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5 Reasons Why Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is Perfect for Honeymooners

It’s all because of their BATHROBE! Kidding aside! If you watched our live video on Facebook, you could hear me saying ‘Oh My God!’ several times. That alone explains how amazing the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is for me. The hotel’s lobby screams elegance all over, from its grand staircase to its intricate furniture. Anyone with superb taste will fall in love with this hotel.

And speaking of love, Jonathan and I were so lucky to have been invited to stay at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam during our honeymoon! Some would ask, is this recommended for couples after their wedding?

Well, let me tell you 5 reasons why Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is one of the best (if not the best) hotels for honeymooners in Europe!

(You can check the latest discounted prices here or on their website)

1. Sweetest Location in Amsterdam

When you choose your hotel, make sure that its location is perfect for your planned itinerary. You wouldn’t want to book a room in an area where you need to travel hours from the tourist spots. You are on your honeymoon for crying out loud! Have some intimate time with your partner rather than waste it traveling from the famous spots to your hotel.

5 Reasons Why Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is Perfect for Honeymooners
Photo by VV Nincic CC BY 2.0

Ask anyone who booked at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam and they would all commend the hotel’s location. It is in the heart of Amsterdam where museums, heritage spots, and luxury shops are within your reach. Now you can easily buy your post-wedding presents! I’m giving you some ideas here, ladies. 🙂 But seriously, if you want to enjoy what Amsterdam has for you, get a room at this hotel.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Luxury StayIf you want to know the attractions you can find near this awesome hotel, check the list below (list from the hotel’s website):

(Anne Frank Museum,  Artis Zoo , Begijnerhof , Carré Theatre , Concert Hall , Dam Square, Hermitage Museum,  Magere Brug, New Church, Rembrandt Huis, Rijksmuseum, Royal Palace,  Scheepsvaart Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Stopera Theatre, Utrechtsestraat Shopping Street , Vincent van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark)

The staff should be able to help you if you need assistance with your itinerary.

2. Intimate Rooms perfect for Couples

We stayed in one of the best rooms within Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam which is located in the hotel’s loft. Seeing our room, I wanted someone to pinch me because I still could not believe that I’m being housed in this classy and elegant property in Amsterdam. You see, I can still remember our days in South America when we were almost broke and I told Jonathan I’m going to luxuriously travel around Europe. And finally, it is happening right before my eyes.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Luxury StayDo you know what’s good about the rooms in Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam? Each is very unique, but all are equally stunning in their way. You can choose from their Guest Rooms, suites,s a, and Accessible Rooms which range from 28 – 123 sq. m. It’s pretty hard to choose which ones to specifically book because everything is a must-try.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Luxury StayWhat makes it even more perfect for honeymooners? The BED! My word, it is so comfortable and perfect after touring Amsterdam. You can get a good night’s rest – or other ‘good stuff’ late at night. 😉

All the rooms include the following :

  • 42 – inch flat screen TV
  • Entertainment System
  • Wi-FII (This one impressed me so much. If you watched our live video, you can tell that the connection is sturdy and reliable.)
  • Desk
  • Bathroom TV
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Bathroom Amenities
  • Espresso Machine
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
This is just too relaxing.

3. Romantic Views from all of the Rooms

As newlyweds, you would always want to start your day the best way you could. The sight of your partner first thing in the morning is already a treat, but the views of the canal or the courtyard garden from Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam will make it even more romantic. The rooms have large windows that will help you savor the view even more.

5 Reasons Why Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is Perfect for Honeymooners (2)

4. Dreamy Hotel Amenities

I’m pretty much content with what our room has to offer. But Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam was just starting. As I checked their amenities, I already wanted to pull Jonathan from our room to try these out (he was wearing his bathrobe in our room when I did the live video). 🙂

Guerlain Spa

5 Reasons Why Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is Perfect for Honeymooners (3)
Photo by Insert Magazine CC BY-NC 2.0

Preparing for a wedding can be fun but extremely exhausting. Hence, a post-wedding massage treatment from Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is perfect to calm down the nerves. There’s even an area where ladies can retouch themselves with high-end makeup products after their treatments.

In – House Restaurants  

Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam

Do you want to have a 2 Michelin – Star experience? You don’t have to leave the hotel because you can have that at Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam. Executive Chef Sidney Schutte will give you the most scrumptious dishes made with fine and sometimes exotic ingredients.

Goldfinch Brasserie

Executive Chef Sidney Schutte & Sous-Chef Tomas Bron will provide you with traditional dishes with modern twists.

Vault Bar 

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Get the best cocktails from the hotel’s Vault

This is an interesting spot to relax. This is considered a very remarkable cocktail venue. And yes, it is situated in an actual vault!

Peacock Alley 

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
No wonder I’m gaining weight
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
The beautiful Armillary sphere

If you are in the mood to have an afternoon tea, then this is the perfect spot for you. Check out the view of the garden and be amazed by the famous Armillary sphere.


Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamDo you want to renew your wedding vows? Then the courtyard will be the best option with its majestic view and jaw-dropping landscape.

5. Passionate Service from the Staff

The staff from Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam are so amazing. You can check some of them from my video. They are so warm and so genuine. ‘Passionate’ is the most appropriate description I could give them. They deserve a slow clap for that. 🙂

Can you believe that it was Jonathan’s first time visiting Amsterdam? The entire Dutch – experience given to us by Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam makes me want to come back once more. It was a high season when we visited Amsterdam but the hotel made us feel otherwise. It was so spacious and relaxing all in all. Some might say that the rooms are pricey. But if you weigh the class of service, the hotel’s location, and all the amenities you can get from it – I would say it’s worth it.

You can watch our LIVE Video tour here:

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Note: We were guests of the hotel and all opinions and texts are all mines!

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