “Sea Bishop” which, according to stories, was fish resembling a monk. Visit museums and other historical places where you’ll find out more about this side of the Danish culture.

Suggested tour: If you want to do some exploration by yourself, you can go and download an app exclusively for guiding tourists in their quest to discover Danish folklore.

8. Find accommodation in Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to Stay in Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark if you’re a Backpacker

Urban Camper Hostel (opens in November 2019)

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark8

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Location: 2C Lygten, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Get to know more about Urban Camper Hostel through reviews.

Where to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark for Families or Couples

Globalhagen Hostel

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark9

Price: Check prices here

Hours: Check-in from 14:00

Style: Modern

Star: 4 star

Location: Ravnsborggade 11, Nørrebro, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Where to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark if you want Luxury

Rosenborg Hotel Apartments

Things to Do in Copenhagen Denmark10

Price: Check prices here

Hours: Check-in from 14:00

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Location: 9 Landemærket, 1119 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get a tourist visa to Denmark with my Philippine passport?

If you want to visit Copenhagen, you must gain access to Denmark by scoring a Schengen visa.

Yes! Consider this visa as your golden ticket to Europe because getting one will give you access to most of the countries in the said continent. Make sure to do your homework and study the visa thoroughly before applying for a hassle-free process.

2. Is it safe to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark?

Yes! In fact, you can even consider Copenhagen, Denmark as one of the top destinations for solo female travelers because of how safe people feel when in town. Numerous accounts of visitors who have been in the country couldn’t help but praise Copenhagen for making them feel safe, even during the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, it still won’t hurt to keep your defenses up and be alert while traveling. There have been isolated cases of pickpocketing in the country, just like anywhere else. But for the most part, people love this city because of how free and safe they generally feel while here.

3. Is it true that they have a different currency in Denmark and not Euro?

It is! Denmark uses the Danish kroner (DKK) as its local currency, despite being technically a European Union member. You might have to exchange your Euro to the local currency while in the country as there might only be a few stores that will accept the said money as payment.

4. Is Copenhagen, Denmark expensive to visit?

Just like other Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen is on the steeper end when it comes to travel expenses. For instance, accommodations (to which a huge chunk of your expenses while in the city will go) start at a little less than $100 even during off-peak season.

To make sure you’re able to stretch your budget while traveling, make sure to do some research first. For instance, you can get an all-access pass to some attractions or find a hostel that serves free breakfast.

5. How do I get to a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark from Manila?

There are regular flights going this route via connecting flights from major countries like Bangkok, Taipei, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Istanbul and more. On average, a one-way Manila-Copenhagen flight goes on for almost 16 hours, including layovers.

6. When is the best time to visit Copenhagen, Denmark?

If you’re looking to join some major events in Copenhagen, you should plan to visit around June- August. This is also a time when the weather is the warmest.

However, if you’re not a fan of a big crowd of visitors, you should plan your visit from around March to May. The weather during this time is slightly milder than during the summer so it’s perfect for strolling around and just relaxing.

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