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Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba, Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 5th, 2022 Posted in Destination, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog One Comment

Which part of the world does Kiamba is located? Kiamba is a small town in the Southern Philippines.

This might be the question you have now in your mind. Kiamba is a small town in the Southern Philippines. The nearest airport is General Santos City Airport at a distance of around 90kmsand travelling time would be around two hours. Kiamba is one of the seven Municipalities of Sarangani Province.

Kiamba may not be included in your itinerary when you travel to Sarangani. But here are the amazing places to explore that you might long to return to once you have wandered around.

Lots of magnifique waterfalls, serene beaches, swimming pools, trekking in the mountainous areas, walking around green and pollution free community.  You can even participate in the livelihood and daily activities of the locals.

Untouched and seldom visited Sipiling Waterfall

It is known among the locals as a waterfall in Kilometro Sais as you have to trek 6 kilometers to be able to reach its spot. It may be a little bit far, but the trail is more fun as well. The relaxing green scenery of trees among the mountains will keep you tranquil.  It is a place where your laughter and voices can only be heard accompanied by the chirping birds and the gushing wind among the trees.

Reaching the place is like owning a piece of paradise in this world. You can take a bath in the cold, clean rejuvenating waters. Take advantage of the freedom to enjoy and being close to nature.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba



You can have a stop also to a place called “Quarry” or locals use to call it Pahanginanto enjoy a refreshing air and be enchanted by an overlooking sea and the community below. It is green as it is covered mostly by coconut trees and vast rice fields which are the most common source of living in this place apart from fishing.


Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Wander thru the Ruins of MILUDECO and swim in the sea

When you go down from the mountain area you can go directly to a welcoming ambience of the sea. Enjoy the cold sea breeze as they pass by with the waves of the blue seawater or you can even swim.

Amazing Places to Explore in KiambaStroll around the ruins of the MILUDECO, previously a lumber company wherein you can climb over the old, hollow buildings. Cycling around the area is also a good activity.


And when the sunset comes, you can sit along the big rocks where the waves and the shore meet and wait till the sun disappears along the horizon.


Nalus Falls and a Privately Owned Fishpond

This is another awesome place to visit. You can hire a tricycle to go to Nalus Falls but it isn’t that far to take a leisure walk as well. This place is quite visited. Some courageous souls are trekking up to the mountain top then freely jumps following where the water falls. Though this activity will be at your own risk.

Aside from that, taking a bath from where the waters pool is enough to enjoy.

Near to it also is a privately owned fishpond wherein it is beautifully landscaped with a cottage built in the middle where you can rest, enjoy the day and freely feed the fishes.

Bocay-il Falls

It is also known as twin falls wherein it is currently developed at the same time being protected. Its name is derived from two T’boli words which mean “bocay- clear” and “il-water.”

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Trekking to Falel

Falel is a community located in highlands where most of its residence is T’bolis.

You have to cross a river or pass by a hanging bridge going there.Like every trail, you might be panting and sweating to reach the top. And like in any place, the most rewarding part is when you reach the destination.You’ll  be recharged by the beauty of the overlooking Kiamba.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba


The residents are very accommodating and they are happy to see you. The children seemed to be excited to mingle with you.

While in Falel, enjoy a refreshing buko juice and eat the flesh of the young coconut.


Visit the special place where they conduct wedding and other tribal activities.

Wear T’boli’s traditional costume

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Dance with the children with their traditional dance


Recreate and have fun. Try and learn to weave an Abaca

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba


And if you still have enough time, you can proceed to the highest peak of Sarangani Province, Mt Busa which takes around average three days to trek. As of now, only a few people have reached and conquered the place.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba


Tuka Marine Park

It is a protected marine sanctuary with four coves. For the purpose of conservation and to protect the natural wonders, only one cove is open to the public. This place is a must to explore. You can reach Tuka with a 15-minute boat ride. And let the adventure begin.

As you come closer, it’s impossible not to notice the creamy white sand and the beach house of the Peoples’ Champ Manny Pacquiao.


Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

The tempting clear waters won’t let you go away without being able to swim. You’ll be swimming with colorful fishes, feeding them and for sure this experience won’t make you afraid of sunburn. And instead, you’ll be savoring the moment until you get tanned.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Swimming, snorkeling, diving are the only few activities that you can do in Tuka.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

It is worth staying overnight and catch the setting or rising of the sun.


Roam around Lourdes Park and be awed with the impressive landscapes. Enjoy the street foods such as isaw, chicharon, balut, barbeque and others. By just crossing a bridge you can reach Kiamba’sBaywalk while enjoying a food, the sunset, the waves or simply chatting with friends.

Aside from going around, you can also participate to help the locals in their chores with their sources of living. The following maybe difficult works, but if you’ll do it with fun then, nothing could beat the experience.


Starting from harvesting and gathering the harvested coconuts, removing the husk, breaking the coconut shell into halves to drain the juice really requires manpower. Well, it’s fun to help. And it is still a long process until it is ready to sell.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba, Philippines
Photo by
CC BY-SA 2.0




—It could be traditional, commercial or recreational fishing. It is still one of the sources of income for people living in Kiamba.


Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Farming/ Agriculture

Another common source of living is farming. The work would depend on if it is the season for planting, reaping or harvesting time.It is not a must but isn’t it worthy to experience once in a while this way of life that feeds a nation.

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba


Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Amazing Places to Explore in Kiamba

Therefore, this town is an excellent place to escape a busy lifestyle in the city. To unwind, to recreate and discover more of yourself.

 There are still a lot of undiscovered natural wonders out there.And more destinations worth to be explored and to name some of it are; The Jan Water Park is a pool where the water is freely flowing from a spring, Swegen Falls, Kawil Falls, Madfuk Falls, Woodbridge and Aquino Beach

But of what have been bestowed are enough to make a living and traveling to Kiamba more meaningful and will leave you with worth-keeping memories.

About the Author:

Amazing Places to Explore in KiambaLouiela Ann Analista is an OFW based in the United Arab Emirates. She loves nature trips and a solivagant. She hopes for more travel in the near future. She has a wishful thinking to earn more passive income to fund her pleasure trips.

  Photo Credits: Marlon Martinez & Anne Schiamelle


Amazing Plaaces to Explore in Kiamba, Philippines

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