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Guide on How to Register and Contribute as a PhilHealth Member

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 18th, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog One Comment

Being a Philhealth Member has perks? Why? Because nobody is immune to sickness and not a lot of people have the means to pay hospital bills or medicines. Operations are quite costly and some don’t have a budget for that.

Here comes PhilHealth, a government corporation that is in charge of the National Health Insurance Program of the Philippines. The NHIP will help pay the medical bills for a PhilHealth member or his/her dependents who are sick or hospitalized, a portion or wholly. 

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute

Being a PhilHealth member not only allows you less payment in your hospital or clinic bills but also of your dependents. Sometimes, from Php 50,000 total bill – you can pay less than half of it. If you can afford contribution, hurry and register now. But if you don’t have a job or can’t really afford it then there is a program for Indigents were the government pays for you.


This is really helpful, so be a PhilHealth member now! 

Who can be a PhilHealth member?

Anybody, Filipino or Foreigner, can be a member of PhilHealth, however, your category will depend on your status of employment. 

Categories of a PhilHealth Member

Formal Economy

  • Private or Government Workers
    • Regular
    • Casual
    • Contractors or Project-Based
  • Business Owners
  • Househelpers and Family Drivers

Informal Economy

  • OFWs
    • Documented or undocumented Overseas Filipino Workers
    • Sea-based or Landbased
  • Informal Sector
    • Vendors – market or streets
    • Drivers – tricycles
    • (and the like)
  • Self-Earning Professionals
    • Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc.
  • Dual Citizenship Filipinos
  • Naturalized Filipino Citizens
  • Foreign Citizens
    • Working, residing or studying in the Philippines
  • Organized Groups
    • Missionaries like Priests, nuns, pastors, etc.


  • People whose contributions are paid by a sponsor – another person, government or private entity


  • People with no means of getting income or have insufficient financial resources
  • Identified by DSWD

Senior Citizens

  • 60 year old +
  • Filipino residents of the Philippines
  • Not in any other membership categories

Lifetime Members

  • 60-year-old + individuals
  • 56-year-old + uniformed personnel 
  • 55-year-old + underground miner-retirees
  • All must have at least 120 paid monthly contributions in PhilHealth
Different Insurance Policies in the Philippines
Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash

Dependents of a PhilHealth Member

When you register with PhilHealth, you can also add dependent family members. They can have separate coverage for up to 45 days in a year but they are shared. So, if you have 2 dependents, A and B. A has been sick and was covered for 10 days and B has been hospitalized for 40. Then 5 days shall not be covered for both of them, only a total of 45.

In your registration, please don’t forget to name them so that it is included in your MDR.

Qualified dependents:

  • Legitimate husband/wife who is not a PhilHealth Member
  • Children – legitimate, acknowledged and illegitimate (your name must appear in Birth Certificate), adopted, stepchildren below 21 years old. They must be unmarried and unemployed.
  • Children – 21-year-old plus but suffering a disability (mental or physical) that makes them ask for support from qualified members
  • Foster child
  • Parents – 60 years old plus not a member of PhilHealth
  • Parents of any age with a permanent disability that makes them dependent on you for support

How to register as a PhilHealth Member?

Walk-in PhilHealth Office11

1. Download, print, and fill-out PhilHealth Member Registration Form. 2 Copies, please.
(You can get this at the PhilHealth Office though)

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute

2. Go to a PhilHealth Express Outlet or a Local Health Insurance Office.

3. Submit PMRF at the office. Bring also a photocopy of your Birth Certificate, a Valid ID. If you are a foreigner; include a copy of your Alien Registration Card.

4. Wait for your Member Data Record (MDR) and PhilHealth ID Card.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute1

Online PhilHealth Membership

This is for Employed Members, Self-Employed, OFWs, and Retirees

1. Go to this website
If you belong to the category, click proceed.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute2

2. Read the terms and conditions.
Check the box and click Accept.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute3

3. Fill-up the necessary information.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute4

4. Don’t forget to add all your dependents. You may “Add Beneficiary” if you have more than one.

5. Upload a document certifying your identity.
It can be any Valid ID or Birth Certificate or Barangay Certificate, and many more.
Upload also your ER2; if you are an employee or your Employment Certificate.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute5

6. Review the details you have typed.

7. Enter the captcha, check the box and click “submit registration”.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute6

8. Check your email for the confirmation and your PhilHealth number.

PhilHealth Regional Offices

You can go to this link to see where you could apply or inquire about your PhilHealth membership. However, this is the list of the regional offices of PhilHealth.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard
1603 Pasig City

PRO I – Dagupan
EMDC Bldg., Sec. Francisco Q. Duque, Jr. Road, Tapuac District,
Dagupan City, Pangasinan

PRO II – Tuguegarao
The Builder’s Place, Del Rosario St.
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

PRO CAR – Baguio
SNOBT Inc. Building, No. 19 Leonard Wood Road
Baguio City 2600

PRO III-A – San Fernando
G/F PhilHealth Bldg., Lazatin Blvd., San Agustin,
San Fernando City, Pampanga C-2000

PRO III-B – Malolos
The Cabanas Mall of Malolos 2nd and 3rd floors N4 Bldg.
Km. 44/45 MacArthur Highway Longos, Malolos City, Bulacan

VCP Building, Block 56, Lot 11, 68 Kalayaan Avenue
Teacher’s Village West, Quezon City

PRO IV-A – Lucena
Lucena Grand Central Terminal, Brgy. Ilayang Dupay
Lucena City

PRO IV-B – Batangas
Caedo Commercial Center
Calicanto, Batangas City 4200

PRO V – Legazpi
ANST III Building
Alternate Road, Legazpi City

PRO VI – Iloilo
Gaisano Capital Building, Luna Street
Lapaz, Iloilo City

PRO VII – Cebu
Golden Peak Hotel & Suites
Gorordo Ave. corner Escario St., Cebu City 6000

PRO VIII – Tacloban
PhilHealth Building 167 P. Burgos St.
Tacloban City, Leyte

PRO IX – Zamboanga
BGIDC Corporate Center, Gov. Lim Ave.
Zamboanga City

PRO X – Cagayan De Oro
8F Gateway Tower 2, Limketkai Center, C.M. Recto Avenue
Cagayan de Oro City

Lynzee’s Building, 766 J. Rosales Avenue,
Butuan City

PRO XI – Davao
Valgosons Building Bolton Extension
Poblacion, Davao City

PRO XII – Koronadal
CSA I Building Cor. Zulueta Street, General Santos Drive
Koronadal City

PRO ARMM – Marawi
Kouzbary Business Complex, Alibin Talib Street, New Capitol HTs,
Marawi Poblacion, Marawi City

PhilHealth Member Contribution

For Employees

The new rate is 3.00% for 2020 of your Monthly Basic Salary. The lowest premium is Php 300.00 which will be shared 50:50 by your employer and you. So for example, your salary will be deducted Php 150.00 for PhilHealth membership contribution while the other Php 150.00 is paid by the employer.

There has been a new table for the year 2020. Check the table from PhilHealth Website:

For Individually Paying Members

  • Monthly income of Php 10,000 and below – Php 300 monthly or Php 3,600 per year
  • Monthly income of Php 60,000 and above – Php 1,800 monthly or Php 21,600 per year

PhilHealth Contributions Deadline

  • Monthly – Until last day working day of the month e.g. January 31 (January)
  • Quarter – Until last day working day of the quarter e.g. March 31 (January – March)
  • Semi-annual – Until last day working day of the first quarter of the semester e.g. March 31 (January – June)
  • Annual – Until last day working day of the first quarter of the year e.g. March 31 (January – December)

PhilHealth Collecting Partners

As per PhilHealth Website, you can pay at these places for your PhilHealth member contribution:

Over-the-counter Collection in the Philippines

  • Asia United Bank Corporation
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Bank One Savings & Trust Corporation
  • Camalig Bank Inc. (A Rural Bank)
  • Century Rural Bank, Inc.
  • Century Savings Bank Corporation
  • China Banking Corporation
  • China Bank Savings, Inc.
  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
  • Citystate Savings Bank, Inc.
  • Development Bank of the Philippines.
  • East West Rural Bank, Inc.
  • Land Bank of the Philippines
  • Local Government Units (selected LGUs only)
  • Maybank Philippines, Inc.
  • Money Mall Rural Bank, Inc.
  • One Network Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank)
  • Overseas Filipino Bank, Inc., (formerly Philippine Postal Savings Bank)
  • Penbank, Inc. (A Private Development Bank)
  • Philippine Business Bank, Inc.
  • Philippine Veterans Bank
  • RCBC Savings Bank, Inc.
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
  • Robinsons Bank Corporation
  • Rural Bank of Bambang (N.V.), Inc.
  • Rural Bank of Jose Panganiban (CN), Inc.
  • Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina (NO), Inc.
  • Saviour Rural Bank, Inc.
  • SM Retail, Inc.
  • UCPB Savings Bank
  • Union Bank of the Philippines
  • United Coconut Planters Bank

Over-the-counter Collection outside the Philippines

  • Bank of Commerce
  • CIS Bayad Center
  • Development Bank of the Philippines
  • iRemit, Inc.
  • Ventaja International Corporation

Online Payment

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (via Bizlink)
  • Citibank N.A. (via Citiconnect)
  • Land Bank of the Philippines (via EPS)
  • Security Bank Corporation (via Digibanker)
  • Union Bank of the Philippines (via OneHUB)
  • BancNet Inc.(via e-Gov facility)

Online PhilHealth Membership Record

Register your PhilHealth Account

1. Go to this link and fill in your information.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute8

2. If you have successfully registered, please check your e-mail to activate your account.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute9

3. Check your e-mail. Click the link to activate your account.
You will be given a temporary password to use.

Check your PhilHealth Record

1. Go to this link
Log-in using your PIN and the password sent in your e-mail.

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute10

2. Click on what you would want to know – your record, your contributions or your MDR

PhilHealth How to Register and Contribute11

Being a member of PhilHealth is easy! You can do it online. You can process less than an hour at a PhilHealth office. You can do it outside the Philippines, too! The contributions are also cheaper compared to other health insurance.

The minimum is only Php 1,800.00 per year if you are an employee. It’s Php 3,600 if you are an individual payer. However, you could save more than that if someone gets sick. But, I always prefer no one gets sick or admitted to the hospital. In case of emergencies, this is very helpful. It’s really worth it to have a PhilHealth membership!

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One thought on “Guide on How to Register and Contribute as a PhilHealth Member

  1. Hello. I would like to ask if its allowed to pay thru bayad centers? I am an ofw and my philhealth expired last may25 and today my sister paid for it thru bayad center for 6 months. How am I going to check if my contribution reflects in my account? Thank you.

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