The Great Budapest Experience

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We arrived in a brand new outstanding luxury boutique hotel, the ARIA HOTEL BUDAPEST  right next to the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest‘s city center. Check out their availability and rates click here. Here’s the Guide to Budapest.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in St. Stephen’s Basilica and Budapest.

Guide to Budapest
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge at night


The Great Budapest Experience - Guide to Budapest
The Music Garden

The Great Budapest Experience

We were greeted by the lovely staff, and we were given the privilege of having the grand tour of the hotel by the Duty Manager. We were so impressed with all the music themed rooms from Classical, Opera, Contemporary and Jazz. We just basically cannot fault this hotel, it is a gem! Our room is the Luxury Aria Classical Signature Room with the city view.  Considering our room was facing the lively streets near the Basilica, it’s soundproof!

The Great Budapest Experience
Automated door lock panel.
The Great Budapest Experience - Guide to Budapest
Our Classical themed bedroom
The Great Budapest Experience
Complimentary use of Ipad with a nice box of chocolates and a personal message. Nice touch!
The Great Budapest Experience
Our welcome fruit platter.

The High Note Sky bar is ideal for those who want to have a relaxing and romantic moment while overlooking the city if you just want to sit down, have a drink and chill out in their comfy lounge.

The Great Budapest Experience

The Great Budapest Experience
Stunning view of Geller Hill and Budapest Eye
The Great Budapest Experience
Sky Bar with St. Stephen’s Basilica in the background! Lovely!
The Great Budapest Experience
Stunning view of Buda Castle from the High Note Sky Bar
The Great Budapest Experience
Fisherman’s Bastion view from the High Note Sky Bar

The Spa is fabulous. The hotel has a heated pool and jacuzzi, sauna and gym. You can also treat yourself to a wonderful massage with your preferred music genre on the background.

The Great Budapest Experience

The Great Budapest Experience
Spa Treatment Room

If you prefer a certain type of music, they have a very talented and knowledgeable Musical Director who will be very happy to help you. He approached us one morning while we had our breakfast, he was asking what our plan for that day was, he even offered to help us with directions. ARIA HOTEL BUDAPEST would go out their way to make your stay memorable.

We wanted to see the beauty of the city. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, and it has a lot to offer truly a vibrant city and that is full of history. The capital has two sides, Buda and Pest which has two distinct characters.

The Great Budapest Experience
View of the Chain Bridge and Pest
The Great Budapest Experience
View of the Buda Hills

BUDAPEST BIKE BREEZE and LEGENDARY BUDAPEST  has arranged for us a bike tour to see the Pest side. I haven’t told them that the last time I cycle was about 15 years ago. Oh well, what’s the worst thing that could happen anyway? I told myself, if it’s only going to be bruises and scratches then it’s not gonna be the end of the world. Ryazan told me about our bike tour two days before our flight. I didn’t want to disappoint her and have to show that yes I’m brave! We cycled for two hours with our guide Adam from BUDAPEST BIKE BREEZE and Gabi and Peter from LEGENDARY BUDAPEST. I was unsteady on cycling at first, but they were very patient on guiding us and encouraging that we could do it.

Here’s our Bike tour video:


The tour wasn’t tiring, it was fun and our guide Adam was very informative. We also had a chance to take some photos with the guards at the Parliament Building. I was just so proud of myself that I have done it without falling.

At night, we went out with Gabi and Peter from LEGENDARY BUDAPEST, they have shown us around quirky ruin pubs and restaurants, the heart of the nightlife in Budapest. We also went to an open air rave party on the top of the Buda hills; these people knows how to party and have a good time! Most people they think of Budapest as the party capital, but you have to see more of it. It’s not just all about getting drunk. It is also a safe city; you just have to use your common sense that obviously, crimes are everywhere no matter wherever part of the world you are.

Gabi and Peter also took us to the Buda side; we went to the top of the castle overseeing the spectacular beauty of the Danube River. We also tried their yummy pizza from the market. We did a lot of walking, but it was all worth it.

The Great Budapest Experience

The Great Budapest Experience
Gabi and Peter of Legendary Budapest and the two Kaladkarins!!

Budapest is also known for their thermal baths; Your visit is not complete unless you go to one of these thermal baths. RUDAS BATHS located in Buda side at the foot of Gellért Hill, they offer spa services and beauty treatments and expect that the place would be bustling during the weekend (Co-ed group use) and please take note that they also have a set schedule for the Vapor Bath ( Women only: every Tuesday & Men only: every Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri).

The Great Budapest Experience
Rudas Thermal Bath & Swimming Pool

The manager was helpful to show us around in. You will probably get lost at first as it doesn’t appear as big as on the outside. We were desperate for a massage that day after a long walk, and we thought of having one at RUDAS BATHS.

The Great Budapest Experience

So there I was waiting for my female therapist as I’d expect it will be a female, there’s this big guy approached me and asked ”massage?” and I just said ”yes” politely. He asked me to scan my wristband watch; it’s only then I realized he is my massage therapist, yes a man! Who would have thought anyway as the name written on the receipt looks like a female name?

That terrified me at first, but I thought well, I’m in Budapest. I have to give him credit though as he did a very good professional job. When I got out of the room, I warned Ryazan that she might have a male therapist too, she just went ”really” ??? Yes, really! Ryazan said ”nagulantang ako don ha” (I was shocked by that!), well she enjoyed it too!! A new experience for us.

The Great Budapest Experience

 I must say this place is so good and it has wonderful facilities, just what you need after a tiring day. It also has a Turkish dome at the top overlooking the Danube River at the front and a Gellert Hill at the back.

After our relaxing massage and a wonderful spa, we headed back to Pest side, walking alongside the beautiful Danube River. The whole stay in Budapest made us feel wanting for more. We will be back.

The Great Budapest Experience
The Hungarian Parliament at night
The Great Budapest Experience
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge at night

We think sometimes; it’s better to have a local guide to show you around different the city when you only have limited time to wander. It saves you a lot of time and energy plus you also earned a friend!

The whole weekend trip is a great Budapest experience for us!

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50 thoughts on “The Great Budapest Experience

  1. I didn’t know too much about Budapest before this post but now I’d love to go! Your hotel was so cool, by the way!

  2. This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I am actually just booking to weekend getaway to Budapest and I was thinking of things to do and now I am looking at the Budapest experience which sounds and looks awesome

    1. Perfect, Anosa! Wishing you have a great budapest experience. Let us know what were yout most loved activities in the city.

  3. I would love to visit Budapest, I have read about it in so many books I think it is trying to give me a sign! Your hotel looked amazing!

  4. Budapest is looking more and more like a place to visit and before reading blog posts, it is not somewhere that had even popped up x

    1. Rachel, Budapest is definitely a place to explore. If ever you plan to visit Hungary, be sure to have the great budapest experience!

  5. Just the post I needed. I’m heading to Budapest in August with my sister and son, so it’s great to have some ideas. A male massage therapist would be odd, but guess that’s just our way of thinking! lol. x

  6. I’ve been to Budapst once before but I don’t feel that we saw much so I am heading back in September and I can’t wait to explore. Your hotel looks amazing x

  7. I spent an incredible amount of time in Budapest 5 years ago and I can imagine how much it has changed today! It is also one of my favourite European cities! What a great spot! I bet your hotel has a good view of the whole city! Xx

    1. No doubt it is one of your favourite cities, Trisha. Hope you can come back here and have the great budapest experience again.

  8. What an amazing spot to stay! The bed is ….so romantic and just wonderful. I spent one day in Budapest a long time ago and it was so beautiful. I am hoping to return with the kids! Thanks for the inspiration.

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