Top Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Top Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

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Back in February, we published an article that featured foreign travel bloggers who fell in love with the Philippines. Certainly, they’re not the only people having more fun, in the Philippines! The Philippines is itself home to its own beautiful and awesome bloggers. We wanted to feature everyone, but as you know, the Internet is a vast universe. So, we carefully selected bloggers, some hugely popular and some up-and-coming, to be a part of this list and sent out questions to them. Thankfully, some of these people replied. We know there are a lot of aspiring bloggers out there, o we made sure to include each blogger’s advice. If you’re looking for a consensus, you will not get it here. What I love about this article and why we had to get the bloggers’ own words from them is that you will be able to see that each one came to blogging for different and diverse reasons. Before anything else, are you already following Kach and Jonathan’s journey around the world?

Iceland Trip

Kach Medina and Jonathan Howe are a working-on-the-road couple from the Philippines and UK. Having each decided to quit their jobs and set off in South East Asia to start their new lives, neither imagined they would end up traveling the world with someone they met in a backpacker’s bar in Laos. But that’s what happened! They are both certified Tantra Yoga Teachers, Ayurveda Massage Therapists, and TEFL Certified Teachers. Working wherever and whenever they want! Traveling since April 2013 and already visited the seven continents (including Antarctica) and over 75 countries together!


(This is a random order, and we plan to update this every year so feel free to comment below  your favorite Filipino Travel Blogger that you want us to add to our next list!)Monkey Dividers

Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer

Aleah of Solitary Wanderer

Photo by:

Aleah describes herself as a certified cat lady who loves running, diving, CrossFit, and her Kindle. She’s a digital nomad so she can afford to be anywhere in the world with just her laptop and an internet connection. To us, she is the author of “Date a Girl Who Travels” which went viral. She now has a large following that she is recognized by random strangers not only here in the Philippines, but also abroad. Her being blogger has gained her some sponsorship, the most recent being a one-week all-expenses paid a trip to Jordan. Aleah’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Establish a niche, a focus, for your blog, and stick to it. Then think about your readers before posting anything.”

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Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog


Melo is one of the pioneers of Travel Blogging in the Philippines. Armed with his insatiable passion for photography, Melo’s journeys have taken him to more than 500 islands in the Philippines. His Out of Town Blog is a travel magazine that offers travel tales, hotel reviews, travel guides, travel discount tips, travel industry news and other travel related content from the publisher and contributing writers. Aside from that, he is also the publisher of – the Philippines’ oldest independent travel portal. His advice for newbie bloggers: “Stay humble. Spread the love and the universe will love you back.”

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Paula Peralejo-Fernandez is Paula the Explorer

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Paula is a wife, a DIY kind-of-girl, a happy nester, and a Travel Agency owner. In her blog, she writes about things that she feels people need such as tips on how to spend less in Japan, or where to stay in Australia. She takes comfort knowing that her blog can inspire a lot of people. She even had a follower who was able to go to Finland because of her tips on saving up! Paula’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Whatever happens, do not lose your credibility.”

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Jed Ryan Rosell of Byaherong Barat

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Jed is “just like any other average traveler and photographer you’ll meet on the road.” He considers his photography as a fuel for his blog. This fuel could burn for miles and miles and miles. Jed’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Just be yourself. Your experiences are unique. Your style is unique. You are unique. JUST HAVE FUN.” 

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Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos of The Poor Traveler

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow
While most people consider The Poor Traveler a budget travel blog, Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos didn’t intend it to be one. The Poor Traveler started out as a journal of two awkward dudes who always find themselves getting ripped off, whose time is always wasted getting lost, whose trips are always spoiled by the rain, and whose bowel movement always gets in the way. A BBC feature and 130,000 FB likes later; they still make a lot of mistakes. Poor them. But they’re hoping their readers would learn from them.
Advice for newbie bloggers: Never stop learning.

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Jona Branzuela Bering of Backpacking with a Book

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Jona is a poet, a reader, and another self-described crazy cat lady. She primarily writes stories and poetry and sees her blog as an extension to widen her “almost nonexistent readers.” She’s been published in Rappler, so we’re sure she already has a lot of readers. Her blogging may only come second after her love of poetry, but because of that, it landed her a well-paid travel content writing job. Jona’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Never sacrifice your writing style for a better reach.”

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Robbie Bautista of The Travelling Dork

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Robbie works as a User Interface Designer for a major telecommunications company when he’s “not getting his skin soaked under the sun, napping during long bus rides, or taking photographs inside temple complexes.” He is also an artist, so he crafts character and background illustrations during his spare time. His blog is all about recollections of his personal experiences during his trips and how these beautiful places and the people he’s spent them with are continuously shaping me into a better character. Robbie’s advice to newbie bloggers: “More than the destination, choose your travel buddies wisely. It’s never where you are but who you spend the moment with.”

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Jonas Roque of Wandering Weekend Warrior

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Jonas is a web applications developer by day who also happens to have a passion for traveling. His weekend getaways give him the chance to see the better world outside his work cubicle.  He likes to bring up humor, mostly about love or the lack thereof, and good vibes in his blog. He also shares his daily photo project of the places he’s been in the Philippines. Every weekend since 2013, he travels, and photo walks around the Philippines and the rest of Asia. Jonas’ advice to newbie bloggers: Make lists. Upload good photos. Inject humor.

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Lisa Marie Mirasol of Pinay Travelista

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Lisa works as a project manager, and phone app builder who loves the flexibility of work hours to be able to juggle in community engagement, home yoga, kitchen experiments, reading, traveling, and adventure seeking in between. Her blog is a “virtual hub  of actualized dreams, satisfied travel cravings, freelancer’s hacks, and stories told to inspire meaningful living.” Lisa’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Write in a white heat, and edit in cold blood.” 

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Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Ivan is a staunch advocate for the preservation of Philippine heritage. He is currently President of the Heritage Conservation Society, Vice President of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC), Trustee of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation and Secretary of the NCCA National Committee on Monuments and Sites. His blog, which will be ten years this month, is one of the longest running travel blogs in the Philippines. His blog has been very important to his heritage conservation and cultural tourism advocacies, which inspires him to continue blogging. Ivan’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Don’t blog because you want free travel. Don’t blog for the freebies. Travel because you want to explore. And share real stories from your adventures.”

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Ferdz Decena of Ironwulf En Route

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Originally a graphic and web designer by profession, Ferdz now does freelance work that allows him to travel more. He used his background in designing and coding to start his blog which eventually focused on documenting places he has been to since he started traveling independently back in 2000. Because of his blogging, he was able to travel to other countries and experience destinations he could otherwise not experience on his own. Being the techie that he is, he likes the fact that he can play around with some new gear related to travel. He likes meeting new people though and making friends with them. Ferdz’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Find your voice and identity. It’s your uniqueness that would separate you from other bloggers.”

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Harly Limlingan Marcuap of Akrosdayunibers

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Harly says there is nothing special about him, aside from his love for science and traveling. But to us, having been to all 81 provinces of the Philippines is special enough. He started his blog after his trip to El Nido when he was just in his third year in college. He continues to write because he is inspired by those people who he had inspired to travel. Harly’s advice to newbie bloggers: “I think the only important thing is, to be honest on whatever you write.” 

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Gay Emami is the Pinay Travel Junkie

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should FollowGay is “a mum who travels too much.” Her blog is all about food and travel, “sprinkled with adorable toddler pics and shameless selfies.” She wants her blog to serve as an inspiration to her daughter who might one day be retracing her footsteps. While she’s not sure if she’ll continue blogging in the future, she’ll still be backpacking by then. Gay’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Write to your own beat. Do not imitate someone you look up to.”

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Mervz Marasigan – Pinoy Adventurista

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Mervz is a 34-year-old professional computer programmer. He loves traveling, trying new food and meeting awesome people along the way, which he considers an amazing blogging perk. He hopes that his blog would someday become a platform where people could share their experiences too. His advice for newbie bloggers: “Do it for the right reason.”

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Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Angel Juarez is a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer, scuba diver, runner, mountain biker, budget traveler, mountaineer, and surfer. His blog features travel guides, travelogues, photo blogs, and useful itineraries and tips on destinations he has already visited. He takes his inspiration from people who follow his adventures and those he had helped with his blog. His blog is so popular that he even received an invitation to stay in an all-inclusive 5-star luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia. Angel’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Just blog for the sake of blogging and travel for the sake of traveling. Write with your heart.”

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Monkey Dividers Earl Bolivar of Suroy Pilipinas

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo Credit:

Earl is a family man from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Aside from traveling and blogging, he also loves distance running, landscape photography and outdoor adventures.  Suroy Pilipinas is his online journal where he shares stories and photos from his various travels and adventures all over the Philippines. It serves as his diary to preserve the memories he had with his journeys. He also aim to promote various destinations in our country. Earl’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Including “How to Get There” tips and contact number of your guide/s will be a great help to your readers.”

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Leo and Nina Castillo of Shoestring Travelers

Leo and Nina of Shoestring Travelers

Leo and Nina are a husband and wife team. They are involved in community development (usually in urban poor communities) and do life coaching with a few professionals in the business world. Leo is a licensed civil engineer while Nina is a certified public accountant, but they only spent a few years practicing these vocations until they got involved doing missions and social work. Several years back, as part of their work with a missions organization, they traveled all over Asia reaching places as remote and dangerous as the Afghan border at the Khyber Pass in Pakistan. Their experiences, as well as encouragement from friends, have prompted them to start a blog. Leo also enjoys photography, so his blog gives him the opportunity to showcase his photographs. Leo and Nina’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Follow your passion. For travel bloggers: help fellow travelers with useful advice, even go out of your way to answer their queries.”

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Monkey DividersChristine Fernandez of Jovial Wanderer

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit:

Christine describes herself as a simple, easygoing and very curious person who laughs and eats a lot. Her blog is about her travels and hiking adventures. She writes because she fell in love with writing when she was writing. She wasn’t interested in what other kids were doing. The writing was her outlet to let her thoughts loose. She decided to build a blog so she can remember the things she did and share her passion with others, influence readers to explore the world outside their comfort zone just as she did and discovered other enjoyable, worthwhile things. Christine’s advice to wannabe bloggers: “Write about what you love, so it’ll be easier and fun.”

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Glen Santillan of Escape Manila

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit: Glen Santillan

Glen is the Vice-President of the Davao Bloggers Society. His blog Escape Manila is all about travelogues and travel guides. It narrates his adventures and misadventures in traveling. His readers motivate him to write, and his experiences in visiting the place usually inspire him to start writing about his adventures. Glen’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Do not think about perks when you start blogging, make sure you start blogging because it’s your passion.”

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Carla A of Blissful Guro

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit:

Carla has been into different fields of work but found happiness and freedom in teaching Music and Arts to high school students in a public school in Metro Manila. She intended her personal space to be a journal kind-of-thing where she chronicles her daily musings on teaching, traveling and everything in between. Blissfulguro tries to change the world one kid at a time and explores the world one happy place at a time. Perhaps because of that, she won 1st princess (1st runner-up) on Skyscanner’s Philippine Bloscars Travel Awards 2014 where she got the chance to go for a trip to Singapore and met other travel bloggers from the Asia-Pacific Region. Carla’s advice to newbie bloggers: “For travelers, writers, photographers, bloggers and even lovers – just be true to yourself, don’t try to be someone you’re not.”

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Lyndsay Cabildo of Discount Travel Blogger

Lyndsay abildo Lyndsay says she is a goof ball that may appear too timid in a couple of introductory meet ups that magically transforms into a funny, chatty, and goofy around people she feels comfortable with. She tries to find positive on every little thing especially

Lyndsay says she is a goof ball that may appear too timid in a couple of introductory meet ups that magically transforms into a funny, chatty, and goofy around people she feels comfortable with. She tries to find positive on every little thing especially on tough times, that IS the top secret on extreme budget travel she’s obviously into. Her blog started because family and friends kept asking how she could afford to travel. Instead of answering the question over and over again, she thought she’d write on a blog, write a journal, track her expenses and destinations with it so they will find out they can do it too.  Lyndsay’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Always blog with your heart, keep your motivations in check and everything will just be a fun ride!”

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Missy Penaverde of Sole of Missy

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit: Missy Penaverde

Missy is “a human being whose thirst for adventure never ends, a self-employed optimist, retired pessimist, frustrated lawyer, outdoor enthusiast, freelance writer, travel blogger, agency operator of Soul Adventures, a caveman’s wife and a mother of a little globetrotter.” She calls herself a sentimental freak who loves reminiscing, so she decided to record her travel experiences on her blog so she can have a better imaginative picture when she wants to relive the moment.  Missy’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Write what you have to when you have to.”

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Matelle Rivera of Bluish Trekker

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Matelle is a CPA working full-time for an international bank during weekdays, but she transforms into her hiking persona during weekends and holidays. For her, mountain climbing and writing go hand in hand. She chronicles the details of her hiking experiences. What she boasts the most is not being able to get on the top of the mountain, but the lessons behind, the learning experiences throughout the journey and the by-product of hiking– travel. Matelle’s advice to newbie bloggers: “If you want to be a blogger or a writer, just start now. Make time. Make it happen. Make it a source of strength from those who appreciate your work.”

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Kara Santos of Travel Up

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit:

Kara is the BAD ASS of the travel blogging world! She’s a motorcycle-riding, gaming, food-loving, traveler who levels up each time she gets a new score. Upon a closer look at her work and adventures, one can’t help but realize that she’s actually coolness incarnate.

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Aaron Palabyab of

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Aaron is a filmmaker so telling stories and sharing things with an audience is basically his life. He says he’s an introvert at heart, but traveling has made him love to meet people, both in real life and online. He adds that his blog is on the surface about travel, but he wants people to question what they think is possible, help others open their minds to how abundant life is, so they can choose to create their best lives. Travel is a huge, essential part of that, and it’s had a huge impact on changing the course of his own life. Aaron’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Be yourself and be 100% real. Blog from a place of sincerity and authenticity, writing about what you’re really passionate about from your own experience because that’s how you make things that are unique and worth reading.”

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Mike Laagan is The Traveling Panda

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Mike is an engineer by profession and a government employee in one of the law enforcement agencies in the Philippines. He started traveling in 2009 after climbing Mount Pulag. He used to hate traveling because it made him get dizzy, but eventually, he got used to it. His blog is all about the wonderful places in the Philippines, some of which are hard to reach. He likes taking the road less traveled. He hikes mountains, walks inside the mossy forest to find waterfalls, spends the night on an inhabited island. Traveling for him is a way of life and discovering new tourist destinations is what inspires him. Mike’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Just write with your heart, everything will fall into place.”

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Rogelio “Gabz” Gabiano Jr. is the Pinoy Travel Freak

Top 40 Filipino Travel Blogs You Should Follow

Gabz is a digital marketer who shifted from being an SEO guy to Social Media dude. is an avenue where he shares his travel stories and photos around the Philippines. It aims to promote the country’s best spots and to help readers get there by offering them travel guides. The more he travels, the more he realizes the Philippines has a lot to offer – from pristine beaches to stunning waterfalls – that people need to see and experience first before anywhere else. Gabz’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Just remember WHY you want to blog and enjoy doing it.”

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Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit: Nina Fuentes

Nina has been keeping an online journal since 1998. However, she only discovered travel blogs in 2006 while she was planning for her first solo trip. She then realized how helpful they were for people like her who were planning a trip. Since she had already been blogging anyway, she decided to create a separate travel blog, so she can share her experiences and inspire others to travel. Nina’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Write about things that you love and believe in. There’s always room for improvement, so strive to be a better blogger than you were yesterday.”

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Renan Barco of Lost in the Philippines

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit:

Renan considers himself a free-spirited “happy go lucky” camper. He started his blog Lost in The Philippines in 2013. He had a rough year before that, so he went traveling to escape the city, which became a hobby and eventually led to blogging. His blog is his place where he can share. He wants people to see what he saw and wants them to experience what he had. Renan’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Find something you love, and you want to share!”

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Allan Barredo of Lantaw

2015 Top Filipino Bloggers

Photo credit:

Allan calls South Cotabato his home, but he is based in Manila for work in the IT industry where he manages a software development team for a multinational company. He loves seeking out gems off the well-trodden paths as he feels they offer a more authentic experience. “I believe that every place is beautiful, and I mean every place. If you find one that you think is not, then you are looking at it from the wrong perspective.” Allan’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Write for yourself. Write or post about things that you are most passionate about, not what is currently trending.”

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Ian de la Pena – Brown Man Trips


Ian is a young BPO professional who found love with Photography then eventually met friends who love to travel. He discovered solo backpacking as his kind of travel as it allows him to experience places without thinking about comfort especially for other people tagging along. His blog is a narrative of the trips that he has made; it is a repository of memories so that one day when he gets old, he has stories to tell his children and grandchildren. Ian’s advice to newbie bloggers: “Keep It Real! Tell true stories, a blog for yourself above all.”

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  1. Would love to see the trolls roll out the links of their own blog pages. Anyone who can’t accept what’s in here must remember that there’s an ownership to this. Make your own list, post, defend.

    Thank you, twomonkeys. I now have new sites to discover. I must nominate on your next one though, if there will ever be one- Wee Steps to Mountain Goathood by Sir Cecil Morella. Though not for the info-craving, the prose, the creative approach in writing is sterling.

    1. WOW! Thank you so much for mentioning those sites, do you know how I can contact them? I can feature them on our interview series, I’m actually quite afraid to do another list, it took us ages to gather and process and will end up getting negatrons. haha! =) Thank you so much again for your kind words! =)

  2. Nice list, and very nice blogs as well! Your pick was just right. 🙂 And we were laughing at reading the comments posted by negatrons. Hehehe!

    1. Thank you guys! I actually learned a new terminology with this experience – negatrons attack! haha! =) Cheers!

      1. Hahaha! We actually follow many of the blogs in your list. We are good friends with Marky Ramone Go of Nomadic Experiences; we have been friends since the age of Multiply and Friendster!

        Jona Bering of Backpacking with a Book is a close friend too!

  3. Thank you very much Kach! Don’t mind the negatrons! Hahaha!

    Congrats to your team for doing such a great job! Keep on inspiring more people! Go go go! 🙂

    1. Hello Mervz, thank you so much!! I’m following you on Instagram everyday! Loving all your posts! Positive vibes to you! No negatrons allowed!hahaha! <3

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        1. bobo mo Pwet, Ibig nyang sabihin ni f-follow nya mga IG posts nya araw-araw. Ni li-literal mo kasi di ka marunong umintindi ng English.

  4. Thanks Kach for this well researched list and for the inclusion. I’m lauging my ass off at the few ‘bitter’ and ‘negative’ comments this post generated. Nevermind them and continue being an inspiration to many. 🙂

    1. HAHA! Thanks Marky! I actually have more on my email from our contact form, I tried to reply but I think I’ll just not bother, only positivity on our blog! haha! <3

      Thank you for helping us and motivating us even before we started blogging! Keep writing and being inlove! haha! <3

    2. Well-researched agad agad? Isang email lang, well-researched na? Oh wow, that goes to show the quality of stuff you can see in the internet.

  5. Anonymous negatrons are commenting. Again if you don’t see your name on the list or your favorite blogger/s simply because its their team and the writer preference. If you want to be included then write your own article.
    Aren’t we happy that the author is promoting some newbies in the blogging community? Can we just be happy and just stay positive? tayong Filipino naghihilahan pa tayo pababa. Let’s help others to succeed. positive vibes to everyone!

    1. Cai, we super love you! Thanks much! I know you’re an awesome blogger too and that;s why you’re one of our first featured Bloggers to Shine! =) Positive vibes indeed, Cai! =)

  6. Hello Kach and team! 🙂
    Thanks for including me on this list! It’s good to know more people are starting to write about their adventures. Keeps me inspired to get out there and explore more! 🙂

    1. Hello Robbie, our pleasure, you deserve it!! Your profile is incomplete, I have to get your social media links up! Give me few hours and I will update it or if you can give me your links that would be easier! =) Thanks mucho!

    1. Oh yeah, I like her too but it’s the whole team’s consensus.. maybe we can feature her on our blogger interviews if she will agree =)

  7. would have been more helpful if you posted a blogger with a family and that she/he brings them in their travels.
    was hoping to find one in this list

    1. Amadrid, thanks for the idea! I think we will create a new list of that – do you prefer only Filipinos or International?

  8. how do they pick the bloggers??? Here we go again in the list of Top “feeling mga sikat”/majority homosexuals bloggers

    1. They just want the followers of these featured bloggers to follow this website. Notice that the more established bloggers did not even take note of them being featured because they know they are just being used. Those small-time bloggers are the only ones excited for the ‘recognition’.

      1. haha bitter and negative commenter because your blog isn’t included? lol

        You clearly do not know how travel bloggers treat each other in their community. They do not use each other nor are mindful of clicks. These bloggers included here are more concerned about getting quality content. (unlike your blog haha) Read the other articles on this website and you will count more than a dozen have gone viral by the strength of its content.

          1. Hello Wandered, we dont need the other bloggers to recoginze our list or to promote us. We’ve been featured in and that’s enough for us! =)

                1. You’re correct, I’m bored right now here in Hessen, Germany trying to decide where to go next while I’m having breakfast. Such a boring travelife… How about you? What are you up to now, anything interesting?

                  1. Haha #mangarapKaPaMore link your Disquss to your FB account and all we will see are pics taken sa tabi tabi sa Maynila haha hoy over ka na sa 1 hour jan sa Internet shop.

          2. Because you simply cannot write lol. And you obviously don’t travel much that is why you are bitter and envious of the bloggers in the list :p

      2. Please be careful with your words, if I decide to get featured by these bloggers I will get all famous bloggers and exclude the newbies in this field. If I need to be recognized, I will stick with our International and Media features. Some of the top bloggers you’re trying to mention are also our friends. Thanks for your awesome time commenting! =)

    2. You are so rude and homophobic. How dare you make such ignorant comments and devalue a persons work by gender. Travelling and blogging is not exclusive to a specific gender, race or religion.

    1. first 40 random bloggers who replied on their email. I asked the criteria why they emailed and they did not replied. obviously for click purpose. 🙁

      1. bluemage? Are you serious? Our team listed down 60 bloggers and we talked about it, it’s all our personal preference. We dont need it for click purpose, we have other articles that are already doing well. if you’ll see there’s a lot of bloggers here are newbies and we’re helping them to get their name out there.

      2. Hello JMT, the Two Monkeys travel group is composed of few travel writers.. we asked some of them to nominate their favorite blogs – newbies and famous then we contacted the bloggers that we liked. It took us 2 months to finalize this list. It’s personal preference, it’s our blog anyway.

      3. Bluemege, that’s not true. If you will see there are more than 5 bloggers there without a complete profile because they didnt reply.

        Are you serious with your accuse? Our team listed down 60 bloggers and we talked about it, it’s all our personal preference. We dont need it for click purpose, we have other articles that are already doing well. if you’ll see there’s a lot of bloggers here are newbies and we’re helping them to get their name out there. If we need click purpose, we must just list down showbiz bloggers then.

        1. Thank you for the clarification Miss Kach. Sorry also for the “click response”, if only I can edit it in very less offensive way. I’m just asking for criteria and you said “personal preference”, that’s all. Btw, if you think showbiz bloggers are great, then list another post for this. Thanks again.

          1. Thank you so much for clarifying! Blogging is definitely biased because we have our own choice and not everyone will agree with it. The best thing we can do is be honest and stick with our decisions. Thank you and positive vibes to you!

      4. Ahh, so another negative commenter, hiding behind an anonymous status because they have no way to back up their claim and nothing better to do with their time. If ‘clickbait’ was our strategy then I would simply write something like., ‘How to become a millionaire sitting on the toilet’ or perhaps, ’10 ways to be comment troll!’ Enjoy your day 🙂

        1. I apologize for my honest opinion, Sir Jonathan, but I take your response as constructive criticism. I have no intention to be bitter nor to dream being included in the list, I don’t deserve it. Just wondering only why some recognized by Philippine blog awards like solo flight ed, lakwatsera de primera, pinay solo backpacker, wearesolesisters,etc was not in the list. “Click purpose” is the one immediately comes up in my mind. It just so happened that I respect all those recognized by PBA. Enjoy your day too and thanks for the response 🙂

          1. No worries. You didn’t cause offence, I was just poking to see if you were a real person or not! There are so many who do it just to waste time. Always nice to have a little controversy in the comment section! Haha!

            Thanks for your honesty! Enjoy the articles and feel free to share your opinions. 🙂

    2. Hello JMT, the Two Monkeys travel group is composed of few travel writers.. we asked some of them to nominate their favorite blogs – newbies and famous then we contacted the bloggers that we liked. It took us 2 months to finalize this list. It’s personal preference, it’s our blog anyway.

    1. Yup, a lot of awesome bloggers, everyday I’m discovering new blogs! Well, we’re also newbies! <3

    1. Charlyn, oh yeah! I like her too, but our team of writers had our list of personal preference and we decided from there! There’s a lot of awesome bloggers anyway!

  9. Wow, there are lots here I don’t know. So excited to get to know them. Thanks for including me!

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