The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is a unique experience in Iceland.

Hailed as one of the wonders of the world by the National Geographic, this geothermal spa is truly a gem in its own right. You will surely appreciate this unique wellness spa. The sustainable energy produced by the Svartsengi Power Station shows that nature and technology can work together.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Photo Credits to Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Photo Credits to Blue Lagoon Icelan

My husband and I went to Iceland for my birthday. Our first stop in our Iceland itinerary was the Blue Lagoon Iceland. This famous luxury geothermal spa is only 30 minutes away from Keflavik Airport, the main international airport in Iceland. We arrived in Keflavik airport about 8 am so we decided to make our way straight to the Blue Lagoon before heading to Reykjavik.

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The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Keflavik Airport in Southern Peninsula, Iceland

There are different bus companies that do transfers from Keflavik – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavik. Alternatively, a car rental or taxi service can be arranged. It was more convenient for us based on our itinerary to make the Blue Lagoon our first stop. Blue Lagoon is located in the Southern Peninsula of Iceland around 40 minutes away from ReykjavikRelated Article: DIY Guide Golden Circle Route in Iceland

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The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Svartsengi Power Station

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Welcome to Blue Lagoon Iceland

What makes the Blue Lagoon special?

The main highlight in Blue Lagoon Iceland is the turquoise water of its geothermal pool.


This is because of the geothermal water has beneficial effects on our skin. The geothermal water in Blue Lagoon has active ingredients: silica, minerals and algae.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

Here are the reasons why these 3 active ingredients are considered to be magical!


You should consider Silica as your new best friend when it comes to keeping skin’s youthful glow. Silica helps our skin to keep the moisture and elasticity. It also helps to prevent some of the damage caused by ageing like skin sagging, dryness and dull skin. Silica is normally found in a volcanic environment. On your visit to the Blue Lagoon don’t forget to try the Silica Mud on your face and body.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
The main component of collagen is silica!


Minerals are vital to our skin as it serves like an important part of the formula in keeping our skin healthy. They fill in the gaps that will help our skin to maintain its youthful glow. It is now popular to include minerals in cosmetics and other skin care products.


One of the Blue Lagoon’s unique feature is the algae that can be found in the thermal pools. These Coccoid and Filamentous blue-green algae can do wonders in helping your skin to produce natural collagen, this can help to protect and repair damage caused by the harmful UV rays and ageing.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

Different scientific research were made to study and prove that the water and the mud here in Blue Lagoon can help treat different skin problems. Blue Lagoon has a private clinic for people with psoriasis and other skin problems. The mud and water in Blue Lagoon can help the healing process and treatment. The Blue Lagoon’s guests can make outpatient appointments or in-house appointments for the whole course of treatment.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Of course, I tried it!
The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
The Accommodation in the Blue Lagoon Clinic / Photo Credit: Blue Lagoon Iceland
The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
The private pool of the Blue Lagoon Clinic / Photo Credit: Blue Lagoon Iceland

How it all began? 

The Blue Lagoon’s mineral rich water is the end product of the nearby geothermal power plant, the Svartsengi Power Station.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

The eco cycle starts from the mixture of fresh and sea water being heated by the underground lava fields that then produces the geothermal reservoir fluid. The reservoir fluid is used to fuel the power plant to create electricity and central heating in areas in Iceland. After this process, the water will then go to the pools of Blue Lagoon.

It all started in the 70’s when employees of the power plant started bathing in the nearby geothermal pool. They discovered that the water had healing benefits. The waters in Blue Lagoon is considered to be one of the main treatments for Psoriasis in Iceland, Denmark and Faroe Islands.

Would you like to visit the Blue Lagoon?

Now that you know why Blue Lagoon is a unique attraction in Iceland, I would like to share to you some tips on how you can enjoy your visit in this awesome and unique geothermal spa.

I suggest booking your tickets online. Check out this link for different ticket prices.

I have mentioned earlier in this article that you can visit the Blue Lagoon Iceland right after you land in Keflavik airport. Upon arrival in the Blue Lagoon, you will see a small building where you can leave your luggage while you’re in the spa. They charge 1 Euro per luggage and you will be given a luggage stub for collection.

Head towards to the reception area, where you can collect your wrist pass (if you booked your tickets online) and the inclusions in your chosen package. We had the Premium Pass which includes everything that we need. It also includes a reserved table in the Lava Restaurant and a free glass of sparkling wine.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Free use of bathrobes, towels and slippers. Plus, the complimentary trial pack of the beauty treatment products.
The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
The Lava Restaurant

Once you received your wrist pass and other amenities you can  head towards your respective changing areas. Pick any of the open lockers where you can store your things. Each set of lockers has their own scanner. To lock the locker, you need to push the locker door firmly and immediately scan your wrist pass to the respective scanners to lock it! It took me a good few minutes to figure that out!

Remember: The lockers in the changing areas are pretty small. The locker is enough for a small bag and your clothes.

Into the shower room…

To maintain the hygiene standards in the bathing areas all guests are requested to have a full shower.  The mineral shampoo and conditioners are provided in the shower rooms.

Haircare Tip: After washing your hair with the Blue Lagoon shampoo, soak your hair with the conditioner and leave it in while you are bathing in the lagoon to protect your hair from the thermal water. Otherwise, the water can make your hair stiff and dry. Never soak your hair in the mineral-rich geothermal water! Trust me, just don’t do it!

Another thing that you have to be aware of while you are in the shower room is you need to have a shower naked. Yes, no swimming costumes. Don’t be so surprised if you see other guests walking around naked. You have been warned.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Enjoy your time in the geothermal pool.

The water is at a constant temperature of 37 – 39 degrees Celsius all year round. There is a small bar in the middle of the lagoon where you can order your drinks (you pay for your drinks when you leave the spa). You can also enjoy the sauna cave!

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
You can also try the unique in-water massage treatments during your visit to Blue Lagoon.
Photo Credit: Blue Lagoon Iceland

Take your time and relax. There is also a relaxing area indoors where you can lounge and take a nap. After your relaxing time in the lagoon, you can grab a snack in the Blue Lagoon’s bistro or in the Lava restaurant. The food prices in the Lava Restaurant are:

The 2 course set menu is ISK 5,900 (USD $47) and the 3 course set menu is ISK 6,900 (USD $55)

For the A la Carte Menu, the prices are ranging from ISK 1,800 – ISK 4,800 (USD $15 – USD $38)

After the sumptuous meal in the Lava restaurant or the bistro, you can visit the viewing deck and enjoy the view of the spa and lagoon. Alternatively, you can visit the Blue Lagoon shop on your way out. You can  find here different memorabilia of Blue Lagoon and their Blue Lagoon beauty products.

The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland
Blue Lagoon Shop

Reminder: The Blue Lagoon will be closed most dates in January 2016 to make way for the renovation projects in the geothermal spa. The construction in the spa will be throughout 2016 to prepare for the opening of the new Blue Lagoon Luxury hotel in 2017!

Note: Two Monkeys Travel Group would like to thank Blue Lagoon Iceland for the complimentary Premium Pass. Opinions in this article are my own.

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I hope you enjoyed my article, I’m sure this will help you when you visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. If you’ve been to Blue Lagoon Iceland, share us your stories! 

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The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland


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21 thoughts on “The Unique Blue Lagoon Experience in Iceland

  1. Hey! I love these thermal pools. I did some in Budapest – although those weren’t natural springs, but along the same concept anyway! How warm was this water btw? It sure looks steaming hot! Also, did you feel tired and hungry after this? I know I was absolutely famished after 3-4 hours in the pool

  2. Such a spectacular place! Iceland has been on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ryazan! 🙂

  3. Probably the most popular lagoon in Iceland. This has been featured internationally and draw a lot of attention. The water looks so magical. I would love to visit someday.

  4. I loved the Blue Lagoon when I was in Iceland! Sure it’s expensive and super crowded but wow what an unforgettable location and experience 🙂 there’s plenty of natural beauty in Iceland to experience, so it’s a real shame that this is the only bit that some people see (especially those with short layovers in the country) but this was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

  5. The Blue Lagoon is one of its kind and a dream destination for us, hope to get there and luxuriate in the geothermal waters of the lagoon some day.

  6. Been hearing a lot of good things about Iceland lately. Blue lagoon sounds awesome and very relaxing, would love to visit and unwind this magical place!

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