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7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 23rd, 2022 Posted in Destination, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 8 Comments

Who wouldn’t fall in love with Sorsogon? With its simplicity, the charming people, and the enchanting beauty of nature –the whole province will surely catch any wanderer’s heart. It’s weird how some people think that life in the province is boring. That’s where they got it wrong.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines
Photo by Jacques Beaulieu CC BY-NC 2.0

SORSOGON is a small province located in the Bicol region. It is subdivided into 14 municipalities and one city with Sorsogon City as the provincial capital.

I’ve always wanted to write about my hometown, Sorsogon. A lot of people have asked me before, “You’ve been to some nice places, but where is your favorite place? ” I would always answer “Sorsogon, of course.” Not only because it’s my hometown where I grew up but for the entire place itself.  Just hearing about Sorsogon or reading about it or having it mentioned on the TV is enough to make my heart go beating dugdugudugdug. There’s something about it that makes my heart flutter, and I guess it’s pure and simple love.

There are so many things to do, so many things to see, to explore and experience. You’ve heard about swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol, or firefly watching in Pilar. Well, we have more. After all, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs and cold springs, beaches and mountains from east to west – name it and Sorsogon surely have it.

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Not a good swimmer? High five! We share something in common. And going to this island, you don’t have to worry about drowning since the water is only knee-deep high that you can just walk from your cottage. It’s blessedly undeveloped and quiet, less than an hour ride from the city proper. A long stretch of white sand cast against the crystal clear blue water of the island, it is an ideal place for relaxation. Discover the lagoon and climb the top rocks, some people go there for cliff jumping – don’t worry, it’s not that high. I’m sure you’ll survive the jump, just be careful with the sharp rocks, I came home with a souvenir -if you know what I mean.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines
Photo by jeff gloriana CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Another stunning place Sorsogon can offer you is the famous beach of Subic Matnog, the perfect place for camping, well-known for having pinkish white sand. With its crystal blue water glinting like a diamond under the sun, you can see the bottom that you can call out a hello to Nemo’s cousins. The island is not fully developed, but they already have cottages, tree houses and tents to rent for a very reasonable price for tourists wanting to stay overnight. They also have clean toilets on the island which the locals maintain in exchange for a small donation from the users.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines (3)
Photo by Raoul Alcantara CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

You can also do an island hopping to Juag Lagoon, a marine sanctuary where you can finally meet all of Nemo’s relatives. You can snorkel and swim with the ugly monster looking fish if you fancy it. I opted to stay in the floating cottage and fed the fish from there. If you’re not a good swimmer, I suggest you do the same because the water is quite deep. If you are feeling adventurous, you can ask the boatman to take you to the cliff diving spot in the Caves.

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7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines (4)
Photo by Amila Tennakoon CC BY 2.0


A simple yet inviting nature resort with stingless bees is Balay Buhay sa Uma Bee Farm, hidden in the foothills of Mt. Bulusan.

If you’re looking for some peace-and-quiet, then I have found the perfect place for you. It is not an advertised place so you will have to ask the locals around where you can find this secret haven. Safely tucked away from the urban noise, I have to say that it’s my favorite place in Sorsogon. Be greeted with butterflies and the smell of something sweet as you make your way through the pathway of flowers, lined up with beehives, tropical fruits, and coffee trees, and then follow the sound of rustling water.

Sorsogon 11
Function hall of the nature resort where you can see the cold spring.


Considered as “earth’s champagne,” hot springs have hooked people for generations. Many believe in the medicinal benefits one can gain from dipping in a hot spring.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines (5)
Photo by Brian Henderson CC BY-NC 2.0


If you’re suffering from arthritis and other ailments or just dealing with sore aching muscles, then a dip in the hot spring is just perfect for you.San Benon Hot Springs offers three types of the pool: cold, lukewarm and hot. I usually stay in the hot pool and mind you; it is extremely hot until you get used to the temperature. Surrounded by lush greenery, the place radiates of a very relaxed and calm vibe.

Sorsogon 17
Experience a rejuvenating feeling after every soak in San Benon Hot Springs, Irosin


Feel like learning to surf? Slowly being recognized as one of the newest surfing destinations in the Philippines is Gubat Sorsogon. It’s less crowded which makes it a favorite surfing destination for beginners. It can be just you, your surfboard and the waves. If you don’t have your board, you can rent one for only 350.00 PHP including an instructor for an hour. Sounds like a reasonable price.

A few months ago, American YouTube sensation and surfer Caz Isaiah stayed almost a month surfing in Gubat Sorsogon. A friend of the family, he tried to convince us to try surfing, but alas, his convincing power wasn’t enough. But now that I know how to swim, surfing has been an addition to the bucket list.

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7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines
Photo by Klaquettes CC BY-NC 2.0

The surf break in Gubat produces consistent waves all year round but best during the months of October till March.Sorsogon 19


“Mystical,” that’s the word that will come to your mind as you enter Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. Nestled at the foot of the bold and massive Mt. Bulusan is the Bulusan Lake. Its green emerald water will play with your imagination.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines (7)
Photo by Jhay Gamba CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Surrounded by tropical rainforest, everything seems quiet at first. As you take in the scenery, you’ll notice the stillness of the lake, the soft touch of the wind on your skin. It was eerie; the first time I went there, I didn’t know how to react from it. It’s like daring me to disturb the silence of nature until I finally let it take over my senses. And that’s when I started seeing it differently. It wasn’t quiet at all; in fact, the whole place was pulsing with life. I have no other words to explain – it bewitched me.

7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines (8)
Photo by Alex Proimos CC BY-NC 2.0


Oh, and you can’t leave Sorsogon without visiting the famous Rempeolas, aka Sorsogon Bay walk. It is right in the Sorsogon City proper, a destination if you don’t want to go far to unwind –anytime of the day.

Sorsogon 23

When I’m not on my energy conservation mode (that’s my code for lazy), I like to wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise and do some stretching at the Rempeolas with the other early risers. Even in the quiet morning, the people are bursting with energy. You see them jogging and whatever it is people do when they’re exercising. When you visit Sorsogon, make sure to include a morning jog to Rempeolas with your plans. Around 6:30 am you’ll hear this loud, upbeat music and a crowd will start to gather, and the aerobics will begin. It doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with the steps, as long as you’re sweating.

Sorsogon 24
It gets crowded in the afternoon, a lot of people go there to watch the sunset or do kayaking
Sorsogon 25
Sunset at Rempeolas. Photo source: Arch. Makki Jasareno

Sorsogon has a lot more to offer, and it’s just a small province with so many secret places that you’ll be happy to discover. It’s my first attempt in writing, and I want to park my pen with this: if you fell in love with Sorsogon after reading this article, I guess what’s left for me to say is – DAGOS TABI! (You’re most welcome to come!)

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8 thoughts on “7 Awesome Things to Do in Sorsogon, Philippines

  1. thanks for sharing…ngayon ko lng nalaman yung tungkol sa ogod river with fireflies ..malapit sa brgy. namin yun ..pag-uwe ko i’ll try to visit the place..

  2. Thank you for sharing! This has inspired me to visit my hometown Sorsogon! Very lovely writing and description of this secret gem! Keep up the great work! Thank you again!

  3. since I started to visit our home town Bulusan… t’was great feeling na balik balikan… San Mateo hotspring (San Benon) twice a year kung bumalik kami…the refreshing masacrot spring…
    #itsmorefuninBulusanSorsogon 🙂

  4. Been there at Bulusan Lake and Balay Buhay last month. The Bulusan Lake was truly mesmerizing and got a feeling that the place is enchanted forest LOL! I’ll definitely come back in next year and will try the hot spring resort. 🙂

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