4 Day Travel Guide to Belgrade, Serbia & My Experience Staying at MARK Hotel Belgrade

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After moving from one city to another during this 19-country Europe Trip, I was literally longing for a staycation. Traveling is surely fun but the act of consistently packing, unpacking, and moving around to various countries via plane, train, and bus with 20 kilos of luggage on toll is seriously tiring! It may not look like it but I still …

7 Awesome Things to do in Belgrade, Serbia

7 Awesome Things to do in Belgrade, Serbia @WomanhattanMe

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a.k.a. Seven ways Belgrade can take your breath away. There is a high possibility you have never heard of Belgrade before. Even if that is not the case, you probably haven’t considered it a potential holiday/city break destination. Why would you? Here’s why! Different places may take your breath away in different ways and the capital of Serbia, a little …