30 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your British Husband or Boyfriend

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No matter how busy our lives may be at work or while we travel and discover the world, Christmas remains to be one of the most anticipated times of the year for us. And as this special season approaches, most of us are already busy formulating the best Christmas gift ideas for your British husband or boyfriend as well as the Christmas gift list for our loved ones, colleagues, and friends.

One of the most important people that should be on top of our Christmas gift list is our better half, that special person who we hold dear the most. Although they seem to manage to live a simple life and be happy with what they have, pampering them every now and then, especially during Christmas is indeed a great idea.

Check our list below of different products that are ranging from $8 to $860. Here’s a list of the top 29 gift ideas for your British husband or boyfriend, or practically for any man who has a special spot in your heart.Monkey Dividers

For the Laidback Boyfriend

1. Permanently Etched Good Day, Bad Day 11 oz. Rocks Glass

Permanently Etched Good Day, Bad Day 11 oz. Rocks GlassAny bad day would turn out good with a glass of whiskey or bourbon on the one hand and a slice of pizza on the other. End his day delighted and relieved as you drink and unwind with this unique and funny Christmas gift for men. You can buy one online for $14.99.

2. Muscle & Joint Therapeutic SoakMuscle & Joint Therapeutic Soak

Offer a weekend of pleasure and relaxation as your Christmas gift for him by allowing dear husband soak in a therapeutic bath while you massage his neck and back. Score this for $14.50 via Amazon. You can also jump in for some invigorating experience with your love.

3. Headset and Eye Mask Headband

Headset and Eye Mask HeadbandLooking for unique gifts for men this Christmas? Get him this headband that can work as a sleeping headphone, stereo music headset and headwear eye mask for sleep. Tagged at $9.99 -$12.98 a piece, this Christmas present for him is definitely a steal!

4. Serenity Bath Pillow

Serenity Bath PillowImagine having a nice warm bath with a relaxing pillow under you neck while you listen to your favorite music and smell the aroma of dinner waiting outside? This Christmas gift for your boyfriend will be a hit! Score your bath pillow from Amazon at $34.99 and print a nice recipe online for a one of a kind experience for him.

5. Eagle Nest Outfitter’s Single Nest Hammock

Eagle Nest Outfitter’s Single Nest HammockLet him enjoy time alone in the woods or on his favourite deck by giving him this easy to install and carry-around hammock. Prepare your sunblock lotion because the dear husband will have more reason to explore nature with you. This Christmas gift for your British husband or boyfriend can be bought online for $59.95.

6. Portable Flux Folding Chair

Portable Flux Folding ChairThe outdoors has this charming appeal to men. A portable outdoor chair is one of the best gift ideas for men who enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, or simply enjoys soaking under the sun. Grab one now at $49.99 and surprise him on Christmas Eve with this perfect gear for outdoor activities.

Monkey DividersFor the Adventurer Husband

7. Paracord Grenade Survival Kit

Pocket Blanket
The warrior in him will love this ultralight and easy-to-carry outdoor kit. Priced at $14.97, the kit includes a carabiner, fire starters and tinder, a fishing kit, a knife blade and other outdoor accessories. Available at Amazon for $14.97, you can include this on your list of options for your Christmas presents for him.

Perfect for hiking, camping or at the beach. This easy to carry water-resistant and compact is perfect for any venue. This is a perfect Christmas gift for my British husband who loves being in different places. Imagine an impromptu picnic with him beneath a tree in South America with exotic fruits to dig in – worth your $22.95!

8. Waterproof Mountain Ski Jacket

Waterproof Mountain Ski JacketThis Christmas gift for your husband is actually a very good investment if your family enjoys skiing during winter or enjoys travelling around the Alpines. You might even want to get one for yourself online at $62.98. Lie around and create snow angels while creating awesome memories with the love of your life.

9. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry BagPerfect for short outdoor escapades and can also double as your emergency bags at home. This gear is also perfect for the beach, rafting, boating , and camping. You’ll get to eat more fresh fish if you upgrade your husband’s fishing gears and accessories this coming Christmas. You can buy one here for $18.99-$31.99.

10. Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Polarized Sports SunglassesWith UV4000 protection and anti-fog features, this gift for men is indeed one of the best ideas for your outdoor-inclined partner. He’ll get to enjoy more time under the sun without harming his eyes. You’ll get him paying less attention to the other girls as well while you two are at the beach for just $16.95!

11. Hydration Backpacks

Hydration BackpacksWhether your husband or boyfriend enjoys running, hiking or biking, this hydration backpack from Amazon will keep them hydrated. It even keeps liquids cool up to 4 hours and has multiple storage compartments for your other gears. This Christmas gift for your boyfriend is available online for only $26.99.

Monkey DividersFor the Travel Junkie

12. Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Digital Hanging Luggage ScaleA digital scale that can carry up to 110 pounds is one unique Christmas gift for your boyfriend or husband. They can even bring it along while they explore the wet markets is Asia. Score one for $7.99 via this link.

13. High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer Backpack

High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer BackpackKeep his gear safe and secure even while he travels with this easy to tag along wheeled computer backpack. He’ll have more time holding your hand when the other is busy around pulling this bag at the airport or on your favourite train station. This can be bought from Amazon at $63.48.

14. Concealed Travel Pouch & Passport Holder

Concealed Travel Pouch & Passport HolderKeep his things organised even if you are not around to do that for him by giving him this concealed travel pouch and passport holder. Get this from Zero Grid via Amazon for $22.95 and let him show his appreciation as he showers you with souvenirs from his travels abroad.

15. Luggage Cart

Luggage CartMake travelling easier for him by lightening his load, literally with BlueJan Luggage Cart. Get him one from this link available at $23.95. This is one of my favourites in this Christmas gift ideas for your British husband or boyfriend list.

16. Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Bundle

Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera BundleYour hardworking partner will love this Christmas present for him. The deluxe bundle is available at $599 via this link and comes with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens, EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens, extra memory cards, a tripod and more. One of the priciest gifts for men on our list.

17. Camera Case Backpack

Camera Case BackpackThis specially made camera case backpack for DSLR and SLR cameras from i-Graphy is available online at $29.99. You might want to include this for your Christmas present for him in case you decided to give him a DSLR Camera this year.

Monkey DividersFor Your Health-Conscious Babe

18. Running Gear Shoe Lights

Running Gear Shoe LightsHoney to busy working but still catches up with his daily run on evenings? Get him a pair of shoe lights a Christmas gift to keep him safe and stylish while jogging around your neighbourhood. Available for online purchase at $16.99 a pair.

19. Fitness Tracker with Heart Monitor

Fitness Tracker with Heart MonitorWhether he’s running or lifting weights at the gym, you might want to give him this wireless touchscreen smartwatch. This item can be bought here at $39.99 and allows him to receive call and emails while even on the go.

20. Groomer Clipper Shaver and Trimmer

Groomer Clipper Shaver and TrimmerYou adore your men when they dress up and look sleek. Score him an AC powered clipper shaver and trimmer and made this a staple accessory on his vanity cabinet. This gift for men is available through this link with a $14.90 tag price.

21. Ear Alpha Muff Hearing Enhancement

Ear Alpha Muff Hearing EnhancementLet him zone out while he focuses on making those biceps extra meatier or while he enjoys his morning runs with this Walkers Game Ear Alpha Muff. A perfect Christmas gift idea for your British husband who loves jogging even on cold early mornings. Get one at $84.96 when you click here.

22. Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe

Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running ShoeAnother above-average priced gifts for men on our list is this running shoe from Tesla. Built to sustain brute force and is durable enough to conquer unpredictable terrain, this $89.98 shoe is one of the best gift ideas for men who are into running.

23. Resistance Bands from DYNAPRO

Resistance Bands from DYNAPROThe best Christmas gift idea for your British husband who enjoys travelling but would want to keep up with his fitness program and regimen is this resistance bands from DYNAPRO. Available at $29.99 from this link, dear love can work out his abs, legs and back even while inside a capsule motel room in Japan!

Monkey DividersFor the Geek in Your Life

24. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo PrinterScore this one online for $129.99 and you’ll both enjoy printing your favourite pictures from your travels. You can bring it anywhere and can allow you to create DIY postcards you could send to your families as greeting cards this coming Christmas. Buy one through this link.

25. Tile-Mate Key Finder and Phone Finder

Tile Mate Key Finder and Phone FinderHelp him never lose your keys, small gadgets or any small trinket he holds dear with this uber cool Tile-Mate Finder. Attach the tile to any item he usually ends up misplacing and sees him triumph as he successfully locates what he’s missed with just a few taps from his Smartphone. A pack costs $24.99 and can be bought through this link.

26. Sony Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker with BluetoothWatch your favourite movies together with surround speaker experience even on the beach with this portable wireless speaker with Bluetooth from Sony. With a price tag of $149.99, you won’t break your budget for that Caribbean Cruise when you buy this for him this Christmas.

27. Digital Condenser Microphone

Digital Condenser MicrophoneEver thought of launching a podcast website or simply enjoy singing along with your favourite song ala videoke together with a loved one. Make that possible this Christmas with Shure’s MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone. Get one for $99 from Amazon and create your first Audible free for your followers this Christmas!

28. Lenovo Flex 4 2-in1 Laptop/Tablet 14”

Lenovo Flex 4 2-in1 Laptop/Tablet 14”Get your husband the best Christmas gift for him possible by splurging on the Lenovo Flex 4 2-in-1 Laptop. Powered with Intel Core i7-7500U with 8GB ram and 1TB HDD, at $859.99, this piece might be the best among all the Christmas ideas for your British husband items that I have included in this list.

29. Headless Quadcopter Drone with HD WiFi Camera

Headless Quadcopter Drone with HD WiFi CameraThis toy for the big boys is one of my top three favourites as gift ideas for men in your life. Who in the world doesn’t want to have one that has a WiFi Camera attached to it? Let him relive the child in him for $53.98 this Christmas through this link.

EXTRA: You can also consider having a  special picture turned into a bespoke painting can make for an extraordinary gift – especially for the fact that it is so unique and all hand-painted. It’s perfect if you have pets, couples photo or even your family photos.

What a Portrait

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26 thoughts on “30 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Your British Husband or Boyfriend

  1. Just saying, all of those would be pretty great for your American Husband and or boyfriend too. Realize I’m way past Xmas, these are all great ideas even passed the holiday season.

  2. Beautiful ideas. 🙂 Thanks for this excellent article. Now, I have a better idea of what to buy for Christmas presents for my dearest ones!

    1. Hi Mindy, we absolutely agree with you! The Fitness Tracker will provide good insights about your health. The Polarized Sports Sunglasses are so versatile too!

  3. This has definitely given me a lot of ideas to work with, even though I don’t have a British boyfriend or Husband
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great finds dear! But I’ll guess I’ll give my friend a limited-edition scotch, just like he requested.

  5. This is a fantastic list of gifts ideas for a british husband. I don’t have a british husband, but these great gifts would work well for my american husband. Especially the fitness gear on the go stuff.

  6. This is a great list of items you put together. I like some of the different ideas and found something I think my brother would like as well..

  7. Such fun and versatile finds! I think my man, although not British would enjoy many of these just the same 🙂

  8. Great stuff! My husband really wouldn’t be into most of these since he doesn’t travel or hike. But he always needs some new sunglasses.

  9. I’m not British, but this is a nice list. 🙂 I’m also really looking forward to the Pilot from Waverly Labs, which is an earpiece that translates other languages in real time. Not sure if it’s too-good-to-be-true, but the tech seems to be legit. I’m almost hoping it doesn’t work as that’d take away half the fun of traveling. 😛

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