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Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino, Miami @toscanadivino

By Kach Umandap January 9th, 2016 Posted in North America Travel Blog, Restaurant and Recipes, Travel Blog No comments


Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6
Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino  (Image – Toscana Divino)

Location – Brickell, Miami – 900 South Miami Ave Miami FL

“At Toscana Divino we are passionate about good food, wine and Tuscan lifestyle” The vision of Toscana Divino as described by General Manager, Mauro Bortignon.

Since February 2012, Toscana Divino has been recreating the very best of Florence and Tuscany, not only in terms of cuisine, but in design, the arts and culture, through its menu of contemporary and traditional Tuscan cuisine. While the interior of the restaurant is somewhat grand and very modern, with high glass windows and a central glazed wine cellar, the atmosphere still looks, smells and feels 100% Italian – Bright, elegant, sophisticated, yet still relaxed, charming and naturally charismatic. An impressive balance!

Visit the Toscana Divino website to find out more!

Ethos and Philosophy

One of the core values of Toscana Divino is a core value and cornerstone of traditional Italian cooking – fresh, natural ingredients. As such, produced is sourced directly from local markets wherever possible, while vital Italian ingredients are imported directly from the best suppliers in Italy.

Signature Dishes

The world-famous La “Fiorentina” Porterhouse Steak, Served with Smoked Mashed Potatoes, Kale and Canellini Beans

Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6
Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino  (Image – Toscana Divino)

Also try any one of their pasta dishes, all made fresh and in-house.

The central glazed wine tower is also available for private dining on special occasions!

The Food

Our first entrée was Bruschetta with heirloom tomato, garlic, Maldon salt, buffalo ricotta and Florida honey Walnuts. Sharing fresh, healthy food, the Italian way.

Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6
Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino

To accompany the Bruschetta, another Italian staple, Prosciutto di Parma with Mozzarella di Buffalo.

The simple Risotto with butter and parmigiano reggiano was perfectly balanced in no more than three simple flavours.

Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6
Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino  (Image – Toscana Divino)

The Cacciucco with mussels, shrimps, calamari, lobster and tomato – Every ingredient could be tasted and deconstructed on the palette, showing the true freshness of every piece of produce.

Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami 6
Restaurant Review – Toscana Divino  (Image – Toscana Divino)

Pappardelle Alla Finocchiona with Fennel Sausage, Fennel Pollen and Pecorino – light, homemade pasta with the perfect texture, herb flavoured sausage meat, strengthened by the flavour of the Tuscan Pecorino cheese grated over the top.

The Experience

There’s a buzz and a vibrancy about Toscana Divino, everything shines, glistens or sparkles, yet everything remains humble and understated, because it knows how good it is and has no need to convince us of any of it. The staff are not just working, they are experts in their field and passionate about food, wine and the Italian experience. The fact that one of the owners of the restaurant is there on a daily basis, to oversee but also to eat, drink, greet and talk about the food and his home town in Tuscany speaks volumes for a 150 seat fine dining eatery in the heart of downtown Miami. Every mouthful of food is an experience in itself, the dishes so well constructed and ingredients do fresh that you can spend your whole meal playing with different flavour combinations with each forkful. If you’re looking for a real Italian fine dining experience, this is it.

SM Monkey - Section Dividers 1600 px

Note: This amazing food story experience was made possible in partnership with Toscana Divino, although all thoughts, ideas and opinions are entirely my own.

Two Monkeys Travel - Food Story - Toscana Divino - Miami

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