Inspiration: Nothing is crazy in life.. go pursue your dreams!

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There’s no other person to inspire you to continue with your passion, with your dreams, other than YOU!

may wander writing contest: my travel inspiration

If I was asked who my travel inspiration be, I want to say someone who lives on the edge, who let’s go of everything for the sake of her dreams, who follows her passion, the desires of her heart rather than following the world.

I tried to think long and hard of whom this person can be, that I can say is my travel inspiration, but sadly, I don’t know that much person who is as crazy as the one stated above.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely great men and women in my life that I admire! People that I look up to in certain areas of my life, may it be spiritually, leadership wise, creativity or just life in general. Now if I am to say that these people are my travel inspiration, not quite.

But, I do know one person who comes close to being that crazy person stated above. One person who follows the call of the far and wide, and books a ticket in a heartbeat rather than listening to her pocket. One person who is crazy enough to prioritize her travel plans and let’s everything fall into place. That stupid person, who doesn’t know where her funds for her trip will come from, but still books them anyway. And that crazy, stupid, person is me.

Now hear me out here. I’m not here to praise myself of how amazing I am, blah, blah, blah! Please. If I were in your situation, I’d rather go back to the current book I’m reading.

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration

My point is this: there won’t be much person to inspire you to continue with your passion, with your dreams, other than YOU!

To whoever you are that is reading this right know I know by heart that you have a great idea in mind! A great adventure you want to embark on, but unfortunately, no one shares the same passion that you have, no one understands your craziness other than you. So why wait for a person or a thing to motivate you? If, I’m pretty sure, you can do it yourself!

The travel bug bit me back in 2011. I was given the chance to go to Nepal with other students and campus missionaries to share our faith and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters there on their spiritual walk. Before this trip, I thought, travelling was only for the rich, I thought, I need to work for 30 years and travel after retirement, I thought that because our family is poor, I need to settle in the fact that seeing the world is not for the likes of me.

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration
During our outreach in Nepal.

But after two weeks of travelling around Nepal, encouraging and bonding with different types of people, and sharing my testimony and hearing their stories as well (plus a little bit of R&R in Thailand), it opened my eyes and made me rethink of the impossible cloud that I have placed in my mind. Not only did this trip increase my faith and my confidence, but it also showed me what is out there, what I am missing! That maybe all those impossibilities I have set in my life, are not impossible at all.

So it started there, this growing passion and hunger of seeing the world. That God created this beautiful world for us to explore and see, and it would be a shame to settle on the less, to just be on your side of the world and decide that it’s enough, that it’s OK.

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration
Water rafting in Cagayan de Oro

Of course, since I’m still a student back then, this passion of mine only came at full speed when I started working. With my first job, I was blessed enough to go to Cebu, then me and my friend went to a road trip to Puerto Galera, then a birthday trip to Singapore, then trips to Cagayan de Oro and Taal Volcano!

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration
At Universal Studios, Singapore

The rush that I’m feeling every time I’m in an airport boarding a plane. That excitement that goes through me every time I’m in a boat to be transported in a new island. Than natural high that I get every single time I travel, I can’t get enough of!

After that year, I was blessed enough to go to the different provinces of the Philippines, suddenly those dream destinations in my mind are slowly coming true, becoming  a reality right in front of my eyes! For a while there even if my savings were suffering, I am darn proud of myself.

During those travels, I realized that this is it. The thing I am passionate about, the thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life! I want to travel the world and write about it! I want to inspire people that, you don’t need to have millions in your bank to reach that dream destination, that there is an amazing world out there that is calling you, it’s calling us.

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration
wandering around Vigan in Ilocandia

But sometimes, during those times of travel rut, I look around me and think that maybe I am too crazy. I’m looking for people, for inspiration to validate my dreams, that it’s ok to dream big dreams, to be crazy, even if the future might be uncertain, cruel and wild.

I looked around and there isn’t a single person as crazy (or stupid) as me. Sometimes, or most of the time, I’m afraid to share my dream for the fear of being laughed at or looked down upon (well there are times that all I got was a blank stare! Haha). And I’m pretty sure, no one understands me so either I give up or move on.

Then I remember, once in our church a man with no arms and no legs preached one Sunday, to share his story of faith and how he is fearfully and wonderfully made. One story he shared that struck me was that, when he was a kid he was looking for a person with the same condition that he has… someone that he could look up to, someone to tell him that it’s going to be fine, but unfortunately no one came.

He continue on with life and became a motivational speaker, and years after, he saw a kid with the same condition that he has and he had a realization, that if you can’t find a miracle, be the miracle yourself. Inspire yourself and you do the same to others. Motivate yourself and believe that you have a purpose, your dreams are valid and they will come true.

So after that, I told myself to suck it up. Sure, it’ll take years for me to conquer the world, to finally start that blog I’ve been meaning to create, but everything takes time, and I am happy to say that I’m on my way.

Slowly, I started seeing people from around the globe who have the same dream, to whom I share the same passion of travelling and telling stories and God made me realize, I may be crazy but I am not alone.

may wander writing competition: my travel inspiration

Right now, as much as I wanted to quit my job and travel the world, I need time and money for that, but I’m ticking off one city at a time.

To end, I know that whoever you are that is reading this, you are crazy well, maybe not about travelling, but you have your own dream, your own passion you want to pursue. But what I can tell you is this: that person you’ve been waiting for to motivate you or inspire you won’t come, that sign you’ve been waiting for won’t happen either. You have to do it now; you have to do it for yourself. Now I’m not perfect here, there are certainly times that I want to give up, but I won’t ever settle for the OK to achieve great. One of the pastors in our church said before that the enemy of great is good, and he is correct, we should never settle for less, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.

So you do you, sure it’ll take time, effort and certainly money to achieve your dreams. But keep in mind that nothing is wasted in this life, everything you’ve been through happened to prepare you for your mission. So go! And be crazy!

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 About the Writer:

may wander writing competition: my travel inspirationMy name is PATRICIA MARIE A. PRADO. My friends call me PAT, I’m a former, audit assistant, accounting staff, and now a call center agent, but is and will always be a traveller and a writer. My dream is to travel the world and write about it, and ultimately inspire people to go after their dreams.

Inspiration: Nothing is crazy in life.. go pursue your dreams!

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Nothing is crazy in life.. go pursue your dreams!

  1. Very beautiful insight on chasing your dreams. And I agree with Julian. The most influential person who moves you forward (or holds you back) is you.

  2. I don’t think you’re crazy at all, and I love how you say that we are the only person that can inspire ourselves. Very true and profound, and also teaches another thing…self-reliance.
    Thanks for posting

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