Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I’m Onsen Spa in Makati

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An oasis of peace and calm, I’m Onsen Spa in Makati, the Philippines is the perfect retreat for days when you just need a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati

While there are numerous other wellness spas in Manila, your first choice should be I’m Onsen Spa if you are after the best experience and treatments. After all, it is the first and largest onsen spa in the country, covering six floors as part of the 5-star I’m Hotel in the Poblacion area of Makati. How can you go wrong?

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati
Photo by I’M Onsen Spa

Compared to every other spa in the Philippines, this is the most modern spa we have ever been in. It is so serene, and the interior design lulls you effortlessly into relaxation. The lockers are particularly nice as everything you need inside – so well organized!

My husband and I tried their Yinyang couple’s Massage, and it was great. Another time, I paid PhP 13,000 and tried the Balancing Body Silk Treatment with my Lola, Tita Mavis, my younger sister Krista, and sister-in-law Kisse, and I highly recommend it. The Dagdagay Foot Reflexology should not be missed, too. The bottom line: whatever treatment you pick, it will be good! Plus, it comes with a superb lunch buffet or dinner, too.

However, if you compare the experience to top international spas, there is room for improvement. When we visited, the spa is only in its soft opening, so the staff is still new to it. But I am sure they will do better, if not already exceeding expectations!

So the next time your body hungers for a wonderful spa experience, do not hesitate to visit I’m Onsen Spa at the luxurious I’m Hotel in Makati. It is sure to be one of your most pleasurable spa experiences yet! Don’t just take my word for it – below are the facts that prove this is the ultimate onsen experience in the Philippines.

An Oasis of Relaxation in the Heart of Makati

Step inside I’m Onsen Spa and instantly, you feel as if you are far away from the busy and chaotic city. The dark and muted interior design creates a sense of tranquility while the open spaces just allow you to breathe. The setup alone excites your mind and body about the glorious rejuvenating experience that is to come. As mentioned, it is the first sento-style spa in the country. A sanctuary of relaxation, it combines quality treatments, ingredients, services, and packages to bring you complete relaxation.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati

Treat Your Body to the Full Onsen Experience

For centuries, the Japanese art of onsen has been practiced, and now is the time for you to experience it yourself. Soak in the warm onsen waters and take pleasure in its relaxing and healing properties. Let the mind and body go and allow the water to carry your stresses away. This kind of onsen bathing also promotes good circulation, speeds metabolism, and activates body systems.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati

Literally, “onsen” means hot spring, but what it makes special is the high concentration of minerals found in the bath. There are three kinds of onsen baths at I’m Onsen Spa, and each comes with a unique set of therapeutic properties:

  • Carbonated Bath – Using proprietary Japanese technology, this bath is prepared by infusing the warm water with high concentrations of purified carbon dioxide. Benefits include skin rejuvenation, detoxification, improvements in circulation, and lowering of blood pressure.
  • Mineral Bath – For the softest skin that can rival a baby’s, sink into a mineral onsen. The minerals here have been extracted from the most popular springs in Japan and are 100% natural. It is alkaline by nature, creating a “tsuru-tsuru” effect or soft baby skin with no dirt or sebum.
  • Ceramic Bath – Similar to the Mineral Bath, the onsen water is filled with natural mineral extracts from Japan. Absolutely no chemicals are added, but the result is still stunning: beautiful baby soft skin!

Wellness Rituals You Should Not Miss

Thoughtfully put together by wellness specialists and master aromatherapists, the spa menu of I’m Onsen Spa ensures top class restoration and rejuvenation. The relaxing rituals allow the body to heal and recover, leaving you feeling beautiful, glowing, and brand-new from the inside and out.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati
Photo by I’M Onsen Spa

1. Therapeutic Touch – These are wellness massages that use a combination of techniques to relax the body, loosen deep muscle tissues, restore energy, remove blockages, and ease tension, aches, and pains.

  • I’m Onsen Spa Signature Massage
  • Healing Stone Therapy
  • Shiatsu
  • Yinyang Couple’s Massage
  • Aromassage

2. Body Silk – Indulge in nourishing flower scrubs and spices to transform your skin into its silky best

  • Warming – A mix of chili oil, white ginger, organic sugar and red rice.
  • Rejuvenating – Tropical jasmine, wild honey, and lemongrass oil blend.
  • Balancing – A blend of local sea salt, ylang-ylang, and sweet basil essence blended with coconut and rice bran oils.
  • Energizing – A combination of Kaffir lime, lemon, and local orange blended with organic red rice powder.

3. The sense of Place – Pick from this sumptuous list of traditional healing techniques from the Philippines and revive your mind and body.

  • Hilot – The massage is based on energy lines of the body, as well as pressure point techniques.
  • Ventosa – Cupping technique and therapeutic Asian herbal essences are used to restore energy.
  • Barako Coffee Body Glow – Harness the power of coffee to get the velvety glowing skin.
  • Dagdagay Foot Reflexology – Acupressure for the foot and legs to balance and renew the body.

4. Fountain of Youth – Facial treatments to leave you refreshed and beautiful.

  • Onsen Spa Signature Facial
  • Ageless Facial Therapy
  • Brightening Facial
  • Gentlemen’s Tonic

Find Comfort at I’m Onsen Spa’s Facilities

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati
Photo by I’M Onsen Spa

Dedicated to your wellness, healing, and pleasure are these high-quality spa facilities:

1. Wellness Suites

  • Two gender-specific wellness suites with two onsen pools featuring varying water properties
  • Finnish wooden sauna
  • Steam room infused with seven herbs and pure essential oils
  • Electronic lockers
  • Rain showers

2. Spa Suites

  • Gender-specific spa pods
  • Couple suites with Jacuzzi
  • Executive suites with exclusive lounge and services
  • VIP party lounge equipped with Wi-Fo, satellite and teleconferencing facilities, LCD and direct projectors, videoke system, and private rest room and lavatory

Giving You Nourishment From the Inside Out

After your treatment, proceed to the Relaxing Tea Lounge and enjoy wellness tea from an extensive selection of 5,000-year-old traditional oriental tea recipes.

Treat Yourself to Relaxation Heaven at I'm Onsen Spa in Makati
Photo by I’M Onsen Spa

And as a fitting end to your day of pampering and leisure, satisfy yourself with a deluxe buffet at Bloom Restaurant. Spoil yourself with delicious international and local offerings prepared by the world-class chefs. Truly a masterful end to your glorious day at I’m Onsen Spa!

This trip was arranged by Tourism Promotions Board. Special thanks to Mr. Gerry Panga, the Tourism Attaché and Director for Northern and Southern Europe, Department of Tourism.

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