6 Tips on How to Build a Life of Travel

By Kach Umandap - Howe March 4th, 2015 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 2 Comments

“Traveling is like dancing; it’s dreaming with your feet. Traveling is seeing the world for what it really is and how it is meant to be seen.” – Mars

I think everyone wishes to travel—to go to far-flung places, to explore off the beaten paths, to indulge in luxurious beach resorts, to try extreme sports, to swim with exotic animals and the list could go on.

The social media is enough proof of that with my newsfeed both flooded with travels photos or a strong desire to go somewhere and longing to travel again. So I messaged some of them and asked, “Why do you travel?” and “What is keeping your from traveling?”

Visa Experiences Around the World Trip - Filipina Backpacker in Bahamas

Some gave the usual cliché of traveling: to discover the world, to meet new people, to explore the other corners of the world, to learn new things from other cultures and traditions or to simply break the daily routine of life.

Others took their time and gave very profound answers. One friend shared that the question gave her the opportunity to reflect on the blessings that she has and continue to receive. And to some, it means freeing themselves from worldly pleasures. It is a liberating feeling to experience life other than your own. One friend even makes sure to travel each year solo to “really feel the joy of independence and uncertainty.”

Of course, there is the bragging right–to be able to share and tell your story that you’ve been lost and found your way through. And traveling may just land you to another career as it gives good material for photography and creative writing.

There are numerous and marvelous reasons why we should go out and see the world. We don’t! Often we got stuck in our office desk, in front of the computer – reading with envy how others are living a life of travel.

Money has been cited as the main culprit. Majority said it is the lack of funds that is preventing them from traveling. I want to say total BS. Three years ago, I shared the same sentiment that money is the answer to our travel woes. Today, I believe otherwise. One friend admitted that it is the ‘high paying stable job’ that affords him to travel. Ironically, that ‘high paying stable job’ is the one keeping him from traveling as well. And I strongly believe he is not the only one. I have witnessed some friends canceled their trip at the last minute over work. Such losersJ  Money is a valid concern, but it is an issue one can do something about.

You see, my monthly net income does not even amount to 20,000 pesos. I am paying my rent and mortgage, and sometimes I gave my sister support yet last year I was able to go to six countries and went to travel locally as well. So how did I do it?

There are simple ways that require the only sheer willpower, and there are ways that really need some ingenuity and talent. I am the type of person who believes in ‘if there is a will, there is a way”, so screw lack of funds and time. Check out my six tips below:

1. Prioritize your Travels/Trips  

The first step to creating a life of travel is to figure out where travel is on your priorities and everything else will follow. When you make decisions whether small or big, one’s priority is the primary consideration.  You will allot budget and specially time (a lot of it) to achieve it.

Let me set some examples. In 2010, my then boss let me chose between my job and my 9-day backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. Which one do you think I chose? Definitely, the travel! It was such as n easy and on the spot decision for me.  I was not afraid to lose the job because jobs are always there. Besides, one works to live and not live to work.

Making travel a priority in these fast paced and demanding jobs means not extending the time in the office or working on Saturdays and Sundays and even during holidays.  For me, I do not mind not getting paid for a day or two because going to a surfing trip is way better than getting stuck in the office.

I make travel a priority by maximizing my credit leaves. I don’t convert it to cash; instead, I travel because it’s the only thing I buy that makes me richer. Sometimes, I even travel illegally–calling in sick at work when in fact I am still stuck on an island drinking beerJ

2. Start a travel fund

I believe this is the most common means of funding travel. All my friends said they set aside a portion of their paycheck for travel. A boring feat but a practical one especially for Filipinos who have to present a bank account to get a visa. However, one can be more creative in generating money to add to your travel fund. For example, my then boyfriend and I save every ten peso coin and put it in an empty bottle of mayonnaise. Everytime we received a ten peso coin; we got excited like a kid. We would search wallets and had a friendly competition as to who was putting more.  And I learned from a friend to save every 200 peso bill. According to her, one rarely receives a Php 200, and she is right. Now I always wish a Php 200 as change everytime I pay 500 pesos or 1000. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

3. Find a ‘raket’ (sideline as a source of extra income) or make one

Raket’ is Filipino term which means doing anything just to earn money.  As I mentioned earlier, my income is not enough, but at the same time, I don’t want to get stuck in a corporate job. So I made an assessment of myself and asked, “What other talents do I have? Surely, there must be something!”

I love sports. In college, I was part of track and field varsity team. So when running was becoming a craze, I reached out to my former teammates, and we started organizing fun runs. Now, I am busy posting ads and recruiting a student to our newly formed swim school.

Finding a ‘raket’ is a matter of determination. You don’t wait for it; you seek it out.  You tell your friends about your talent and the services you can offer. For example, I shamelessly advertise to my networks that I can do good research and documentation and that if they need or know of someone in need of a researcher, they can recommend me. True enough, I stumbled upon a research project being commissioned by a university in South Korean. So I spent ten days in Seoul, all expense paid and with allowance.

4. Negotiate for “pay when able” deal

This is one is a little bit tricky, but I considered part of my charmJ If you have established your reputation as an honest and trustworthy person I am sure a friend of yours will offer such deal.  And if you are a person with such an awesome personality that the trip wouldn’t be complete without you there, someone is bound to offer the deal. Or it could be simply your friends love you a lot and want you to be happy like mine. In 2011, when I was out of a job, a friend offered me to buy me a ticket so I can go to Palawan.  Similarly, my former roommate and her boyfriend offered a similar deal so I can go with them in Singapore in 2012. This year, I was able to make a friend to reconsider a pay when the able deal for a trip in Shanghai, China. It is a matter of negotiating with friends and keeping your words.

5. Study abroad

Pursuing higher learning abroad will not only satisfy ones’ intellectual cravings, but one gets to feed his/her wanderlust by completely immersing in a new place and culture. Finding a scholarship in Europe or anywhere in the world maybe challenging as it is very competitive and requires strong academic background, but once you get accepted it is all worth undergoing the rigorous process. I have several friends currently studying abroad, and they are all having the time of their lives. They are enjoying intellectual discussions in class but more importantly they are getting more pleasure hopping from one country to another in their free time.

6. Find a work that you love and allows you to travel

One of the best jobs in the world is working for a non-government organization (NGO), one does not work only to make the world a better place, but one gets to travel extensively. Sometimes there is too much travel that one begs off to go. My work does not pay a lot, but one of its perks is attending international events and meetings, all for free and with allowance. And that allowance I save for a side trip. I usually negotiate with my employer for few days’ extension to explore the place where meetings are held and sometimes negotiating with funder as to plane ticket arrangements. For instance, I always wanted to go to Bali, but plane tickets are expensive from Bali to Manila and vice versa, so one time when we had a meeting in Malaysia (it’s 45 minutes away from Bali), I asked my funder if they could pay my ticket from Bali to Manila instead of Malaysia to Manila. They agreed, and I just had to spend Php 2000 for a ticket from Malaysia to Bali.

Building a life of travel is not rocket science. One just has to decide that she wants to see the world and pursues it. The world itself is enough reason to build a life of travel. It is a fascinating world.  It is meant to be seen. Traveling is a way of saying how wonderful it is to be alive. And as one friend said,

We all imagine places in the world. Traveling for is living that imagination. It is a way of reimagining an image you have in your head with actual experience. ” Kidjie

female traveler

When I was 25, I had the word ‘loca’ tattooed on my left wrist. It was a time in my life when I didn’t know what to do, and everything just felt crazy. Four years later, at 29, I thought I had found myself. I was wrong.  However, I decided to be more daring. I am trying to be brave, to embrace the unknown and get into an adventure. To imagine the life I want, one day at a time.

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2 thoughts on “6 Tips on How to Build a Life of Travel

  1. Great tips, Kach! This is especially useful for those who want to venture out into the world of traveling but don’t know how to start. Excuses are for pussies.

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