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10 Best Holiday Gadgets for 2021

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 25th, 2019 Posted in Travel Gear Reviews One Comment

2019 is in full swing, and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a bit bleak. Between the harsh cold, constant fear of rain and the numerous news reports about the impending snow, the weather has definitely brought us all down after Christmas and New Year.

The only sure-fire way of addressing this is to jump online and book your summer holiday, giving you something to look forward to in the coming months. We’d suggest doing it soon because according to figures, tourism in 2019 is set to hit historic levels following a 6% rise in international travel in 2018.

With that in mind, once you’ve booked your holiday, you’ll want to ensure you pack all the best bits and pieces to take with you, from a portable camera to essential vape shop supplies. This will obviously include all those essential travel gadgets to keep you entertained and prepared at all times.Polaroid Camera - Travel Gadgets of Two Monkeys Travel

If you’re unsure what you should take with you, let us point you in the right direction when it comes to your 2019 travel gadgets.

1. E-Reader

It’s not just tourism that’s booming this year, but the sales in books at the airport have surged too. This was discovered after WH Smith reported a 16% sales increase in the firm’s travel arm, which can only be down to people realising they have nothing to read while waiting at the terminal.

By packing an e-reader, you can ensure you not only skip the queues and avoid the limited options, but you’ll also be able to bring as many books as you want on holiday with you.

2. Mobile Wi-Fi

Now, this is something everyone will be thankful for while traveling. Ensuring you can post that Instagram story and send that WhatsApp message while on the move, there’ll be no worries if your service provider doesn’t provide coverage for you. With many of these devices providing up to 15 hours of Wi-Fi time, you’ll be connected throughout the day and night.

Road Trip in USA - Tep Wireless for Portable Internet

3. Solar Powerbank

Obviously, what’s the point in having gadgets if they aren’t charged? There isn’t any really. That’s why having a power bank with you at all times will really help. However, rather than opting for one that’s battery powered or needs charging itself, opt for a solar powered one instead. Harnessing the power of the sun, if you’re on a beach or poolside holiday, just pop this next to you as you relax, and let the UV rays top up your tan while topping up your power. This will essentially guarantee that you’re connected no matter what.

4. Best Travel Drone

A drone is undoubtedly the best travel gadget so far and every traveller wishes to have one in his pack. Drones have the best ability to efficiently capture spectacular images and videos from vantage points. These wonderful scenes would have been difficult or even impossible to be captured otherwise. The best drone is always equipped with improved battery life, greater range, faster speeds, Omni-directional sensors, upgraded camera quality, etc.

5. Handmade Vintage Backpack

A backpack is the most supportive thing throughout your journey and if it is a handmade vintage backpack, it is the best. A good quality backpack of this sort usually has 11x15x5 dimensions with a lot of capacity for your essentials. It is often made of genuine goat leather naturally tanned with sunflower oil only without any bad smell whatsoever. The whole inside of this bag is lined with sturdy but soft canvas. Facilitated with various portions each with small and large pockets, this backpack has a wonderful capacity to pack all you need. A handmade vintage backpack normally possesses real brass metal and steel accessories. This charming backpack may be used as a laptop bag, courier bag, leather messenger bag for men, etc. Nowadays, modern backpacks are coming fitted with USB charging spot to power up your phone on the go. They also possess a spot on the strap to attach your phone while charging it.

6. Flash Light

Besides being a flashlight, a flask light doubles itself as a flask whenever required. Serving for both the great purposes, a flashlight is really an astonishing travel gadget of modern science. It takes a very small space to pack itself, but it serves great. An efficient stainless steel flask light normally carries 10 ounces of booze which remains fresh for 20 hours on bright mode and for 40 hours on dim and S.O.S. mode. There are also available two collapsible short glasses to serve you whenever needed. Besides, some flask lights are also equipped with a removable compass, showcasing the versatility of this multi-tool.

7. Smallest Automated Travel Vacuum

Another great travel gadget which keeps serving you time and again during your whole journey is a small automated travel vacuum. This gadget makes each of your trips pleasant and memorable, as it gives you perfect result within minutes. This is a portable, compact, lightweight and practical gadget which gives you 100% in the shortest possible time. It comes with a universal power supply device compliant with EMC regulations. It also has an adapter for the bag valve and is compatible with a 12V car cigarette lighter as well. It can suck the air on its own without any need of your holding it in place during the process.

8. Water Purifier Bottle

This is one of the best cool fitness gadgets and is ideal for global traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. You simply have to fill, press and drink without any botheration of squeezing, sucking, pumping or prolonged waiting. This fantastic gadget filters the water of sediments, chemicals and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, etc. It also eliminates bad odors and improves clarity and flavor. On top of everything, it also removes 99.99% of viruses of dangerous diseases.

9. Best Multisport GPS Watch

This very useful gadget facilitates and serves you a lot on your traveling adventure. With the latest multisport GPS watch, you can get accurate heart rate information, analyze the stats on your favorite sites, choose past performances to race against and train in your optimal heart rate zone. So, this is a fabulous gift for your adventurous journey.

10. Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

This travel gadget is highly serving in view of its amazing features. A modern solar-powered inflatable light has 14—16 hours backup on LOW and 8—10 hours on HIGH. It is equipped with a high efficiency built-in solar panel which recharges the internal battery in 6—7 hours of sunlight. It is waterproof to one meter deep and can float as well. It has a small snap to keep it securely folded and a carabineer loop for easy charging on the go.

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